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Dragon Cables Award Winning

Do you know which cables you need?

Finding the right audio cables is important when connecting audio gear. We customize cables to fit your specific audio needs like IEM & Earphone cables, Full size headphone cables, USB & Digital Cables, & Interconnects.

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IEM & Earphone Cables

Dragon IEM & earphone cables connect to your In-Ear Monitors and let them breathe easier. They open up the sound stage and provide many more layers of resolution. They tighten up and control the bass and provide a snappier bass kick. A must to clearly hear all the different instrument separation in your favorite genres of music.

Full size Headphone Cables

Dragon headphone cables connect to your full size headphones to your favorite audio gear. Providing a much more resolute experience. Like the Earphone cable, the Silver Dragon headphone cable for full size headphones opens up the performance and lets you hear nuances you never thought where there. 

USB Cables

Dragon USB cables provide a communication bus for computers and electronic devices to communicate via transfer of data. Proper geometry and and shielding are critical to the proper transfer of this data to maintain an accurate conversion from digital to analog in your DAC. Our cables are built to high specifications and tolerances to provide the best signal integrity.

Interconnects for Home & Portable Audio Gear

Dragon interconnects connect your favorite audio gear together. Whether it be between your Preamp and Dac or long runs to a Subwoofer, the Silver Dragon interconnect is Moon Audio's first design. It was our first reference cable and has been one of the most popular cables we have sold plus, the price to performance ratio is unprecedented and remains an amazing value. 

"the...Silver Dragon V2. It’s a David in a world of Goliaths. It defies every expectation," Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, May 29, 2014.

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