Blue Dragon Headphone Adapter Cable V3

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This is an extension or adapter cable to go with your main Blue Dragon Headphone cable.

If extra length is needed or you need to change terminations on the amplifier end, adapter cables make it more versatile to do quick changes from one connection type to another.

As more connection types become prevalent, adapter cables are a great solution for wider compatibility.

Note: Minimum lenght for XLR cables is 1.5 feet. Minimum length for 1/4" cables is 1.0 foot.

Dragon Audio Cables

Quality You Can Trust

Most stock headphone cables are made of poor, ultra-thin conductors that work as a bottleneck for sound. Poor geometries, no shielding, rubber jackets, and a whole host of other issues in OEM (stock) cables can limit the performance of the headphone driver in terms of clarity and definition.

Dragon Cables are handcrafted from quality materials in Moon Audio's offices in Cary, North Carolina. All of our cables are created with ultra pure, single-crystal silver and copper strands and engineered to provide the cleanest, most musical presentation. Our wire is void of impurities and crystalline boundaries, leaving nothing between you and your music.

Blue Dragon Sound Signature

The Blue Dragon is our value fullsize headphone cable. Using copper strands, it combines the neutrality of the Black Dragon with the clarity of the Silver Dragon at a lower price point. The Blue Dragon is a good fit for improving dynamics without adding coloration. Its calm and neutral sound make it a great place to start with premium cables.

For more information on finding your signature sound, visit our Sound Signature Guide.

Blue Dragon Sound Signature

Cable Design

The Blue Dragon V3 Headphone Cable has been designed to match the Silver Dragon V3 Headphone cablebut with a high purity copper conductor using the Ohno Continuous Casting Process. The Blue Dragon V3 Headphone Cable has the same geometry structure as the Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable only it uses UP-OCC Single Crystal Copper conductors.

The Blue Dragon V3 is a good fit if you do not want to add coloration but want to improve clarity and dynamics in your headphones. In addition, if you do not want to tip the headphone forward or back then the Blue Dragon is a wonderful choice and is also the "best bang for the buck cable" on the market today.

The Sennheiser HD600 has been one of the best phones for classical music because of the smoother warm sound. The HD600 is not as dark and laid back as the HD650 and so the neutrality of the Blue Dragon is the better fit for the HD600 signature. It is a great cable for a wide variety of music genres. If you are using a very warm tube amp and a forward headphone, the Blue Dragon is a good choice to keep the sound signature the same. The Blue Dragon V3 is also the most flexible of the full size headphone cables and makes a good choice for headphones that use a single entry connection point like the AKG K702 and many of the Ultrasone headphones.

"I like the...Moon Audio Blue Dragon. There are numerous cable makers out there, many are good, but many more are just hobbyists with a soldering iron and a yen to be in business. With cables, the devil is in the details, I strongly suggest using cable makers with long years of experience and a good reputation.

If you have headphones with a hard wired stock cable and would like to have them replaced, again, it is very important to find a reputable supplier who is very familiar and competent with this type of work. I'll happily recommend Moon Audio as one such supplier."

— Tyll Herstens, | February 26, 2013.

We also use the Blue Dragon V3 Headphone Cable for the Ultrasone, Sony Qualia, AKG Pro Series and any other headphone that uses a connector attachment system. This cable can also be hard wired to Grado's, AKG, and Audio Technica headphones too.

The Blue Dragon Headphone cable we use the same 4 x 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors using pure single crystallized UP-OCC pure copper with 7N purity 99.99998% as the main cable.

Each conductor is made up of a special varying size stranding geometry. The copper stranding is mixed with Kevlar stranding to reinforce the conductor making it stronger overall and less prone to failure due to the harsh constant flexing a headphone cable receives.

The conductors are then surrounded by cotton and then a layer of Teflon tape. The new version is now also shielded and placed in a polyethylene jacket for further protection.

The Version 3 is quieter than the Version 2 with no microphonics. It is a balanced cable geometry that can be terminated for either single-ended or balanced configuration.

This cable can be configured in a variety of different ways. Please note that single-ended signal connection cannot be converted to a balanced signal connection. As the grounds are tied in the single-ended connector. Therefore, only pick this configuration if your amp has no single-ended connection outputs.

Hack Your Headphones

Hack Your Headphones

Dragon Cables are an easy do-it-yourself upgrade to your favorite headphones with detachable cables. With a wide array of connection options, a plug-and-play cable is just a few clicks away.

We also offer custom headphone hacks for your hard-wired cans, like many Grado, Sennheiser or AKG headphones. For more information on custom headphone modifications, visit our Hack Your Headphones portal.


4 x 24AWG
99.99998% UP-OCC Copper
Varying Size Stranding
Cardas Silver Solder
Teflon, Foil, Braided Wire Shield
Blue Polyethylene


Blue Dragon
Fullsize Headphone
Sound Signature
Break-In Time
40 Hours

4.9 / 5.0
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Does the job.
Does the job of an adapter. No claims (from me) of magic pixie dust. Just connects things.
May 8, 2019
1 year ago
Adapter cable for Balanced cable to regular jack.
Excellent quality to go with high end cables of my IEM's.
August 18, 2018
Thank you for unique product.I found him only on your site.So now i can enjoy music maximally that i want.
June 19, 2018
I used this adapter to extend the length of the cable on a Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open headphones instead of ordering a new 10 foot cable. To my ears the sound is excellent
and the price was good.
February 6, 2018
Nice Cable
I purchased this cable for my Beyerdynamic DT1990. They made them sound much better and easier to listen to. They now sound smooth from the midrange to the treble. I didn't think the cable would make that much of a difference but it did. The build quality is very nice.
August 22, 2017
Adapter for Mr Speakers Ether Flow headphones
Variation: Neutrik female 4 pin XLR to RSA/ALO balanced male adapter... Excellent quality and finish, cannot ask for more!
August 12, 2017
Great value
The Blue Dragon works extremely well with my MOON 430 HA and Audeze LCD-X cans. It's obviously well made and should provide years of service. Thanks.
February 16, 2017
Met my expectation!
I needed a very specific cable for my Hi-Fi audio, and I'm glad I found Moon Audio on the web.

The product specification here is accurate, and when I emailed customer support with a question, my question was answered very promptly.

My cable was delivered to me in New Jersey in less than a week, and the cable looks to be durable quality.

All in all, a very satisfactory purchase.
May 3, 2016
Great cable, great service...
...refer to the subject line!
September 3, 2015
quality always improves the sound
Moon Audio made a replacement Blue Dragon cable and connectors for my Sennheisers years ago and changed my world.

Recently, I needed a longer cord so they made me a Blue Dragon 15' adapter cable and it works like a charm.

Quality construction from one end to the other and a fair price.....Thanks!
May 23, 2015
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Is there a Neutrik RT mini plug available for the Blue Dragon adapter cable? The RT gold Oyaide looks a bit heavy for my use (extension cable for short cord portable headphones from Japan).
KraftyCat on Jun 17, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately, the Neutrik Right angled 3.5mm will not fit on the Blue Dragon cable.