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Silver Dragon Interconnect Cable V2


Editors Choice award TAS Product of the Year

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Price is for one pair of custom interconnects. 

The Silver Dragon V2 is our "top of the line" interconnect. 

"the...Silver Dragon V2. It’s a David in a world of Goliaths. It defies every expectation," Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, May 29, 2014.

The Absolute Sound Review - May 29, 2014

With this version 2, we redesigned the geometry to take our interconnects to the next level.  We still use an 8 wire braided geometry made up of solid core 99.999% pure silver 26AWG Teflon insulated wire, and we modified the braiding and added an external shield for added protection.

The braided geometry itself acts as a noise rejection barrier but we also added an iron curtain with the external shield. More often, our customers are using our cables on PC Hi-Fi systems and Pro Studios where noise is an issue which is the reason we added this shield. The shield also adds more durability to the cable for runs on a studio floor.

We chose the new WBT Nextgen WBT 0102Ag as our RCA connector termination option. We feel it is simply the best male RCA and above all others we have tested to date. It sounded the richest during our research and development, with very clean sound with no smear that some connectors can add to the sound quality. The best XLR termination we found is the Furutech FP-601 in rhodium finish! This was a hands down winner in all of our listening tests.  There is nothing better at this price point as an XLR termination option.

We all know how the price of Silver has risen over the years, and thanks to the large amount of Silver we procured, we are still able to produce the Best Value Silver interconnect cables on the market. Because we sell direct and build our interconnects in house, there is no overwhelming mark up. You pay for Quality and Craftsmanship. We sees this as a "Win/Win" and we hope you'll give them a try and agree.  

We recommend a 100 hour break-in time for the Silver Interconnects and about a 40 hour break-in for our Blue Dragon V2 Copper Interconnects.

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Customer Reviews on the Silver Dragon:

"Drew, the interconnects sound great. The cables replaced a pair of Kimber Silverstreaks with WBT connectors. Right off the bat, the sound was much more relaxed, open at the top and bass was more extended and detailed.

At first, vocals were a bit harsh and had a bit of an echo, but the cables are still breaking in and this is now beginning to smooth out. (Actually, it's been my experience that silver cables take a while to break in and I had a similar experience with my Monarchy Audio pre-amp, which is all silver cable wired).

Right now, the cables are beginning to "disappear" as far as leaving a sonic signature, which is the absolute best thing a cable can do," Thanx, Ray.

"Drew, the silver dragon cables continue to improve. They are GREAT!  

Now here is my problem: trying to describe the sound of audio equipment is similar to trying to describe the taste of wine, which people around here try to do a lot and in my opinion make fools of themselves in the process.

That having been said, to me the sound has an overall improved quality. It is less harsh, more detailed, less background noise and like that. Sorry I could not come up with anything more profound; however, you may feel free to use me as a reference in the future," Thanks, Peter.

"I was pleasantly surprised at the level of resolution that these relatively inexpensive interconnects were capable of. They replaced a set of Creative Cable Concepts 3.0M-C interconnects, which I felt had the right balance for the D/A converter to line stage run in my system.

I have listened to perhaps 10 other interconnects in that position before settling on the CCCs. The Silver Dragons had all of the frequency extension and harmonic richness of the CCC with an additional level of musical detail," Kevin Carter, K&K Audio.

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