Portable Headphone Bliss Tailored to Every Genre

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Find the Perfect Headphones & IEMs for Your Musical Tastes and Lifestyle

Headphones come in all shapes and sizes and have unique qualities that can make them better for certain genres and listening scenarios. Some headphones on the market are tailored to elevate very specific genres, while others are versatile all-rounders that make your music shine no matter what you're listening to.

Here at Moon Audio, we spend the majority of our day listening to music while we work, and we all prefer different genres and perform different tasks. We're a melting pot of musical tastes with employees liking anything from Dream Pop to Epic Orchestral Music and Instrumental Lo-fi. The headphone that works best for our UI Web Designer might not be a Cable Technician's top choice. And that's okay! We all have unique listening habits and musical tastes that impact the headphones we gravitate toward.  

Ever since the release of the Apple AirPod Earbuds, portable headphones have been all the rage and we can understand the hype. As a writer, I almost always gravitate toward a pair of wireless headphones so I'm not wrestling with a cable across my keyboard. But portability isn't just confined to wireless headphones. Wired closed-back headphones and In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) are great portable options that don't skimp on convenience. So if you're constantly on the move like many of us here at Moon Audio, we've got the best headphones under $1,000 and some priced just above that are both versatile and genre-specific. Whether you're a heavy metal fanatic or an eclectic listener, there's a pair of headphones and IEMs on this list that will fit your listening habits and tastes.

Headphones for Blues, Folk & Country

Think of quintessential instrumentation: Acoustic guitars, fiddles, banjos, harmonics, drums, and soulful or harmonious vocals. That's blues, folk, and country music in a nutshell. As with all musical genres, there are subgenres within blues, folk, and country but broadly speaking these three genres all deliver a similar sound. The musical arrangements in blues, country, and folk music tend to be simpler than jazz and classical compositions.

For blues, folk, and country we recommend headphones that are balanced and neutral. You want a headphone that will showcase soulful and acoustic arrangements while being detailed enough to hear the plucking of guitar strings. A headphone that's got a full sound that conveys the nuance and emotion in a singer's voice.

country music concert

What You Want: A neutral, balanced-sounding headphone with midrange clarity

What You Don't Want: A bass-heavy, bloated-sounding headphone

Focal Celestee Headphones

The Celestee Headphone from Focal is one of the best sweet spots for a sharp-looking, great-sounding mid-tiered audiophile headphone. It leans to the warm side in regard to the sound signature, making it a great match for blues, folk, and country. They've got a nice bass response that's punchy but not too overbearing so your tracks aren't muddied. The Celestee is natural and smooth-sounding with just enough warmth to please the musical listeners. The overall sound is lively and engaging, in a mellow kind of way. With the Celestee, Focal retains its iconic styling that's seen in the Bathys, Stellia, and more. As a dynamic driver headphone it's easy to drive, but we always recommend pairing audiophile headphones with a headphone amp, DAC, or DAP.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Silver Dragon Premium Headphone Cable to balance out the musicality of the warmer sound signature with a little added clarity and detail.

Focal Celestee Review

Dan Clark Audio E3 Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

Dan Clark Audio's E3 Planar Magnetic Headphones make folk music shine! Despite its closed-back design, the E3's soundstage rivals an open-back headphone. It has a good amount of airiness and openness to the presentation that could fool anyone who doesn't know they're closed-backs. Quite frankly, if you want the sound of an open-back headphone but the noise isolation of a closed-back, then the E3 is the way to go. It has wonderful low-end detail that's precise and articulate and a smooth midrange presentation. The nuances and emotions of folk, blues, and country vocals take center stage. You won't miss a single tongue click or beath inhalation — great for those who enjoy the tiny details. Being a Dan Clark Audio headphone with a planar magnetic driver, they are harder to drive so we recommend pairing them with a capable DAP Music Player to efficiently power them. Like all planar magnetic drivers, the more power you throw at them the better they will perform. For a lively, fun, resolute sound, we present to you the Dan Clark Audio E3 Headphones!

