Audio Cable Connection Guide

Our values are grounded in the emotional experience of music.

Whether you're a music lover, audiophile, or musician, we want to deliver those emotional experiences and bring you closer to your music. Our Dragon Cables are handcrafted from ultra-pure, single-crystal silver and copper to provide the cleanest and most musical presentation. After all, when it comes to high-end audio, less in the signal path is more.

Dragon Sound Signatures

Silver Dragon Cable

Silver Dragon: Detailed. Clear.

Silver Dragon Audio Cables are made with the highest grade silver wire (99.99998% purity) to clarify instrument separation, increase soundstage and find previously lost high and mid-frequency sounds.

Customers share feelings of being in the music, hearing beloved tracks anew, and astonishment at the clarity and beauty our Silver Dragon Cable reveals.

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Black Dragon Cable

Black Dragon: Warm. Smooth.

Black Dragon Audio cables are made with the highest grade copper wire (99.99998% purity) to enhance music's body, shape, warmth, and immediacy. Black Dragon provides a natural boost to the low end for a musical presentation.

Customers marvel at how Black Dragon cables can solve a headphone's sound signature and musical challenges.

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Blue Dragon Cable

Blue Dragon: Calm. Neutral.

Blue Dragon Cables perform a bit like the Silver Dragon and Black Dragon at a friendlier price to help beginners and the budget-conscious. The Blue Dragon is very neutral with added clarity, making it a high-value introduction to the sonic benefits of high-end cables.

Some Blue Dragon customers never level up to Silver or Black Dragon while others become hooked and continue fine-tuning the sound of the music they love.

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Bronze Dragon Cable

Bronze Dragon: Warm. Musical.

Bronze Dragon IEM Cables were designed to fill-in the sound signature of older 4-pin IEMs, adding warmth and rounding out the lower register. Bass guitar and cello become full and immersive, creating a musicality that's not too lush.

Customers relish a more immersive sound, hearing a new fullness in a previously flat sound signature.

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For more information on sound signatures, visit our article in our Hi-Fi Basics Magazine.

Audio Cable Types

Finding the right audio cables is important when connecting audio gear. We customize cables to fit your specific audio needs:

IEM Dragon Audio Cable

IEM and Earphone Cables

Dragon IEM and earphone cables connect to your In-Ear Monitors and let them breathe easier. They open up the sound stage and provide many more layers of resolution. They tighten up and control the bass and provide a snappier bass kick. A must to clearly hear all the different instrument separation in your favorite genres of music.

Headphones Dragon Audio Cable

Full Size Headphone Cables

Dragon headphone cables connect to your full size headphones to your favorite audio gear. Providing a much more resolute experience. Like the Earphone cable, the Silver Dragon headphone cable for full size headphones opens up the performance and lets you hear nuances you never thought where there.

USB Digital Dragon Audio Cable

USB and Digital Cables

Dragon USB cables provide a communication bus for computers and electronic devices to communicate via transfer of data. Proper geometry and and shielding are critical to the proper transfer of this data to maintain an accurate conversion from digital to analog in your DAC. Our cables are built to high specifications and tolerances to provide the best signal integrity.

Interconnect Dragon Audio Cable

Interconnect Cables

Dragon interconnects connect your favorite audio gear together. Whether it be between your Preamp and DAC or long runs to a Subwoofer, the Silver Dragon interconnect is Moon Audio's first design. It was our first reference cable and has been one of the most popular cables we have sold plus, the price to performance ratio is unprecedented and remains an amazing value.

AMP / DAC Connections

We offer a variety of Amplifier Connections options to suit your high end audio needs. Visit our Amplifier Connection Guide to find the right connection for your amplifier, DAC, or music player.

1/4" Connections

(for quarter inch Stereo Plugs)

Furutech 1/4-inch stereo connector

1/4" TRS Furutech Stereo [Gold]

Furutech Carbon Fiber 1/4-inch connector

1/4" Furutech Carbon Fiber [Rhodium]

Furutech 1/4-inch stereo connector

Dual 1/4" TRS Furutech Stereo [Gold]

2.5mm Connections

for AK Players, RAL, and ALO

Premolded 2.5mm TRRS Balanced RT Angle Gold connector

2.5mm Moon Audio Premolded Balanced Rt Angle [Gold]

Premolded 2.5mm TRRS Balanced Straight Gold connector

2.5mm Moon Audio Premolded Balanced Straight [Gold]

2.5mm TRRS Balanced Gold Straight connector

2.5mm TRRS Balanced Straight [Gold]

2.5mm TRRS Balanced Straight Rhodium connector

2.5mm TRRS Furutech Balanced Mini [Rhodium]

Dual 2.5mm TRRS Balanced Straight gold connector

Dual 2.5mm TRRS Balanced Mini [Gold]

3.5mm Connections

for DAPs, Apple iDevices, and most phones

Premolded 3.5mm RT Angle Gold connector

3.5mm TRS Moon Audio Premolded RT Angle [Gold]

Premolded 3.5mm Straight Gold connector

3.5mm TRS Moon Audio Premolded Straight [Gold]

