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Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable V2


Moon Audio

Moon Audio

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NEW After 2 years of R&D, the Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable V2 (version 2) for JH Audio In-Ear-Monitors (IEMs) is, as Audio Ambassador and long-time JH Audio listener Doug wrote in his review, "...a major step forward in detail, dynamic contrasts and soundstage". 

Drew and the Moon Audio design team collaborated with Jerry Harvey, founder of JH Audio, to rethink, recombine and redesign the Silver Dragon V2 for JH Audio IEMs. 

JH Audio, one of the most admired IEM manufacturers, started the IEM revolution working with bands you know and love.

Compatible with all "4 Pin Style" JH Audio & Astell & Kern iems including:

  • Angie & Angie ii

  • Rosie

  • Roxanne & Roxanne ii

  • Layla & Layla ii

  • All JH Audio Custom iems with the "4pin connection style".


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Sound characteristics & design

When designing the Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable V2, we decided to design the best possible IEM cable to truly bring out the best in the top of the line JH Audio IEMs. A no holds barred approach was taken with 8 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver conductors are being used per cable. That is a lot of silver!! The amount of silver used in this cable over the Version 1 is mind blowing and we stayed true to our motto to not overprice or over inflate the retail price. This is by no means a low priced cable, but we challenge you to find a cable at this price point and performance level, we know you won't find a better value or sound at this price point.

The V2 design utilizes is a 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver conductor. It is the purest wire that can be produced in this day and age and void of all impurities. It includes all the sonic characteristics & strengths of our original Silver Dragon IEM cable with an enhanced level of resolution and detail. It is not an overly forward or bright sounding cable, it is extremely smooth, very clean with an accurate reflection of the music. We have found it to be very non-fatiguing with a mastering reference sound indeed. A tight, well controlled bass which has more layers of resolution than any other cable we have produced rounds out its characteristics.

The cable can be ordered with or without the Bass Pod. If you listen to your Astell & Kern IEMS or JH Audio IEMs with the bass pod in the max position, this would be the same as utilizing a cable without the Pod. Adding the Pod to the cable, actually turns down the bass, as opposed to increasing it.

Finally, If you are a critical listener, like Drew Baird, the founder of Moon Audio, then there is no substitution for this cable!  You will be thrilled with the resolution and detail.

Redesign of the JH Audio connections & iem sockets

The cable connections and IEM sockets of the JH Audio 4pin connection style iems were also redesigned by Moon Audio. The Astell & Kern and JH Audio IEMs with the 4 pin connection style include: the Angie, Angie II, Rosie, Roxanne, Roxanne II,  Layla, and Layla II, and soon to follow all custom IEMs at JH Audio. Please contact us or JH as to whether your new IEM will have this 4 pin connection. This 4pin connection socket upgrade has improved the durability of the connections & sockets for long term use & enjoyment.

First, we improved the threaded locking section and the nut as we are now using anodized aluminum for durability and better tolerance. The male and female pins utilize a proprietary metal combination called ARCAP.  It is essentially a high yield copper based metal that does not contain iron so it is not magnetic. It also has very high tensile strength and it is resistant to chemical corrosion. This is very important for those of you who will use the cable and IEMs at the gym or on stage if you are in a band as it will be much more durable and resistant to flex failure from constant movement and/or wear & tear.

The pins now are also gold plated and the attenuator pod was improved to provide better tolerances and tracking. The improved markings on the cable help match left to right and the attenuators are now recessed to prevent them from being altered by accident. The pod shape was improved to a smoother shape and this is a new feature of all the overmolds.

3 standard premolded cable options are available.

1. a 2.5mm balanced 4 pole gold straight mini plug for use with the balanced output of the Astell and Kern players, RAL players & ALO amps. The entire body is molded to prevent the face of the connector to short to chassis ground. This will eliminate issues of ground shorts.    

2. a 3.5mm straight 3 pole stereo single ended connection for use with most common portable devices.

3. a 3.5mm right angle 3 pole stereo single ended connection for use with most common portable devices.

Both of the 3.5mm connectors have extended necks to vanquish most portable devices that have a deep connector socket hole.

We will also offer custom termination options as usual in the future. The Premolded connections are available for immediate shipment, and custom terminations will be available in a few weeks.

In the future, we will also be offering a version with no Attenuator pod. This will be used when JH Audio converts all of there existing IEMs over to the new 4 pin design.

Now offering custom resistor options

We are experimenting with trying to implement a fixed resistors inside the connector for those of you who rather not have a bass attneuator and find the max positon too much bass for your tastes. Cont act us for details as these will be special order and no returns on this version. So make sure to establish the location on the bass pod as acurate as possible. Take a picture and email to us.  

For much better matching: set your pod, send in your cable and we can build you a cable with a perfect match.