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Blue Dragon Premium Headphone Cable for added clarity without coloration

Dan Clark Audio E3 Review

Empire Ears Hero Universal IEM

Another esteemed Empire Ears' IEM, the Hero Universal IEMs deliver lush, intimate vocals, and supreme detail retrieval for the discerning audiophile. With a hybrid driver design and Empire Ears' next-generation W9+ subwoofer, you get a great bass extension that's pleasant, not overpowering. This IEM is meant for vocal-centric genres with a warm, almost mid-forward sound signature. You get a crisp treble and a nice airiness to the sound that perfectly complements folk and country.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Black Dragon IEM Cable for added bottom-end weight and fullness

Our favorite blues, folk, country albums

clint black the hard way album cover

The Hard Way

Clint Black

shania twain come on over album cover

Come On Over

Shania Twain

soul shine allman brothers album cover

Soul Shine

The Allman Brothers

blue joni mitchell album cover


Joni Mitchell

Headphones for Classical & Jazz

Ah, the intricacy of classical and jazz compositions. Two very delicate genres that when played through the right HiFi audio equipment, sound astounding. When played with the wrong equipment, it can sound smushed and lack details. Jazz music has many styles. You've got Big Band and Swing, think Duke Ellington; Bebop (Charlie Parker), Cool or Smooth jazz (Miles Davis), and Fusion (Herbie Hancock). It's largely instrumental with brass and percussion, piano, clarinets, upright bass, guitar, and much more. Classical music is known for its complexity, structure, and emotional depth. Compositions can include string instruments, woodwinds, brass, and percussion, as well as occasional vocals for styles like Opera.

Classical and jazz are all about the details. Details, details, details. You want a headphone with amazing instrument separation that never skimps on the details and has a wide, enveloping soundstage that mimics a concert hall. We recommend a detailed and natural-sounding headphone that captures the nuance in the music. If you like a more immersive and smooth sound, consider headphones with some added warmth. If you really like detail, an analytical-sounding headphone can work too. Just steer clear of a headphone that's overly analytical or bright because it can make jazz sound tinny and fatiguing.

piano keys with music sheet

What You Want: A detailed, natural-sounding headphone with instrument separation and details galore

What You Don't Want: An overly analytical or overly warm-sounding headphone

Ideally, you want smooth mids, tight bass, and highs that are controlled. A headphone with a wide frequency response will ensure that you are hearing the full range of magic in your music. Much of classical music exists in the midrange, so you don't want a headphone that puts too much emphasis on either the high end or low end. A warmer-sounding headphone will deliver a lush, immersive listening experience but if too warm, you'll lose the cohesive, flowy sound of harmonious classical compositions.

Denon AH-D5200 Headphones

The Denon AH-D5200 is the entry-level headphone that delivers a clear, lifelike sound that's detailed and accurate. Built for extended periods of use, these headphones feature an ergonomic construction with over-ear memory foam earpads and a comfortable fit. The AH-D5200 uses Japanese-made FreeEdge 50mm drivers that deliver hi-res audio quality with minimal distortion. The zebrawood housing makes them not only aesthetic but also reduces unwanted resonances. So you can expect detailed reproduction and concert hall sound quality.

Grado GS3000x Statement Series Headphone

A part of the Statement Series, the Grado GS3000x headphones sit at the top of the Grado totem pole. It's a stunning-looking headphone with a cocobolo wood grain that when paired with the metal chamber, gives some great texture, emotion, and mass to your music. The sound signature is musical and expressive— not necessarily warm— but the Grado tuning makes it sound excellent for classical and jazz. All of Grado's headphones are exceptional choices for classical music. There's just something about the tuning and intentional design of Grado headphones that gives them this je ne'sais quoi when paired with classical. The Statement Series is a rich-sounding set of headphones with plenty of detail and great bass response. If you want the very best for classical and jazz music, be sure to check out the GS3000x Headphone.

Focal Stellia Headphones

The Stellia is Focal’s flagship closed-back headphone with a sophisticated bronze design and one-of-a-kind sound. The Stellia uses a dynamic driver made with beryllium, which lends a more analytical sound—but the Stellia is anything but clinical sounding! It’s detailed and energetic, with a smoother top end. You'll experience more depth and height to the soundstage, resembling a concert hall's sound. The Stellia's low impedance makes it easy to drive, so you can the headphones with a portable device and enjoy amazing classical and jazz music without compromise. 

