Hack Your Headphones

Hack Your Way to Better Performance

Looking to get dramatically better sound out of your old cans? Whether you go the DIY route or turn to one of our experts, hacking your headphones is a smart way to achieve the sound signature you desire.

"Finally, a headphone that exceeds all my expectations."

Nicholas K.
Hack Your Headphones

Be Closer To The Music Than Ever Before

Gear shouldn't change the music, it should let it be. This is the thinking behind the industry's most sought after cables. Handcrafted from premium silver and copper strands, Dragon puts less in the signal path, so you can get more out of the listening experience. The result is an emotional connection to music not available until now.

DIY Dragon Cable Upgrades

You Got This

Designed to fit Focal, Audeze, JH Audio, and Shure headphones along with various brands of in-ear monitors, our Dragon cables are an easy at-home upgrade.

Paired Perfection

Matching the right cable to your headphone can improve the tonality and help achieve the sound signature you're looking for. Consider the following pairings for optimal sound performance:

More Pairings

Which Dragon Is Best For You?

Silver Dragon

Clear and detailed

High and mid-frequency sounds are often the first to be lost. Silver Dragon ensures this range is fully available to the ear. With clarity down to the minutest detail, Silver Dragon makes instruments distinct and increases soundstage.

Black Dragon

Warm and smooth

If the goal is to get a sense of immediacy out of your music, Black Dragon is your cable of choice. Smooth, warm and delightfully musical, your listening experience will never be the same. It's like being in the music for the first time.

Blue Dragon

Calm and neutral

Looking for a combination without compromise? Blue Dragon cables combine the warmth and neutrality of Black Dragon with the clarity of Silver Dragon. For those upgrading cables for the first time, the sound benefits are as immediate as they are affordable.

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Focal Stellia headphones with Black Dragon premium cable

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Looking to get dramatically better sound and upgrade your old cans? Find your new headphones on our site, then select cables from the dropdown menu and add to cart.

Dragon Cable dropdown selection for headphones

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Mail In Dragon Headphone Hacks

Turn to Us

If your cables aren't plug-and-play, our experts can upgrade your headphones for you. Send us your carefully packaged, insured shipment and we will provide an estimate. Include your email address, return address, and phone number.

Send your carefully packaged and insured shipment to:

Moon Audio Headphone Hacks
1157 Executive Cir. Suite 101
Cary, NC 27511

Contact Us for a Quote

We typically perform one of three types of custom headphone modifications:

  • Standard (Hardwired)

    Standard modifications replace the stock cable by soldering a new Dragon Cable upgrade directly to the headphone drivers.

  • Detachable

    A detachable modification replaces the stock cable with a Sennheiser HD800 connection and a detachable Dragon Cable. This gives you the added benefit of swapping out cables as you update your system or tune your sound signature.

  • Split Mod

    Split modifications convert a single-entry headphone into a dual-entry headphone. Our engineers remove the stock cable, add an entry into the second ear cup, and solder the upgrade cable to the drivers. We can also make this a Detachable Split Mod.

In some cases the design of the headphone prevents certain modifications from being possible. If you have any questions about specific headphones, feel free to let us know.

"Moon Audio's Drew Baird has not turned down any custom cabling challenge I've put in front of them — he'll even tackle the replacement of non-detachable cables, performing whatever surgery necessary to make the new connections."

Jude Mansilla,

Watch the Pros

Hacking Fostex TH900 Black Dragon Cables

"The Fostex TH-900 and the Silver Dragon V3 are such a wonderful, synergistic combination. They truly take music appreciation and headphone enjoyment to a whole new level."

Drew Baird, P.E.

Hacking Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 with Blue Dragon cables

Trade Up

Don't know what to do with your old cans? Send them to us and get up to $100 toward a new pair.

Spend up to $999
$25 Rebate
Spend up to $2,999
$50 Rebate
Spend $3,000 or more
$100 Rebate

Mail your used headphones to:

Moon Audio Trade Up
1157 Executive Cir. Suite 101
Cary, NC 27511

Pairings for Better Sound Quality

Silver Dragon Premium Cable and Audeze LCD-3 Headphones

Audeze + Silver Dragon

Silver Dragon Premium Cable pairs well with warmer headphones, like the Audeze LCD-2 or LCD-3.

Black Dragon Premium Cable and Audeze LCD-X headphones

Audeze + Black Dragon

Black Dragon Premium Cable is the top choice for Audeze LCD-XC or LCD-X headphones.

Silver Dragon Cable with Grado PS500 Headphones

Grado + Silver Dragon

Silver Dragon Headphone Cable makes an excellent match for the sound signature of the Grado PS500e.

Black Dragon Cable with Grado GS1000e headphones

Grado + Black Dragon

Amp up the warmth and smoothness of harmonics of GS1000e or PS1000e with Black Dragon Headphone Cable.

Silver Dragon Cable with Fostex TH-909 Headphones

Fostex + Silver Dragon

Pair the Fostex TH-909 or TH-610 with Silver Dragon Headphone Cables for an even higher level of resolution.

Black Dragon Cable with Sennheiser HD820 Headphones

Sennheiser + Black Dragon

Round out the low end of the Sennheiser HD820 Headphones with Black Dragon Premium Cables for Sennheiser HD800 Series Headphones.

Silver Dragon Cable with HiFiMan HE1000 V2 Headphones

Hifiman + Silver Dragon

Silver Dragon Premium Cable improves the soundstage of HiFiMan HE1000 V2 and HE1000se.

Silver Dragon Cable with Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Openback Headphones

Dan Clark Audio + Silver Dragon

Maintain clarity in your headphones from Dan Clark Audio (formerly MrSpeakers) with the Silver Dragon.