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Fostex TH900 mk2 Premium Reference Headphone



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The Fostex TH900 mk2 is the upgraded edition of one of our favorite headphones, the Fostex TH900. The Fostex TH900 mk2 is part of the TH premium series and a top of the line reference grade headphones.

Main Features:

  • Newly designed magnetic flux density 1.5 tesla driver unit.

  • Bio Dinah diaphragm.

  • Beautiful Bordeaux lacquer finish.

  • Newly equipped with a detachable connector port.


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Detachable Cable Port

With the newly equipped with a detachable connector port you can switch between unbalanced and upgrade balanced cable options.

The Fostex TH900 mk2 adopts 7N grade cables to internal wiring corresponding to the balance connection in optional XLR terminal cable (ET-H3.0N7BL).

The unbalanced cable (ET-H3.0N7UB) is included in the TH900 mk2 box.

Magnetic Driver

The magnetic circuit of the repulsive magnetic field is equipped with a 50mm driver unit of magnetic flux density 1.5 tesla. 

The newly designed driver provides a vast dynamic range with low distortion.

Bio Dinah Diaphragm

The Fostex TH900 mk2 uses a "bio Dinah" as the vibration plate. This diaphragm reproduces sound with excellent precision.

You will experience the rich sound of the super-low-pass, a gentle mid-range, and a well-defined treble.

High-Purity Cable

The Fostex Th900 mk2 includes a high-purity OFC 7N Grade (99.99999%) (Oxygen Free Copper: oxygen-free copper) unbalanced cable (ET-H3.0N7UB). The cable’s plug-sleeve is made of high durability duralumin.

Lacquer Bordeaux Finish

Like the Th900 predecessor, the housing of the Fostex TH900 mk2 adopts the beautiful "lacquer Bordeaux finish" developed by the 110 years of the long-established "Sakamoto Otsuzo store.”

Known as "water eyes Sakura," the stiff and dense material of the Fostex TH900mk2 housing uses a beautifully finished high grade material.


The Fostex TH900 mk2 includes protein leather and foam cushion in the ear pads.

You will achieve a comfortable feel and comfortable fit with the protein formulations derived from eggs. Furthermore, the leather reduces the weight by 60%.


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Additional Info



Closed dynamic type


φ50mm neodymium magnet / bio Dinah diaphragm

Play frequency band





100dB / mW

Maximum input


Base machine mass

About 390g (not including code)

Cable length

3m Y type 7N-OFC line (removable)


Diameter 6.3mm gold-plated stereo standard plug


Headphone stand, tone leather pouch


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