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Black Dragon Premium Headphone Cable for added musicality

Focal Stellia Review

Our favorite classical & jazz albums

choral masterpieces album cover

Choral: Masterpieces

Harmonia Mundi

humanity chapter I album cover

Humanity- Chapter I

Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps from Hell

Diana Krall the look of love album cover

The Look of Love

Diana Krall

a new journey celtic woman album cover

A New Journey

Celtic Woman

Headphones for EDM/Electronica

EDM/Electronica — A bass head's favorite genre! EDM is characterized by a high and steady tempo with a deep, authoritative bass and hypnotic rhythms. Vocals are uncommon in EDM but can be used in subgenres like House. Among the more well-known styles are techno, dubstep, and trance. EDM often features synthesizers, drum machines, processed samples, and recordings carefully crafted to deliver a big, bold sound. With so much emphasis on the low end, you want a headphone that packs a punch. The bass should be beefy but not bloated, with mids and highs that are clean and pleasant-sounding. While you can enjoy certainly EDM with a pair of open-back headphones, closed-back headphones offer a more immersive listening experience thanks to a typically smaller, intimate soundstage.

We've got some snobby bass heads here, like me, who demand a headphone with lots of energy that can handle any EDM/Electronica thrown at them. So here are our personal favorites for EDM/Electronica!

EDM concert

What You Want: A punchy, high-energy warm headphone with good bass extension

What You Don't Want: A neutral, natural-sounding headphone with no low-end

Astell&Kern AK ZERO1 IEM

The Astell&Kern AK ZERO1 IEM is stylish and uniquely designed for the eccentric EDM lover. It's the first model that offers the sound that only Astell&Kern can provide —detailed, natural, and resolute. The AK ZERO1 is a hybrid IEM using three different types of drivers. Composed of a Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver, two Balanced Armature drivers, and a 5.6mm Dynamic Driver, the AK ZERO1 harmonizes the characteristics of each driver to deliver the most natural sound possible. It’s great for people who want a more personal-sounding IEM with a closer soundstage, great layering, superb bass, and top-end sparkle. The bass will be booming with the AK ZERO1 IEM.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Bronze Dragon MMCX IEM Cable for added body and warmth

Sony MDR-Z1R Headphones

Like all things Sony, you can expect one of the best V-shaped headphones on the market. The Sony MDR-Z1R Headphones are a bass head's match made in heaven. You get Sony's signature fun, dynamic sound with substantial bass that's full of energy. With an intimate soundstage, you'll enjoy an up-close and personal listening experience that puts you in the center of all the action. We absolutely love the Sony MDR-Z1R Headphones for bassy EDM tracks! Bring on the wubs! This is an easy-to-drive headphone so you don't need a lot of power — You can drive it with a phone, tablet, or DAP, but as with all audiophile-grade headphones, the better the headphone amplifier and DAC, the better the sound.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Silver Dragon Premium Cable for added clarity and definition

Cayla Menges wearing Focal Stellia Headphones

Cayla's Pick

"As a lover of all things EDM, the Sony MDR-Z1R Headphones are right up my alley. They were one of the first pairs of audiophile headphones I listened to when I started at Moon Audio and they've been hard to part with ever since. As a wired headphone, I primarily use them when I'm working at my desk, plugging them into the Clarus CODA Headphone Amplifier DAC. They're also great for Hip-Hop, another genre that I love."

Fostex TH900 Mk2 Headphones

One of Fostex's top-of-the-line reference headphones, the TH900 Mk2 is a neutral-sounding headphone that's linear from top to bottom. But don't let the word neutral throw you for a loop—it's anything but analytical sounding. Great headphones for EDM don't have to be overly warm bass monsters. The TH900 Mk2's bass is robust and well-extended but nicely controlled, and the highs are sparkly and detailed. The sound is spacious for a closed-back headphone, and it's easy to drive with most any device. 

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Black Dragon Premium Headphone Cable to tame high-end energy and add warmth to the low end

Fostex TH900 Mk2 Review

Our favorite EDM/Electronica albums

underworld a hundred days off album cover

A Hundred Days Off


skin flume album cover



crywolf exuvium album cover

Exuvium [OBLIVIØN Pt. II]


Kindred passion pit album cover


Passion Pit

Headphones for Pop, R&B & Hip-Hop 

When it comes to enjoying pop, hip-hop, and R&B music, the right pair of headphones can make all the difference. These genres often feature prominent basslines, crisp vocals, and great energy. Vocals are usually the focal point of pop hits with catchy melodies, hooks, and choruses that have you singing along every time. Hip-hop demands a powerful, extended bass response, and clear, detailed midrange for vocals. R&B benefits from a warm, rich sound with excellent midrange detail to showcase the emotional vocals and harmonic melodies.

