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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept PayPal, credit cards, personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, and wire transfers in US Dollars. We now also offer financing options through Bread®.

Import Duties are the responsibility of the customer.

Orders will not be shipped until the payment clears. For more information, see our Store Policies.

Most items will be shipped out within 1 business day. If items are special orders, custom audio cables and/or headphone modifications then may be up to a minimum one week delay. Please understand that our business is a small, family-owned shop that specializes in customized products. Few custom items are ready to ship and all are made by hand with extreme attention to detail with the highest quality products available at the fairest pricing we can deliver. We are extremely careful, precise and skilled at our work but it does take time. Thank you for your patience.

For additional information on shipping, see our Shipping Information.

We offer free 2-day shipping within the contiguous United States for orders over $499* (with the exception of a few items - these items will have ground shipping specified on the product page). Additional shipping information for domestic and international orders is available on our shipping page.

If you live near Cary, North Carolina and would like to pick up your purchase in person, contact us after placing your order to let us know. You may call during business hours or use our Contact Us Form.

We offer a 30-day return policy on regularly priced items with a 10% restocking fee. The restocking fee may be waived if you opt for store credit instead of a refund.

We do not accept returns on custom items. See our Store Policies for more information and exclusions.

If you want to return or exchange an item, use the Contact Us Form to start the process. Please include your order number and the reason you are requesting a return.

We want to make sure you're happy with your order. If you have a problem with an item you purchased, use the Contact Us Form to let us know. Please include your order number and explain the problem with the product.

Our standard restocking fee is 10% of the purchase value. This fee may be waived if you opt for store credit instead of a refund.

Original shipping fees are never refunded on returns or returned items and they are always deducted from the refund inclusive of us offering free shipping on the original sale.

Moon Audio hand crafts custom audio cables for most applications. Moon Audio creates, designs, manufactures and customizes headphone cables, analog interconnects, digital interconnects, mini cables, power cables, speaker cables and more.

Dragon Audio Cables are covered under a one-year limited warranty. For complete information, visit our Dragon Cables Limited Warranty page.

Moon Audio can hack most headphones. We typically perform one of three types of custom headphone modifications:

  • Standard (Hardwired)
    Standard modifications replace the stock cable by soldering a new Dragon Cable upgrade directly to the headphone drivers.
  • Detachable
    A detachable modification replaces the stock cable with a Sennheiser HD800 connection and a detachable Dragon Cable. This gives you the added benefit of swapping out cables as you update your system or tune your sound signature.
  • Split Mod
    Split modifications convert a single-entry headphone into a dual-entry headphone. Our engineers remove the stock cable, add an entry into the second ear cup, and solder the upgrade cable to the drivers. We can also make this a Detachable Split Mod.

In some cases the design of the headphone prevents certain modifications from being possible. If you have any questions about specific headphones, feel free to let us know.

Yes, in most cases and with most manufacturer's, the original manufacturer's warranty remains fully intact with any repair, modification and upgrade cables Moon Audio adds, removes, or changes. Moon Audio is an authorized repair shop for many manufacturers as well. All work performed on Beyerdynamic, Fostex, Grado, Sennheiser, Ultrasone headphones performed by Moon Audio is done via Moon Audio and keeps their full warranty intact. Please check with your manufacturer directly if you have specific questions.

We offer connections to most major brands and manufacturers. A comprehensive list of available connections can be found in our Cable Connection Guide.

Moon Audio has performed modifications on AKG, Audeze, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Denon, Fostex, Grado, HiFiMan, Sennheiser, Sony, Shure, Ultrasone, and V-Moda. For a specific type of headphone not mentioned here, please email Moon Audio directly atsales@moon-audio.comfor an accurate assessment. You may also check our blog for additional information.

Connecting to a V1 Dragon IEM Cable

  • Red: Right Channel
  • Blue: Left Channel
  • Dots should always point up

With the red dot facing upward, slide the connector straight into the right IEM until flush with the shell. Repeat with the blue dot and the left IEM.

Connecting to a V2 or Bronze Dragon IEM Cable


  • R: Right Channel
  • L: Left Channel
  • Connectors should always curve up

With the curve of the connector pointing upward, slide the connector with an "R" marking straight into the right IEM until flush with the shell. Repeat with the "L" marking and the left IEM.

Connecting to a Dragon Headphone Cable


  • R: Right Channel
  • L: Left Channel

Line up the pins of the connector with the headphone port and slide the connector with an "R" marking straight into the right headphone. Some connectors will have a locking mechanism, so be careful to properly attach and release these features as you connect and disconnect the cable. Repeat with the "L" marking and the left headphone.