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When performance can't be compromised, Moon Audio is the choice for artists, audiophiles, and sound professionals alike. Join us in the pursuit of extraordinary sound. Join the Movement

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Remove the barriers to pure sound with Moon Audio, maker of ultra high-end audio cables and curator of premium audio brands.

Silver Dragon Interconnect cable

Cables Matter

The more advanced the cable, the more remarkable the performance.

Our Very Own Dragon Cables

Moon Audio manufactures dragon cables for the very best in sound quality.
Silver Dragon Premium headphone cable with Fostex TH-909

Silver Dragon Lush and uncompromising, Silver Dragon lifts the veil to transform your listening experience.

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Black Dragon Premium headphone cable with Focal Utopia

Black Dragon Supremely smooth with unmatched mid-range, Black Dragon fully immerses you in the music.

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Blue Dragon Headphone cable with Fostex TH900 MK2

Blue Dragon Recognized for its calm, neutral character, Blue Dragon is an affordable path to premium sound quality.

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Bronze Dragon IEM cable with JH16 earphones

Bronze Dragon For a warmer presentation, Bronze Dragon strengthens the bottom end without becoming bloated.

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Focal Arche

The hi-res DAC and dual amp with presets for every set of Focal headphones.

Focal Arche headphone amp

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