You want a headphone that delivers a powerful, deep bass response without overwhelming the midrange and treble so you can enjoy crisp pop melodies and the soulful vocals of R&B music. Overly analytical headphones will strip the heavy-hitting bass on a hip-hop track and leave little emotion to R&B vocals. Whether you prioritize thumping bass, crystal-clear vocals, or a balance of both, there's a great pair of dynamic headphones waiting to be discovered!

various cd album covers

What You Want: A dynamic headphone with a V-shaped sound and good treble extension

What You Don't Want: An overly analytical headphone with little warmth

Sony WF-1000XM5 Earbuds

Sony's latest wireless earbuds, the WF-1000XM5 Earbuds pack a huge punch in a tiny profile. They stand out in the competitive market of wireless headphones with industry-leading noise cancellation and Sony's signature V-shaped sound. The WF-1000XM5 Earbuds sound rich and balanced with crisp highs, deep lows, and detailed mids. They will handle the energy of hip-hop and pop melodies with ease while providing a smooth, resolute sound to more mellow R&B tracks. With a small form factor, an impressively long battery life, and a big bold sound the WF-1000XM5 Earbuds leave little left to be desired.

Sony WF-1000XM5 Earbuds Review
Matt Jones

Matt's Pick

"The Sony WF-1000XM5 Wireless Earbuds are total BASS MONSTERS. I've got them attached to my keychain so I can listen to them anywhere: In waiting rooms, traveling, hanging out at home. There really isn't a time or place that you can't enjoy these earbuds. The overall tonality of the XM5 earbuds is really impressive for a noise-cancelling IEM. The treble extension is incredible for the price point. Of al the consumer-grade IEMs, in my opinion, these sound the best."

Fostex TH610 Headphones

The Fostex TH610 Headphones are the successor to the critically acclaimed TH600, part of Fostex's premium TH series of audiophile headphones. These dynamic driver headphones are full of warmth with a fantastic V-shaped sound. The bass is powerful, yet well-controlled so you can enjoy a dynamic, energetic sound that's anything but boring. The TH610's intimate soundstage will pull you into the emotive vocals of R&B tracks, and the beating guitars and driving bass of pop hits.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Silver Dragon Premium Headphone Cable for added clarity, detail, and top-end resolution

Empire Ears Legend EVO Universal IEM

One of Empire Ear's reference-level IEMs, the Legend EVO Universal IEM is full of warmth, bass, and energy. Eight drivers work harmoniously together to deliver a sound that truly wows its listeners. The sound is big and bold with a robust bass that has great energy and power—but isn't overpowering. Low-frequency instruments sound clear and defined and lower midrange warmth makes vocals sound intimate and emotive. With a smooth and defined treble there are no muddy or jumbled sounds with the Legend EVO. Just a big, bold presentation that's perfect for your favorite hip-hop, pop, and R&B tracks.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Silver Dragon IEM Cable to tighten up the bass and add clarity to the top-end

Empire Ears Legend EVO IEM Review

Our favorite pop, hip-hop, and R&B albums

Ctrl SZA album cover



go for you guns album cover

Go For Your Guns

The Isley Brothers

snoop dogg doggystyle album cover


Snoop Dogg

Jessie Ware What's Your Pleasure? Album cover

What's Your Pleasure?

Jessie Ware

Headphones for Alternative, Rock & Metal

I wanna rock 'n' roll all night...and party every day!! Alternative, rock, and metal, while all three very different genres bear the same musical traits of electric guitars, electric bass, percussion, keyboards, and, of course, vocals. Vocals and lyrics play a huge role in rock, alternative, and metal, be they screaming vocals or more soulful or fun-sounding lyrics. You want a headphone that will bring out the best in your favorite singer's voice and won't get lost amid the instrumentation.

