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Modular stacking system for Chord's Huei, Anni, and Qutest series of hi-fi devices. Stand fits … More details

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The Chord Electronics Qutest System Stand is the best way to not only protect the stability of your devices on a desktop but also save space by stacking the devices. The Qutest stand system works with the Chord Anni Desktop Integrated Amplifier, the Qutest DAC, and the Huei Phono Preamplifier. Each stand fits one device and has indentations on top for the feet of the stacked unit. This design makes sure that the stacked devices are level, stable, and interlocked with one another. The stands are made from CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum with black anodising, matching exactly the material and finish of the Huei, Anni, and Qutest. With the stand system, your audiophile devices are still easily accessible, open in the back and there is ample room to access your cables, interconnects, power supply, and more.

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What’s in the box: Chord Electronics Qutest System Stand, Warranty.

Stackable Stands for Your Chord Qutest Devices

Introducing the Official Qutest Stand System from Chord Electronics. There is no better way to house the Qutest system components. The Chord stand system has a robust and industrial design that allows unrestricted access to all connectors, and its clever heat-transfer materials and construction help the components stay cool. Like all Chord Electronics products, the Qutest System Stand is carefully designed and precision-machined in England from a single billet of aircraft-grade aluminium and comes pre-assembled for convenience. Save space and stack your Qutest units together! The Qutest stand system is a great option to save space on your shelf while connecting and powering a capable bookshelf speaker system. The Conductive metalised heat pads provide great thermal assistance and offer a variety of setup configurations. With the Huei, it makes a great pairing with turntable systems and Chord has made a wonderful way to present your favorite Chord gear rather than display them side-by-side.

Stack Your Chord Gear Your Way

To use the stand system, simply lower the Qutest product (Chord Qutest DAC, Anni Amplifier, or Huei Phono Preamp) into the stand. The device should sit snugly between the sides of the stand. You can stack multiple units, two or three if needed. It's an easy way to create an elegant and compact system that can be placed almost anywhere. Simple and space-saving, the design fits like a glove for the Qutest lineup. If you have multiple products then Chord's stand system is a must-buy.

Technical Features

CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum with black anodizing
Thermal assistance
Conductive metalized heat pad
Internal product protection
Plastic corner guards
Foot material
Black rubber
Stacked / Side-by-side
54mm (H) x 181mm (W) x 80mm (D)

Package Includes

  • Stand
  • Safety Instructions
  • Start-up Guide
  • one-year limited warranty