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Dragon Audio Cables for Aurender

Moon Audio makes Dragon audio cables specifically designed for Aurender products including speaker, usb, power, and headphone cables. Aurender puts a lot of attention and detail into their amps, DACs, music servers and music players and you want to maximize their performance.

Dragon audio cables are designed to transfer more information accurately throughout your home audio setup. These cables also allow you to expand your collection to other home audio systems like Chord Hugo TT, BMC Amps & Dacs, and a great pair of speakers.

USB Cables

Upgrading to Dragon USB cables is important to optimize your Aurender home audio system. Standard USB cables are not designed for the task of transferring high resolution files. With standard USB cables a lot of information can be lost during the transfer.

Dragon USB cables are specifically designed to transfer the most information so you are hearing your music as if you were there when it was recorded.

There are 3 Dragon USB cables available: Silver, Black and Blue Dragon USB cables.

The Silver Dragon is the top of the line USB cable using 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors with a double layer shield to ward off outside interference. The silver creates a channel that high-resolution files can travel with minimal loss.

The Black and Blue Dragon USB cables utilize our single crystal UPOCC copper construction to provide you with the best possible digital bus transmission. Once again, these Dragon USB cables are optimized to transfer more bit rate data of high-resolution files.

Choose the right USB connection

The beauty of Dragon USB cables is that you can customize the cables to fit your specific needs. Choose these USB connections for the following setups:


Aurender Music Servers to:

USB A to USB Micro B

PC or Apple Mac Computers to:

Aurender Flow
Aurender Flow

Speaker Cables

You might have an incredible headphone amp & DAC like the Aurender X725 and a pair of amazing speakers, but what is the use if you are just using an ordinary speaker cable?

The Black Dragon speaker cable breathes life into you home audio system. The Black Dragon is our best selling speaker cable providing a smooth, transparent sound that is not too warm.

You can customize the Black Dragon speaker cable to fit your length needs. To get the right connection for your Aurender X725, choose either “Furutech Rhodium Locking Banana” or “WBT Gold Locking Bananas.”

Black Dragon Speaker Cable

- or -

Black Dragon Speaker Cable

Headphone Cable

If you are connecting the Aurender Flow or the Aurender X725 to a pair of headphones, Dragon headphone cables are a perfect way to customize the sound to your preferred tastes.

The Silver, Black and Blue Dragon headphone cables each have unique characteristics. The Silver Dragon is light and airy, the Black Dragon offers a more controlled bottom end and the Blue Dragon is a very neutral headphone cable. We normally suggest the Silver Dragon for those who prefer Classical or Jazz, Black Dragon for those who enjoy Rock, Pop or EDM and Blue Dragon for those who prefer vocals and neutrality.

To connect headphones like Sennheiser HD800s, HiFiMAN HE1000, Fostex TH900 or the new Focal headphones to the Aurender Amps you should choose the “1/4in Gold Furutech Stereo Plug” for the Amplifier Connection Options. If you are interested in a premium Dragon headphone cable you should choose the “1/4in Furutech Carbon Fiber/Rhodium CF-763 Plug.“

Silver Dragon Headphone cable
Silver Dragon Headphone Cable Amplifier Connection Options

- or -

Silver Dragon Premium Headphone cable
Silver Dragon Premium Headphone Cable Amplifier Connection Options

Power Cable

To fuel your Aurender system without noise interference from your electrical sources you need the Black Dragon Power Cord V1. The Black Dragon is dead quiet and will allow you to get the most power out of your Aurender products.

To power up your Aurender system choose the Black Dragon power cord with the “Standard Furutech FI-15G” for the Termination Type.

Black Dragon Power Cord

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