EXRH Headphone Stand System

$2,450.00 - $5,995.00

Audio Equipment stands dont have to just be pretty. They can also improve system tonality by me… More details

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Product Features

HRS developed the New Patent-Pending EXRH Headphone Stand System based on their EXR Audio Stand System to optimize the performance of your headphone system and other small-format electronic components.

Similar to the EXR, this Patent Pending design comprises a plinth consisting of billet-machined aluminum front trim, proprietary HRS-constrained layer-dampening system, as well as custom-pressed resin-fabric composite top and bottom plates. The vertical structure of the EXRH Audio Stand System consists of a custom, modular billet-machined aluminum support system with an internal energy-dissipation system.

Placing headphone amplifiers, small-format digital sources, power supplies, etc., on the EXRH lowers the noise floor and brings the magic of your favorite musical performance through your headphone system.

The EXRH is a complete audio stand system ready for your components. The EXRH plinth used in the structure of the audio stand system can be used to support the component directly.

"After listening to the dCS Lina stack on a basic table, I used the same headphones & headphone cable with the Lina stack on the new HRS EXRH rack, and my mind was blown. The noise floor dropped. The pace and rhythm of the band was better. Dynamics jumped out of black. What a transformation simply putting the equipment on a properly isolated rack system provided.”

~ Bryce Lewis, authorized HRS Dealer, Definitive Sales Consultant

  • Innovative patent-pending asymmetrical 4-leg vertical support system increases frame stiffness and performance, compared to 3 or 4-leg designs.
  • Proprietary HRS-constrained layer-dampening system
  • Very thick, custom-pressed resin-fabric top and bottom plates
  • A low profile (1.5″ height) design also maximizes space requirements
  • Scratch-resistant coating on the top surface of the non-resonant high-density plinth
  • Available in custom configurations, with the ability to support as many or as few components as needed
  • Available in black or silver finish (Note: on silver EXRH Headphone Stand Systems, the left and right sides, as well as the back of the plinth, are a black finish)
  • The standard EXRH plinth is 9.5″ wide by 15″ deep; it can be customized for any depth your small-format component requires.

Configurations include, but are not limited to, 1 shelf (1V), 2 shelves (2V), 3 shelves (3V), or 4 shelves (4V).

A range of EXRH configurations are shown below. All dimensions below are for reference only. If you don’t see something below that will fit your system’s configurations, HRS has the experience and the utmost ability to create a custom EXRH Audio Stand System to meet your requirements.

Note:  Standard component spacing can be specified at 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ with custom component spacing at 14″, 16″, and 18″ at an additional cost.

The EXRH Headphone Stand System can be customized (depth) for any component and can be built for 6, 7, or more components. Contact your authorized HRS dealer with your desired system configuration.