Chord Mojo Rising

Chord Mojo Rising

Chord Electronics new Mojo DAC (Digital Analog Converter) reminds us how many musical revolutions started in England. The Beatles, Stones and Sex Pistols defined the music of their and our times.

Chord Electronics, located in a pump house built in 1878 not far from London in the village of Maidstone, is creating a new portable digital music revolution with the Mojo. Audiophiles know Chord Electronics as creators of amazing amps and the game-changing Chord Hugo portable DAC and headphones amplifier.

earonfire"My ears are on fire in a good way," Drew reports after listening to Chord's new Mojo DAC running between Chord Electronics events in London.

Moon Audio Ambassadors use phrases such as "stunning", "musicality", "natural detail" and "in-depth clarity" to describe Chord Mojo's older brother's sound. Audiophiles are simply people who love music and the increasingly cool gear innovators like Chord Electronics create so music lovers can tune LOVE in and the world's NOISE out.

Chord's Hugo helped digital music sound warmer, intimate and like we just dropped a needle on a favorite album (remember those days?). Your children will look at you funny. They won't know a Long Playing album (LP) from a hole in the wall, but many audiophiles and music lovers are convinced that all those 1s and 0s are missing something important - music's soul.

Instead of debating if the portable digital music revolution is robbing anyone's soul Chord Electronics set about making the music we love sound better. Oh, and they did so while also understanding the portable music revolution began by Sony's walkman continues though sadly without Sony.

We listen to music in airports, at the office, and in college dorms. shares Chord Electronics' mission - making the music we love sound better. Moon Audio makes music sound better with amazing Dragon Audio Cables (created by Drew).'s founder, Drew Baird, is in England NOW.

When Moon Audio's founder, Drew Baird, heard the Hugo at the Consumer Electronics Show several years ago he knew something dramatic changed. He returned to create new Dragon Audio Cables so the Hugo + headphones such as Fostex's TH900 or Audeze's LCD 3 could sound better, could sound the way artists and sound engineers created the music we love in the first place.

Enter Chord's Mojo DAC

Drew fell in love with Chord's Hugo several years ago. helped bring the Hugo revolution across the pond. Drew's love for Chord's genius is so strong he took a transatlantic flight to be among the first to hear Chord's latest revolution in sound - the Mojo DAC and headphone amp.

"The Mojo is amazing," Drew told us in a hurried call, "sound is BIG but the DACs footprint is SMALL". Drew believes the Mojo will introduce DAC and headphone amp benefits such as increased instrument separation, warmer sound, broader soundstage and a sense of "being in the music" to a new generation of music lovers.

(white) & Mojo (black) DACs

Hugo (white) and Mojo (black) DACs

"The Mojo's price point of $599 (vs. the Hugo's $2,495) is bound to bring a new audience to the many benefits of connecting their headphones and earphones to a DAC and amp," Drew Shared before rushing off to another Chord Electronics event in London.

As I outlined in Moon Audio's Old Word Craftsmanship post, I only get to work at a few days a week. Glad I was here today as a new portable digital music revolution traveled across the pond. I can't wait to have Mojo in my ears! is one a few US-based retailers with Chord's Mojo and if they sell anything like Hugo they are going to go fast (my order is IN).

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