Dragon Audio Cables for Focal Headphones

Focal headphones are quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. After listening to their excellence, Moon Audio decided that these top of the line headphones deserve premium Dragon headphone cables.

Premium Dragon Headphone Cables

Premium Dragon headphone cables use the best connectors available to enhance the look, feel and listening pleasure of all your hifi music sessions. In addition, we use a higher grade Silver Solder when assembling the cables and all connectors are treated.

This means you are getting the maximum possible performance from your Focal headphones and Dragon headphone cables.

The Black and Silver Dragon headphone cables have their unique sound signatures. The Silver Dragon is our top of the line headphone cable that has a lot of detail and energy with a spacious and airy soundstage. The Black Dragon smooths out the top end making the headphone a little less analytical and a little more natural sounding. Black Dragon also adds bottom end weight to the lower frequencies and provides a fuller sound and wider soundstage.

Focal Utopia Premium Dragon Headphone Cables

Focal Elear Premium Dragon Headphone Cables

★★★★★ Great improvements

"Recommended cable for use with Focal Elear. I bought a balanced XLR 4 pin version. The music comes closes, the bass goes deeper and hits even harder, the soundstage is wider and, for me the most important improvement: The music flows more smoothly, but the details are still there. I like the look of the cable as well!"

— Stian