There are so many sub-genres of rock with artists like Elvis Presley delivering rhythm and blues, and those like AC/DC whose vibe is more 'punk meets rock'. For audiophiles who love rock 'n' roll, alternative, and heavy metal, we like headphones with a dynamic, lively sound that's fast enough to match aggressive and high-energy music. A 'faster' headphone will generally be more detailed and have a tighter, quicker bass.

guitar with drums

What You Want: A dynamic, lively-sounding headphone with high-energy

What You Don't Want: An analytical, natural-sounding headphone

Meze Audio 99 Classics Headphones

The majority of us use the Meze Audio 99 Classics as our daily drivers here at the office, and the $309 price makes it that much sweeter to get this level of fidelity. The styling is sexy, with both metals and woods creating a timeless-looking headphone. The dynamic drivers are incredibly efficient on the 99 Classics - fun and energetic sounding, putting you in the middle with the close- but not too close- soundstage. It'll do alternative, rock, and metal justice, as well as just about any other genre you throw at them. They're an all-around great pair of headphones that deliver audiophile-grade sound at an affordable price point.

Meze Audio 99 Classics Review

Grado Hemp Headphones

The Grado Hemp Headphones deliver a surprisingly mellow listening experience, all jokes aside. The Grado Hemp headphones are a slow burn, getting better with each listen and the warm tonality of these cans makes it perfect for Grateful Dead, Phish, alternative bands, and the like. The sound is up close and personal with nice energy and depth that puts you at the forefront of the performance. Vocals in metal tracks are sharpened and vibrant with enough room for instruments to exist without competing with one another for space. If you're looking for a headphone that's mellow-sounding with enough vibrancy for energetic tracks, choose the Grado Hemp Headphones.

Grado Hemp Review

Meze Audio Liric II Planar Magnetic Headphones

The Meze Audio Liric II Headphones are refined and balanced-sounding, perfect for blues, folk, and country lovers. With a spacious soundstage and amazing imaging, you'll experience an airiness to your music that makes acoustic melodies shine. As the replacement for the OG Liric Headphones, the Liric II retains the wonderful detail and energy of the first generation with some added bass and a well-rounded midrange. You get a full-bodied low-end and sharp, detailed attacks that emphasize the plucking, picking, and strumming of string instruments. Instruments and vocals are evenly balanced for a crisp, yet musical sound that sings to your ears. As a planar magnetic headphone, we recommend pairing the Liric II with a headphone amp, DAC, or DAP to drive them efficiently.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Black Dragon Premium Headphone Cable for even more low-end rumble

Meze Audio Liric II Review
Ricky Kovacs wearing Audeze Mobius Headphones

Ricky's Pick

"I love Meze Audio so it's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of the Liric (2nd Gen) Headphones. They're my go-to closed-back planar magnetic for just about any and every occasion: testing, music listening, gawking at the beautiful design... The retuning of the original Liric makes rock and metal sound exceptionally exciting with the added low end, with a crisper and more refined sound. I'm always using them at my desk for just about every piece of gear I can plug into them. Rock lovers - this is your headphone."

Our favorite alternative, rock, and metal albums

Bon Iver album cover

Bon Iver

Bon Iver

Brandi Carlile These Silent Days album cover

In These Silent Days

Brandi Carlile

wildflowers & all the rest album cover

Wildflowers & All the Rest

Tom Petty

atropos album cover



Headphones or IEMs for the Listener who Loves all Music Genres

When it comes to enjoying a wide range of musical genres, a pair of versatile headphones is essential. A well-designed pair of versatile headphones will provide a clear and detailed midrange, allowing vocals and instruments to shine through with clarity and precision. The bass response should be tight and well-controlled, delivering the necessary depth and impact for genres like hip-hop, electronic, and rock without overwhelming the overall sound. Similarly, the treble should be smooth and extended, providing airiness and sparkle to classical, jazz, and acoustic performances without becoming fatiguing or harsh. Ultimately, a pair of versatile headphones should offer a transparent and engaging listening experience, allowing the listener to appreciate the unique characteristics of each musical genre without compromising on sound quality or personal preferences.