Neutrik 3.5mm Gold connector

3.5mm TRS Neutrik Male Mini [Gold]

Oyaide 3.5mm Straight Gold connector

3.5mm TRS Oyaide Straight Mini [Gold]

Oyaide 3.5mm RT Angle Gold connector

3.5mm TRS Oyaide RT Angle [Gold]

Oyaide 3.5mm Straight Rhodium

3.5mm TRS Oyaide Straight [Rhodium]

Oyaide 3.5mm RT Angle Rhodium conenctor

3.5mm TRS Oyaide RT Angle [Rhodium]

3.5mm TRRS Balanced Straight Gold connector

3.5mm TRRS Balanced Straight [Gold]

3.5mm TRRS Balanced RT Angle Gold connector

3.5mm TRRS Balanced RT Angle [Gold]

Dual 3.5mm connectors for a balanced connection

Dual 3.5mm for Balanced Connection

XLR Connections

for amplifiers, DACs, and other devices

Neutrik 4-pin Male XLR Gold connector

4-pin Neutrik Male XLR [Gold]

Furutech FP-705M 4-pin XLR Rhodium connector

4-pin Furutech XLR [Rhodium]

Dual Neutrik 3-pin Male XLR Gold connector

Dual 3-pin Neutrik Male XLR [Gold]

Dual Furutech FP-705M 3-pin XLR Rhodium connector

Dual 3-pin Furutech XLR [Rhodium]

Specialty Connections

for amplifiers, DACs, and other devices

Moon Audio premolded 4.4mm gold connector

4.4mm TRRRS Moon Audio Premolded Balanced Straight [Gold]

4 pin balanced RSA ALO connector

4-Pin Balanced Male RSA/ALO

Switchcraft 4-pin mini XLR connector

Switchcraft 4-Pin Mini XLR

Adapter Connections

for adapter cables and other special applications

4-pin Switchcraft Male Mini XLR connector

4-pin Switchcraft Male Mini XLR

4.4mm TRRRS Moon Audio Female Balanced gold connector

4.4mm TRRRS Moon Audio Female Balanced [Gold]

Dual 3-pin Furutech Female XLR gold connector

Dual 3-pin Female XLR

Headphone Connections

We offer a wide selection of headphone connections, supporting most headphone models on the market today. Visit our Headphone Connection Guide to find the right connection for your headphones.

If you can't find what you need, let us know. We also offer hardwired headphone hacks and custom solutions.

2-Pin connector for most IEMs

2-Pin IEM Connection

Audeze 2-pin iSINE connectors

Audeze 2-Pin Connection

FitEar 2-pin Connection

FitEar 2-Pin

Triple Fi 2-pin connectors

Triple Fi 2-Pin

4-Pin connector for JH Audio IEMs

4-Pin IEM Connection

3-pin Mini XLR for AKG headphones

Single 3-Pin Mini XLR

Premium Furutech 4-Pin Mini XLR

Switchcraft 4-Pin Mini XLR

Premium Furutech 4-Pin Mini XLR

Furutech 4-Pin Mini XLR

2.5mm Headphone Connectors

Dual 2.5mm

Headphone Connector for Oppo PM-1, Abyss Diana

2.5mm for Oppo PM-1

Sennheiser Momentum Locking Connector

Sennheiser Locking 2.5mm

Ultrasone Signature and Performance Series Connector

Ultrasone Signature Series

Shure Pro Series Headphone Connector

Shure Pro Series

Ultrasone Tribute Headphone Connector

Ultrasone Tribute 7

Single Entry 3.5mm Connector

Single 3.5mm

Dual Entry 3.5mm Connectors

Dual 3.5mm

3.5mm Connector for Ultrasone Pro

Ultrasone Pro 3.5mm

Sony 3.5mm Screw Type Connector

3.5mm Sony Threaded

Audioquest Nighthawk Connector

Audioquest Nighthawk

Oppo PM-3 3.5mm Connector

Oppo 3.5mm PM-3

Audio Technica A2DC Connector

A2DC for Audio Technica

Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphone Connector

Ultrasone Edition 8

Audeze EL-8 Headphone Connector

Audeze EL-8 Connection

Dan Clark Audio Single Entry Connector

Dan Clark Audio Single Entry

Dan Clark Audio Headphone Connector

Dan Clark Audio

Sennheiser HD600 Series Connectors

Sennheiser HD600 Series

Sennheiser HD800 Series Headphone Connectors

Sennheiser HD800 Series

Sennheiser HD800 Series Premium Headphone Connectors

Carbon Fiber HD800

Threaded Headphone Connector for Hifiman

Threaded Hifiman

Sennheiser IE80 series IEM connector

Sennheiser IE80

Locking Connector for AKG K812 Headphones

Locking AKG Connector

MMCX Headphone Connector

MMCX Headphone

Furutech FT-2PS-F Connector for Fostex Headphones

Furutech FT-2PS-F

Lemo Headphone Connector for Utopia

Lemo for Focal Utopia

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