Available Amplifier Connections

Silver Dragon IEM V2 connectors

Available connector options for Silver Dragon IEM V2 Headphone Cable


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Additional Info


DelightedReview by Cerbera
The cable with an AK320 and Layla 2's work superbly. I spend a lot of time on long flights and the clear audio is way better than watching movies. The ability to shift the bass has been useful on set up then I just leave it. I was concerned about too much brightness with silver cable but not at all with this cable. Just clearer.
(Posted on 4/6/2017)
greatReview by zach
very recomended (Posted on 3/27/2017)
David G.Review by David Grant
In my search for the best portable sound possible, I recently upgraded my system. I Had been listening to AIFF files on this system –

MappleSyrup 258GB SSD iPOD U2 Special Edition
ALO Audio 32 pin to USB connector
Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo
ALO Audio Conductors
Jerry Harvey – JH16 CIEMs

I recently started listening to DSD files on this system in balanced mode –

Astell & Kern AK240 Stainless Steel DAC Digital Music & Media Player
Moon Audio Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable V2 (4 pole 2.5mm TRRS balanced connector)
Jerry Harvey Siren Series – Layla CIEMs

The sound quality is startling. For normal home audio I have Bowers and Wilkins speakers with a Krell amp. I have listened to Martin Logan Neolith speakers, running from a $100,000 power source, in an acoustically designed environment. All differences are discernable.

After listening to the Sennheiser Orpheus headphones and then the JH Layla, I heard one audiophile describe the experience as, “My ears were not offended.” I would describe my experience listening to my current system in the same manner. In my experience, the sound is as close to perfection as a portable system can get… so far.

Why would I use cheaper cables for such a system? Why would I not take advantage of the balanced listening mode provided by the AK240? I had to discover this for myself and I am impressed.

The Moon Audio Sliver Dragons are great cables that are not a weak link in my system. I highly recommend them.

Thank you, Drew, for personally answering all of my questions and providing a great customer experience. (Posted on 3/23/2017)
improvement in both clarity, accuracy and bass quality Review by W Chan
The cable enhances the clarity and the bass quality as compared to the stock cable.

No fatigue was experienced so far even after a couple of hours listening.

That's a great cable with good value. (Posted on 3/7/2017)
Best match for your JH Audio IEMReview by goldhorse
I own a pair of JHA Layla custom IEMs and while the stock cables are a already a good compliment in themselves, I was looking in the market for cables that would provide more resolution and clarity, without changing the sound characteristics of these monitors that I really love.

I've tried a number of cables and found some whose sound I found to my liking, but alas they were so thick and stiff. Reading the reviews on the Silver Dragon V2, I decided to take the plunge and ordered online without the benefit of auditioning. Moon Audio offered a number of customization choices, and I went with the rhodium plug. Response was quick and the cables were in my hands a little over a week despite the customization and international shipping.

They were all I had hoped for: much improved resolution and quality without sacrificing the flexibility of the stock cables, and yet more affordable than the competition! The build quality is excellent, you especially notice that with the connectors and the plug. Nice work guys!

Highly recommended. (Posted on 10/30/2016)
A boost to my Roxanne IEMsReview by Christabel
Still haven't burn in fully. Just received the cable and so far it's really smooth with my Roxanne. (Posted on 8/12/2016)
A great match for the JH Audio IEM's. Review by Doug
I have enjoyed the sonic quality that the Silver Dragon cables deliver in many applications.

As a long time listener of the JH Audio IEM's I have been looking and listening for a cable would complement them.

The Silver Dragon is a major step forward in detail, dynamic contrasts and soundstage (SE & XLR).

Drew along with others have worked hard to deliver a great IEM cable and thanks to all for making that happen.

(Posted on 5/8/2016)
Best cable for JHAudioReview by David
I have a number of IEMs, and standard cans both open and closed. I listen to a wide variety of music having rather eclectic tastes.

I like reference level audio gear and have a soft spot for vintage tube gear. I travel a lot and don't watch TV, so high definition audio is somewhat of a passion. I have JH16s and a pair of Roxannes.

My 16s are wedded to a JHA-3A amp that I believe is no longer available and the Moon Audio Silver dragon cable. When traveling this my reference setup. I have compared this set up to a multitude of similar gear from many manufacturers but it always sounds better than gear 2 and 3 times as much.

My Roxanne's have been a little disappointing compared to the gear I just described and knowing how great job Drew has done with cables for all my gear as soon as the Silver Dragon for Roxanne was available I ordered.

As expected - huge difference - resolution definition and clarity all improved. I think a few db increase in signal as well.

Couldn't be happier but there is something about the JH3A that is still just a smudge better but the Roxanne's are now have come alive - unquestionably worth the upgrade!!!

Nice job, Drew. (Posted on 4/27/2016)
Great value for the qualityReview by Telacap
I have tried several brands of cables for Jh siren series, none I do like more than Moon audio's offerings.

No.1 comfort level is exemplary, other cables may claim to have exotic materials and special cores or weaving methods, but most of them r stiff and uncomfortable to use.

Moon audio's cables r just natural to wear and use.

No. 2 Great sonics, other brands of cables might make iems sound brighter or mellower. Moon audio's latest offering the silver dragon v2 just improve on all fronts while keeping the iems' own acoustic characters.

Also, for a silver cable it is not overly bright and IMO fairly priced.

Love it and highly recommended. (Posted on 4/27/2016)

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