Blue Dragon Interconnect Cable V2


Price is for one pair

The Moon Audio Blue Dragon V2 Interconnect has been designed for the individual who wants to get as close to the performance of the Silver Dragon V2 Interconnect as possible but needs to stay on a budget.

Moon Audio has chosen, as the heart and soul of this interconnect, a 4 wire braided geometry made up of solid 99.99% pure silver 24AWG Teflon insulated wire.

The new Version 2 geometry has been tweaked and is now shielded with a 100% coverage braid. The wire is soldered to the connector with Cardas silver solder. The wire is then covered in 2 layers of Techflex braid to protect the geometry integrity of the cable.  

Moon Audio recommends a 100 hour break-in time for the Silver Interconnects and about a 40 hour break-in for our Copper Interconnects.

Moon Audio is using one of the best connectors made, the Cardas GRMO connector as the base connector for the Blue Dragon V2 Interconnect.  

We can also make the Blue Dragon V2 IC with the the WBT Nextgen connectors as another option as they are used with the Silver Dragon V2 Interconnect.

The Cardas GRMO RCA connector is made of non magnetic, eutectic Brass, Rhodium over Silver plate, with a gold plated Brass cover.

The WBT Nextgen WBT 0102Ag is a pure silver based center pin and ground plane.

It is the cleanest sounding connector Drew Baird, P.E. and President of Moon Audio has heard to date.

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