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The difference between middle-market headphones and the best hi-fi brands is simple. You hear the difference.

Click through Moon Audio's magazine guides to discover people, products, connections, and tips sure to improve your gear's sound, get the most from your high-end audio budget, and increase your listening passion, joy, and love.

Audiophile Guides and Resources

From basic terminology to detailed comparisons of impedance and frequency response, our Magazine Guides are designed to help you master the world of high-end audio.

Connection Guides

We also offer a variety of interactive connection guides to help you match compatible cables and connectors to your headphones, amplifiers, DACs, and music players. Select the manufacturer and model number to lookup the precise connectors and find the proper cables for your device.

High Fidelity Brands

Dive deeper into the technology and development of some of the top manufacturers in the audiophile industry with our Brand Magazines, your all-inclusive guide to the companies making high-end headlines.

Buying Guides

Trying to decide what to get? Our Buying Guides walk you through the pros and cons of various features to help you find the best fit for your needs.