Blue Dragon Interconnect Cable

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The Blue Dragon is designed to be as neutral as possible without sounding dry or flat and utilizes our famous UP-OCC copper conductors. This transition from a silver to a copper-based conductor design brings it in line with the rest of the Blue Dragon series. allowing it to go hand in hand with the new Blue Dragon Power Cables.

The Blue Dragon interconnect uses the same UP-OCC copper conductors as the Black Dragon Interconnect in a 24awg size (instead of 21.5awg). It is designed as a neutrality solution, meant to disappear between the components in your system. Drew always says the best connection is no connection, and you can hear that philosophy in the sound signature of the Blue Dragon.

The Black Dragon Interconnect builds upon the Blue Dragon sound signature but with a warmer and smoother tonality without being overly lush or mushy sounding. The Black Dragon remains close to neutral but with a fuller, bigger sound and a detailed yet smooth top end. The Blue Dragon is very resolute but not to the point of introducing any sibilance or edginess to the sound. It has a good, tight, controlled bottom end weight, making it ideal for maintaining nuances without the loss of musicality.

The Blue Dragon is double shielded by both a foil and a 100% multi-directional braided wire shield. It is very flexible and easy to route behind your gear.

Moon Audio is using one of the best connectors made, the Cardas GRMO connector, as the base connector for the Blue Dragon Interconnect. We can also make the Blue Dragon V2 IC with the WBT Nextgen connectors, as used with the Black Dragon Interconnects. The Copper based WBT Nextgen RCAs provide the cleanest, most neutral sounding approach, but if you wantto add a little high-frequency extension choose the silver-based WBT Nextgen RCAs. Please contact us for this custom option.

The Cardas GRMO RCA connector is made of non magnetic, eutectic Brass, Rhodium over Silver plate, with a gold plated Brass cover.

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Headphone Guru Review

by Gary Alan Barker
Jun. 2018