Dragon Cables for Focal Headphones


Upgrade Your Focal Headphones with Dragon Premium Cables

Here at Moon Audio we have a curated collection of some of the top brands in the audiophile industry. Audiophile headphones deserve a quality cable and we know a little something about headphone cables. We handcraft dragon cables for every brand we carry and we think Focal headphones are so special that we created dedicated Dragon Premium cables to go with them. Dragon Premium cables are a wonderful upgrade for your Focal headphones.

When you are trying to squeeze out every last percentage point of performance, a premium cable makes sense. With UP-OCC single-crystal silver or copper conductors with 7N purity 99.99998%, our Dragon Premium cables offer the same quality construction as our standard Dragon cables, but with some enhancements.

No two headphones are alike and everyone listens differently: Maybe you love bass so you gravitate toward warmer-sounding headphones. Or maybe you're all about the details and want the most accurate sound reproduction. We took that into account and created three dragon cable lines, each with their own unique sound signatures and characteristics: The Silver Dragon, Black Dragon, and Blue Dragon.

Dragon Premium cables are designed exclusively for only the most créme de la créme headphones, where every last morsel of detail makes the difference in bringing you closer to the music.

For Focal headphones, we offer Silver Dragon Premium, Black Dragon Premium, and Blue Dragon Premium Cables.

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Silver Dragon Premium Cable

The Silver Dragon is our top-of-the-line flagship headphone cable. The Silver Dragon is designed to maximize the amount of detail, clarity, air, and instrument separation you get from your listening experience. We use only the purest UP-OCC silver available in our Silver Dragon Premium Cables. Silver is the best conductor and is more expensive to produce than copper, hence the Silver Dragon's status. Silver conductors are adept at pulling out "lost" middle and high-frequency sounds, so you get top-end sizzle and hear things that may otherwise be obscured.

The Silver Dragon is smooth and clean, not forward or bright sounding. We recommend the Silver Dragon for people who love to hear lots of detail in their music. It's a good match for Focal's warmer aluminum/magnesium-based headphones.

Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable Logo

Black Dragon Premium Cable

Now if your goal is more warmth and musicality, the copper conductor Black Dragon is going to appeal to you. The Black Dragon is a very neutral-sounding cable that's going to enhance the body, shape, and immediacy of your music for a more immersive sound. The Black Dragon provides a fuller presentation and more bottom-end weight to the sound. It's a good match for Focal's analytical, detailed, and resolute-sounding pure beryllium-based headphones.

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Blue Dragon Premium Cable

Aside from our Silver and Black Dragon Premium cables, we also make a Blue Dragon Premium Cable that's most compatible with the Focal Celestee. The Blue Dragon is the most neutral-sounding of our dragon cables, delivering you a clear, neutral, and uncolored sound. It will clean the sound without warming or brightening it. Think of the Blue Dragon as a wipe for your eyeglass lenses — Removing obstructions and making it clearer without altering your prescription.

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Black Dragon vs. Silver Dragon at a Glance

Black Dragon Silver Dragon

Key terms: Body and fullness; warm and musical

Key terms: Resolution and clarity; analytical and detailed

Adds bottom-end weight and smooths out the top end  without removing resolution or clarity

Tightens up the low end and adds top-end sizzle, but in a good way. Lots of resolution and sense of air to the music.

Provides an immersive and natural-sound and an "I'm there" feeling

Finds "lost" mids and highs; instrument separation and details

Pairs nicely with: Flat or forward-sounding headphones

Pairs nicely with: Warm and dark headphones

Listening style: "Get lost in the music"

Listening style: Analytical, critical

Conductors: 4 x 21.5 AWG Teflon-insulated stranded conductors using pure single crystallized UP-OCC copper with 7N purity 99.99998%

Conductors: 4 x 21.5AWG Teflon-insulated stranded conductors using pure single crystallized UP-OCC pure silver with 7N purity 99.99998%

Focal Celestee

The Focal Celestee has a neutral-warm sound that boasts outstanding tonal balance. Because it leans more on the warm side of the sound signature, the Silver Dragon Premium will add top-end sizzle and extra detail and clarity. The Silver Dragon will open up your music and expand the Celestee's soundstage.

Aside from the Silver Dragon Premium, we also recommend pairing the Celestee with our Blue Dragon Premium. The Blue Dragon will ehhance the clarity of the Celestee without coloration.

Focal Clear Mg and Focal Clear Mg Professional

For the Focal Clear MG and Clear MG Pro we recommend the Silver Dragon Premium. The Clear MG is a reference headphone with perfect dynamics, detail, and balance. The Clear MG Pro is all that the Clear MG is with some design changes. The Silver Dragon Premium will provide more resolution to the Clear MG and Clear MG Pro.

Focal Utopia 2022

The Focal Utopia 2022 has a warmer sound signature and a smoother top end than its predecessor the Utopia 2020. We enjoy the added sizzle and detail that the Silver Dragon Premium provides. The Silver Dragon is going to support detail retrieval in the mids and highs. It's a match made in heaven for plenty of resolution and a super fast transient response.

Focal Utopia 2020

The Focal Utopia 2020 pairs best with our Black Dragon Premium. The Utopia 2020 is analytical and resolute, revealing the tiniest of details, whereas its younger sibling the Utopia 2022 is warmer sounding. The Black Dragon is going to add some body to the Utopia 2020 while adding some weight in the lower end with a midrange that sounds more musical.

Focal Bathys

By design, the Focal Bathys is a wireless headphone but it's got a single-entry connection for those who want a wired listening experience. As a portable headphone, it was only natural that we create a portable cable so you don't lose that fuctionality. Our Black Dragon Portable Headphone Cable features a more flexible design that's based on our IEM cable design. The Black Dragon Portable will give the Bathys a boost in detail, clarity, and top-end sizzle while also adding more bottom-end weight creating an overall more balanced sound.

Focal Stellia

The Focal Stellia is analytical, detailed, and resolute, and while it doesn't have sibilance with the top frequencies, it is a little on the forward side. The Black Dragon Premium will provide the right balance to the sound with more musicality to the top end without rolling off the detail and definition. It will also reinforce the wonderful vocal midrange of the Stellia and provide more bottom-end weight.

The Perfect Cable for the Perfect Pair of Headphones

Cables are the connection to your music, so having good audio cables is especially important to improve sound quality. You know what they say — Rules are made to be broken and you can bend the rules with these dragon cable pairings to what best suits you. After all, they're your headphones! You might want to add even more warmth to a warm headphone and opt for a Black Dragon cable over our Silver Dragon recommendation. That's the great thing about this— We might make the recommendation but you don't have to stay within the lines.

Focal Bathys with Moon Audio Black Dragon Portable Cable
Focal Celestee with Moon Audio Blue Dragon Cable
Focal Stellia with Moon Audio Dragon Cable
Focal Utopia with Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable
Focal Utopia with Moon Audio Dragon Cable