Black Dragon Interconnect

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Price is for one pair.

The Black Dragon V1 Interconnect has been designed to complement our Silver Dragon line of Interconnects but with a warmer signature.

The Blue Dragon is very neutral and natural sounding and the Black Dragon takes this a step farther with a bigger & fuller body with great bottom end strength. if you have a forward or thin sounding system then the Black Dragon would be the correct choice.

We strive to produce cables that are extremely resolute and detailed but without being edgy or forward sounding. While we and our customers do not find our Silver Dragon on the bright or forward side, we understand the need in a certain situation for a little more warmth. Thus we have produced two UPOCC copper-based cables, the Blue and Black Dragon interconnect, neither of which are laid back, lush or dark sounding. 

In order to fill a gap for customers where our Silver Dragon Interconnects were just not an ideal fit, we set out to make the best possible copper cable.

What we ended up with exceeded our wildest dreams. Our Black Dragon Interconnect is an extremely smooth, transparent yet not overly warm cable. For years my hearing tastes have always driven me in the direction of silver-based cables. My preference has never taken me in the direction of copper for my own systems.

Well, that has now changed. I tried to build a cable that gave me the great detail and presence of silver but also provided the smooth jazzy sound of copper. The Black Dragon does just that. Only your ears can be the judge and we recommend you give them a try.

We went back to our old copper version of the Blue Dragon and greatly expanded on it. We took what we learned from the Silver Dragon V1 Speaker cables where we developed just the right ratio of different size strandings to optimize the sound. We ended up with was the same geometry as the Blue Dragon but with an increased conductor gauge size and switched from solid core copper to a special stranded geometry. The strandings are all 99.9998% high quality low crystalline structure pure copper or UPOCC copper. Each conductor is 21.5awg in size with a double shield by both a foil and 100% multidirectional braided wire shield. It is very flexible and easy to route behind your gear.

We continue to use Teflon coating, as it is an obvious best dielectric. We added an extra layer of noise protection. The geometry being one guard against unwanted outside noise interference and then an added copper 100% shield coverage. We then cover it in a protective layer of Techflex and solder your connector of choice.

Moon Audio is using one of the best connectors made, the Cardas GRMO connector as the base connector for the Black Dragon Interconnect. The Copper based WBT Nextgen RCAs provide the cleanest most neutral sounding approach, but if you desire to add a little high-frequency extension choose the silver-based WBT Nextgen RCAs. Please contact us for this custom option.

The Cardas GRMO RCA connector is made of non magnetic, eutectic Brass, Rhodium over Silver plate, with a gold plated Brass cover.

The end result is amazing....and we recommend you give them a try!