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Moon Audio, the maker of Dragon cables, develops and searches for the best sounding high fidelity audio brands. The best hi-fi brands create a simple difference between middle-market headphones, digital to analog converters (DACs), and digital audio players (DAPs) - the best gear sounds better.

You hear the difference.

Want to learn more about magicians conjuring the new audio sound, such as Chord's James Franks and Rob Watts, Christophe Sicaud at french Focal, and Korean Yil Hwan Park at Astell & Kern's parent company, iRiver? Click through Moon Audio's brand magazines to discover the people, products, connections, and tips sure to improve your gear's sound, get the most from your high-end audio budget, and increase listening passion, joy, and love.


HiFi Basics Magazine
Headphones for Gaming Magazine
USB Magazine


Astell&Kern Magazine
Aurender Magazine
Bryston Magazine
Chord Magazine
Chord Hugo Magazine
Chord Mojo Magazine
Focal Magazine
JH Audio Magazine
Roon Magazine
Shure Magazine

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Connection Guides

We also offer a variety of connection guides to help you match compatible cables and connectors to your headphones, amplifiers, D/A converters, and other high-end audio gear.

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Buying Guides

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