woman wearing the sennheiser momentum 4 wireless headphones

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 Earphones

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 Earphones are the Sony WF-1000XM5 Earbud's biggest rival. The Momentum 4 Wireless Earphones deliver an exceptional listening experience and its effortless portability makes them great for all-day, everyday use. Whether you're on the go, at the gym, or simply enjoying your favorite tunes at home, these earphones deliver ultra-crystal-clear sound and uncompromising comfort. Just like the Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones, the earphones are equipped with active noise cancellation that isolates you from the outside world. Within the Sennheiser App, you can adjust the EQ settings of the Momentum 4 with an option to enhance the bass even more and a preset for audiobooks and spoken word listening. They are great for so many genres, bringing out some nuanced clarity and expressive midrange in your music. Bluetooth and hi-res codecs sound great, comfort is even better than the last generation (which was phenomenal), and gesture and touch controls make navigating your music as simple as swiping a finger. What more could you want?

Oliver Shields wearing HiFiMan Headphones

Oliver's Pick

"Chances are if you catch me in the break room or walking around the office I'm wearing the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 Earphones. As a cable technician, I spend my entire day working with my hands so listening to music with a pair of wired headphones isn't an option. With these Momentum buds I can listen to music all day hands-free. I enjoy Dream Pop, Indie Electronic, and Instrumental LoFi - three genres that these buds sound great with."

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones

All hail the noise canceling king! The Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones are some of the best high-end consumer-grade headphones on the market, if not THE best. What makes them so awesome? For the price, you get top-of-the-class active noise cancellation that trumps its rivals at blocking problem frequencies so you can focus on the music. It's also slam-packed with features like Bluetooth multipoint connection so you can bounce between your tablet and smartphone without missing a single call. They sport Sony's signature V-shaped sound— dynamic, lively, energetic, and fun— that puts you inside the action of your music. You get high-end crispness and bottom-end definition that provides a clear sound. Sony's fun and energetic sound signature works well with every genre out there, so if you're looking for a great do-it-all headphone with the best ANC on the market, then look no further.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Bronze Dragon Portable Headphone Cable for a wired listening experience

Sony WH-1000XM5 Review
Devon James holding a laptop and wearing headphones

Devon's Pick

"The Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones sound great with just about any genre you play. I especially enjoy listening to Dance, EDM/Electronica, and Hip-Hop music. The noise cancellation on the XM5 Headphones is INCREDIBLY impressive- and there are a lot of headphones out there that have ANC but it's mediocre at best. I use my standing desk pretty often when I'm working and a wired headphone isn't always ideal for that, so having the XM5's as a wireless option is perfect when I'm deep in web design work"

Focal Bathys Wireless Headphones

The Focal Bathys Wireless Headphones are perfect for the audiophile who wants both convenience and high-quality sound. Equipped with active noise cancellation you can leave the outside world behind and get lost in your favorite tunes, or opt for a wired listening experience using the single-entry headphone jack. Focal makes some breathtakingly beautiful headphones that sound just as good, if not better than they look. The Bathys boasts Focal's audiophile sound with a great soundstage, tight and thumpy bass response, and clear, detailed mids and highs. It's a well-rounded headphone with enough energy to handle metal, EDM, pop, and hip-hop genres while being detailed enough to emphasize the acoustic guitar string plucking in folk music. At $699, you get a headphone that sounds great with every genre out there, and tons of features like ANC and app integration, making it the top choice for a versatile headphone that's worth every penny!

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Bronze Dragon Portable Headphone Cable for a wired listening experience

Focal Bathys Review

Enjoy Your Favorite Genres On The Go

There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking the perfect headphones for your musical tastes. After all, we all enjoy different music and what you might love today may change tomorrow. Selecting the perfect pair of headphones is a highly personal and rewarding process. Whether you prefer the deep, immersive bass of hip-hop and EDM music, the intimate and emotional vocals of R&B, or the wide soundstage and precise imaging of classical and jazz, there is a pair of headphones out there that will cater to your specific needs. We love the Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones for day-to-day use when you need the freedom to move around but don't want to compromise on sound quality. The Focal Stellia Headphones are a show stopper with their breathtakingly beautiful design and amazing sound for classical, jazz, and honestly whatever genre you want to listen to. That's the great thing about these headphones. While we may recommend them for a certain genre it's only a suggestion and most of these headphones are incredibly versatile, sounding great with anything.

With the right pair of headphones by your side, you'll be able to rediscover your favorite genres in a whole new light and experience music the way it was meant to be heard.

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