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Founded in 2003, Moon Audio began as a humble home-based endeavor before blossoming into a full-fledged enterprise. A pivotal decision occurred in 2010, when Drew and Nichole committed fully to their venture, marking a newfound determination to share their Dragon Cables with the world.

Today, nestled within 8,000 square feet of office space in Cary, North Carolina, Moon Audio thrives with a vibrant team united by their love for music and high-quality audio gear. From skilled engineers to fervent audiophiles, each member shares Drew's unwavering dedication to crafting top-tier audio cables and equipment.

On this page, you'll encounter the faces and stories of these remarkable individuals who bring Moon Audio's vision to life, ensuring that every customer experience is infused with passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. Welcome to the heart of Moon Audio, where innovation meets dedication, and where our team stands as the driving force behind every Dragon Cable, every product, and every sonic journey.


Drew Baird, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

A New York City native, Drew grew up in Manhattan exposed to numerous musical movements at a time when music was new, fresh, and dare we say, "good." He was a DJ in high school and college and modifying high-end audio equipment became a passion. Drew went to Penn State University where he earned his engineering degree. After college, Drew worked as a civil engineer to pay off his student loans. Drew and Nichole were married in 1999 and Drew wanted to set up his first home theater.

When it came to high-end audio, Drew had $1,000 cable taste but no budget to match. So, like any engineer would, he went to work using DIY audio parts to make his own. He ended up making more than he needed, sold the rest within days on Ebay, and the idea for Dragon Cables was born.

While Drew worked his engineering job during the day, he made newly branded "Silver Dragon Cable" orders on nights and weekends. It was important to realize that manufacturers do not put in the same R&D and attention to quality and detail in their cables as they do for their main products. This heavily influenced Drew to believe that high-end cables didn't have to cost thousands of dollars, so therefore he offered a high-end product without the high-end price. Slowly and surely, Dragon Cables started making a name for themselves.

As the Dragon Cable awards started coming in, Drew and Nichole started developing the Moon Audio business. Increasing inventory, increasing the customer base, increasing the business, Moon Audio wasn't just a job - it was a mission to help people rediscover their music and fall in love with it all over again. Now, Moon Audio does business all around the world, providing personalized help for music lovers everywhere.

When Drew's not in the office you can see him rooting for Penn State's football team, being a regular outdoorsman: fishing, hiking, and more. He loves working on his International Scout, attending concerts, and spending time with his wife Nichole, three children, and Bella the Moon Audio canine companion.

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Nichole Baird

Chief Marketing Officer

Nichole grew up in Southern Virginia and graduated from George Mason University with a degree in International Relations. With a background in Advertising and Marketing before starting Moon Audio, Nichole understands Branding, Sales and Customer Service.

She has been supporting Drew's "genius in the basement" ideas since 2001 by focusing on answering and supporting our customers' needs and questions. She leads the discovery and penetration of the Moon Audio content creation via the website and video.

Her focus is to discover new communities to expand Drew's engineering perspective and keen understanding of the synergy of audio technology he embodies to the masses. Her driving force is to support and expand the Dragon Cables brand and the boutique brands Moon Audio represents and ships all over the world.

Ross Weathersbee

Managing Director, Senior Video Producer

As the lead wizard behind the video camera and our Senior Video Producer extraordinaire, Ross also leads the Marketing Team as the Managing Director of the day-to-day internal operations of the company.

Ross is the maestro of our YouTube realm, turning concepts into captivating visual stories. With a background in teaching and Video Production, Ross lends his tech expertise and excellence to Moon Audio.

His favorite music artists include Bruce Springsteen, Vulfpeck, Snarky Puppy, Tame Impala and George Winston. When he's not weaving video production magic, you'll find him chasing trains like a true railfan or conquering roller coasters with an infectious enthusiasm.

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Operations & Sales

Darrell Shotwell

Lead Electrical Engineer, Operations Manager

Darrell leads our Audio Cable Production Crew of our award-winning Dragon Audio Cables. He takes the lead role in the day-to-day organization of Moon Audio's Logistics Team.

Darrell received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from NC State University and joined Moon Audio in 2011 as our first Electrical Engineer. He has been integral in building the Dragon Audio Cable brand all over the world. His passion for Quality Assurance is vital to our success.

His passions for the best customer experience and pride of ownership of the end product are his daily drivers.His favorite music includes Metal, Rock, Blues, Jazz, and EDM.

Outside of the office Darrell likes playing guitar, architecture, working out, multidisciplinary designing, and reading.

Oliver Shields

Audio Cable Technician

In 2021, Oliver began his career at Moon Audio in Logistics and Customer Service packing, shipping, and helping with order fulfillment.

Oliver has always had a passion for audio since his childhood. His favorite music artists include Bon Iver and Crywolf. His favorite genres include Indie Electronic, and basically everything but Country.

When he's not immersed in the world of audio, he can often be found enjoying quality time with his beloved wife and dog, striking a harmonious balance between his professional and personal passions.

Jose Gomez

Customer Support Specialist

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Brad Dolce

Logistics Manager

Brad brings an extraordinary attention to detail and service in Logistics and Inventory Management at Moon Audio.

If you place an order, Brad is likely the one to grab it off the shelf, place it in a box, and make sure it's ready to ship without delay. Brad has an extensive professional background in Logistics and Planning.

His favorite music is smooth Jazz and instrumental LoFi. An avid Packers fan, Brad enjoys spending time with his three kids, working in the yard, spending time at the beach, reading, and playing all kinds of sports.

David Stewart

Audio Cable Technician

Coming soon!

Chuck Rhew

Audio Cable Technician

Coming soon!

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Matt Jones

Customer Success Support Associate

Coming soon!

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Ricky Kovacs

Lead Technical Writer & SEO Strategist

Ricky leads the Writing Team at Moon Audio. He reviews headphones, audio gear and creates a wide selection of video and written content for the website and our youtube channel. You've likely seen him in our videos cracking jokes and easing everyone into the "tech talk" of everything we sell so it is easier to understand.

With a diverse background and degrees in Political Science and Theology, he was a church music director for 10 years, and has always been involved with music and performing from a young age.

His favorite music is Rock, Synthwave, Switchfoot, The Beatles, game and movie soundtracks. Outside of Moon Audio Ricky enjoys performing/recording original music with his band(s), watching Notre Dame football, video games, virtual photography, reading, traveling, and spending time with his family.

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Cayla Menges

High Fidelity Journalist & Copywriter

Cayla assumes the role of an on-screen YouTube personality, an honest reviewer, and an insightful blogger for Moon Audio. As someone with a love for music from an early age, it was only natural that Cayla found herself immersed in the world of HiFi audio, slowly rediscovering her favorite songs one headphone at a time.

She has a background in journalism and a strong passion for writing. Her favorite genres are Hip-Hop, EDM, Pop, and anything by Tame Impala.

When she isn’t at Moon Audio, Cayla enjoys expressing her creativity through DIY projects and crafts. We love Cayla's positive spirit, way with words and kind smile. We believe she adds an inquisitive point of view to our overall brand on video and with our written content.

Devon James

UI/UX Visual Designer

With a keen eye for design and a knack for the creative, Devon is Moon Audio's UI Visual Designer. He builds and updates the product pages, helps with new landing page designs, and brings order to the copy and images created by our marketing team.

Devon brings his expertise in UI/UX design to Moon Audio, and also incorporates his love for iconography to our user experience.

His favorite music genres are Alternative R&B, soul and pop. In his free time he enjoys cooking, roller skating, and exploring the great outdoors.

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