Ambassador Program

Moon Audio Ambassador Program

Music is a MOVEMENT and life is better when we join, share and contribute. Moon Audio Ambassadors are people like you who want to share their love of music and audio gear. Our Moon Audio Ambassadors program asks the smartest music lovers, audiophiles and best hifi audio brands in the world for expertise, input and contributions.

Moon Audio Ambassador Benefits Include:

  • First listen to new gear we may add.
  • Special offers and content we test with Ambassadors before sharing with the world.
  • Input and inclusion in new product development.
  • Input and feedback on new promotions, marketing campaigns and ideas.
  • Trusted feedback we share, attribute, value and champion.
  • First listen to new products we develop.
  • Moon Audio's assistance in developing your audio ideas, products and applications.
  • We follow and promote Moon Audio Ambassadors on social media.

Love helping others hear what you hear? Want to share your passion for music and the audio gear we love to tinker, share and listen to? Apply to become a Moon Audio Ambassador today. We respond to each application within 48 hours.

We're currently redesigning our application process. Please check back for updated information.

See Our Ambassadors

We can only manage a limited number of Moon Audio Ambassadors. Some applicants may earn space on our Ambassadors In Waiting wait list. Our wait list begins once we've exceeded the number of Ambassadors we can manage today. As our Ambassadors Program matures we will ask trusted ambassadors to help increase our special tribe of music lovers.