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Drew & Nichole Baird represent Moon Audio at an Audio Show

In 2003, Drew was a full-time engineer and part-time audiophile. Cables were manufactured overseas and only available in limited, unchanging configurations. Unsatisfied with the cables available in his price range, he decided to make his own. After gathering the necessary parts and accessories, he made his first batch of custom audio cables and offered the extras to fellow audiophiles. They were a hit, and Silver Dragon cables were born.

Drew continued to make more cables, answering phone calls on his lunch break and packing orders on nights and weekends. Silver Dragons continued to grow, and in 2010 Drew quit his day job to run Moon Audio full-time. His wife, Nichole, put her experience to work as well, taking on the marketing and administration demands of the business.

Today Dragon Cables are still handmade, assembled by a small team of technicians in our offices in Cary, North Carolina.

Dragon Cables

Drew made his first cables on a quest for quality sound. Since that first batch, he has developed customizations for just about every headphone on the market — and expanded into several lines to meet product and tonality demands.

Each cable is handcrafted from premium silver and copper strands with a 7N 99.99998% purity level. Dragon Cables are available in four different lines with varying geometries and sound signatures:

Silver Dragon

Clear | Detailed

The Silver Dragon clarifies instrument separation and increases soundstage. Its detail and clarity make it a perfect match for classical music.

Black Dragon

Warm | Flexible

The Black Dragon is warm and smooth with a musical presentation. The detail and expansiveness make it a flexible fit for a broad range of musical genres.

Bronze Dragon

Warm | Inviting

The Bronze Dragon was designed to combat the thin sound of older IEMs. It strengthens the bottom-end, warming and rounding out a flat signature.

Blue Dragon

Neutral | Clear

The Blue Dragon combines the neutrality of the Black Dragon with the clarity of the Silver Dragon. It's a good fit for improving dynamics without adding coloration.

Every Dragon is customized with the proper connectors for your gear. We fit most brands on the market, from Audeze and Focal to Shure and Ultrasone. We can even hack un-detachable cables on your favorite set. No matter the gear, we can connect it.

Visit our Connection Guide for more information.

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Moon Audio was born from a passion for music and high-quality audio. Our mission is to share that passion by connecting you to your music through quality audio cables and engaging content.


  • Quality

    Audiophiles relentlessly seek the highest possible audio quality. We aspire to the same pursuit of perfection in the craftsmanship of our audio cables and quality of our customer service.

  • Substance

    We believe that substance always wins over hype, and the hifi world is incredibly technical. We provide as much information as possible, helping music lovers of every level of expertise to engage and grow within the audiophile community.

  • Passion

    We love music, and we love people who love music. We want to share our passion and expertise with other music lovers, whether they're new to high-end audio or seasoned professionals.

Music defines us. It shapes our memories, arouses our emotions, and influences our relationships. Listening to music with great audio gear brings you closer to the performance, closer to the way the music was intended to be heard. The gear shouldn't change the music, it should let the music be.

"I'm an engineer by trade but I'm also a music lover. When I put my first system together, I learned in studying what kind of materials went into the big-name cables and I knew I could do it better." — Drew Baird, Moon Audio founder

When it comes to high-end audio, less in the signal path is more. Our Dragon audio cables use ultra pure, single-crystal silver and copper to provide the cleanest and most musical presentation. Our wire is void of impurities and crystalline boundaries. Purity isn't cheap, but it is the best conductor.

"I've been to many studio recording sessions over the years and trying to get as close to actually being there again is my goal. Now, since I listen mostly through headphones, I count on Drew to help my gear get out of the way and let the music be." — Jude Mansilla, HeadFi founder

We want you to hear the music just as it was, created at Sound City, Electric Lady, and Abbey Road. The way bands intended for you to hear it.

"Drew's cables - and Moon cables - always sound amazing. The wire he uses in them, the build quality, is always great. That's a very integral part of our product and part of live performance is from that belt pack to the earpiece, and the cable's everything at that point." — Jerry Harvey, JH Audio founder

Great Audio companies like Audeze, Shure, Chord, and Astell& Kern do many things well. Moon Audio creates one thing: the connection between your music and your heart. This is a passion. Our values are grounded in music's emotional experience. We want to deliver those emotional experiences and bring you closer to the music.

At Moon Audio, let music be.