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In Ear Monitor (IEM) Connection Guide

IEM Connection Guide

This is your all inclusive guide to owning, optimizing and buying 

your In Ear Monitors (IEM's).

Learn how to:

1. Connect your IEM's to an upgrade Silver Dragon or Black Dragon headphone cable.

2. Properly coil and store your IEM's and audio cable.   

3. How to optimize the sound of your custom IEM's. 

4. Find the Right Connection for your IEM's with the Moon Audio IEM Connection Guide.


1. Connect your IEM's to an Upgrade Silver Dragon or Black Dragon Headphone Cable


One rule to remember for connecting our Dragon Cables to your IEMs is that
Red is Right (R&R) 

  1. 1. With Red dot facing up toward the sky, slip in cable connection straight and flush with the RIGHT IEM.   
  2. 2. Repeat step 1 with LEFT IEM and Blue dot.

2. Properly Coil and Store your IEM's and Audio Cable

How to Properly Care for your IEMs

Keep your in ear monitors at peak performance and sound quality by:

1. Place amp connector in the palm of your hand facing you.

2. Wrap the cable around your hand away from your body and coil the cord flat without twisting it.   

3. Place the cable with your pouch or carrying case with your custom IEM's.  This will keep the cable performing at its peak performance and protect the silver (or copper) conductors inside.


3. How to optimize the Sound of you Custom IEM's

Finding the right sound is easy with the Moon Audio Dragon Cables.

  • The Silver Dragon gives the music more clarity and detail by tightening up the top end and offering a greater stage depth. 
  • The Black Dragon is more bass heavy but still provides that larger stage depth and rich musicality. 


Connect in 3 steps:

  1. 1. Pick the correct headphone connection for your custom in ear monitor.
  2. 2. Determine the sound you prefer from your (silver dragon or black dragon - descriptions below).
  3. 3. Pick the correct connection type for your portable headphone amplifier or idevice™.


Our ORIGINAL IEM Dragon Cables were custom made to fit: JH Audio custom in ear monitors.  

They also fit:

Noble Audio, Ultimate Ears, LiveWires, Unique Melody, Westone, 1964 Ears, Alien Ears, Aurisonics, EarSonics, Future Sonics, and Gorilla Ears as they use the same 2 pin connection method.  

(See below for our other specialized iem headphone cables to fit your:

UE Triple Fi IEM's, FitEar IEM's, Shure IEM's, and the Sennheiser IE80)

Silver Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable

Silver Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable

Starting at $185

The Silver Dragon V1 iem headphone cable will open up your Custom In Ear Monitor's and let them breathe easier.

It also provides a more musical presentation, sound stage depth plus you will hear more clarity, instrumentation and musicality.

Learn More


Specialty Silver Dragon IEM Cables

Black Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable

Black Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable

Starting at $150

The Black Dragon V1 IEM has a warmer signature over the Silver Dragon V1 IEM and provides more flexibility.

It provides a musical presentation and sound stage depth. You will hear more clarity, instrumentation and musicality with great bottom end.

Learn More

Specialty Black Dragon IEM Cables

4. Find the Right Connection for your IEM's with the Moon Audio IEM Connection Guide.

Finding the right connection to your IEM can be a pain. Below is a quick guide to help you when choosing your connections. Click for a Larger View.

IEM Connection Guide

Looking to buy some IEM's?

JH Audio IEMs

JH Audio In-Ear Monitors

Starting at $850

JH Audio is the pioneer of IEM's. They have been designing and bulding IEM's for over 15 years using some of the most innovative techniques.

JH has created In-Ear Monitors for some of the biggest acts in the music industry as well as engineers and audiophiles alike. 

Find JH Audio IEMs Here

Noble Audio Kaiser 10 Custom IEM

Noble Audio In-Ear Monitors

Starting at $450

Noble Audio is know for providing superior IEM's, hence the name Noble.

Creating some of the finest universal and custom IEM's, Noble has shown their pull in the IEM community. 

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