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Aurender ACS10 Music Server with CD Ripper

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The Aurender ACS10 is designed to be your one-stop solution for digital music management. A caching music server with a CD ripper, content storage, library management, and meta-tag editor, it has everything an audiophile needs when using a file-based playback system, designed to simplify the tasks at hand. It can be used as a companion to your existing Aurender Music Server to expand its function and flexibility or as a fully-functional server and streamer on its own.

Available with 8 Terabytes, 16 Terabytes, or 24 Terabytes of storage.

Introducing the ACS10

The Aurender ACS10 can be used as a fully-functional server and streamer controlled by Aurender Conductor, delivering a digital output via an Audio 2.0 USB port designed to be connected to an external DAC. However, the highest audio performance is achieved by connecting the ACS10 with an Aurender A10, N10, or W20 server.

Importing Media

The ACS10 offers one-touch CD Ripping with meta-data and cover art retrieval and a unique user-determined target folder depository feature. The CD-ROM drive (TIAC DVD-ROM) and tray loader feature an industrial-grade design for long-term durability.

The system supports FLAC, WAV, and AIFF codecs as well as support for Nimbie Autoloader for unattended ripping.


The Aurender SmartCollect program makes merging and cleaning your library a breeze. Copy your existing Aurender server library to the ACS10 while running SmartCollect to remove duplicates on your new device. When adding new content, SmartCollect must be manually initiated.


The Aurender ACS10 features SmartMerge, allowing you to expand your library beyond the device. This program will identify a network-attached Aurender Server (W20, N10, A10, N100H, N100C, or X100L) and allow you to see content from both libraries in one place. Only one additional server may be viewed with this feature.


The ACS10 features file storage on dual 3.5" HDD with up to 24TB of space using Western Digital Red (8TB and 16TB) and Western Digital Gold (24TB) Enterprise Grade drives. User configurable setup options include RAID I mirroring or the total storage capacity of both hard drives. The default setting is RAID I mirroring.

The power supply is full-linear and features a supercapacitor uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for stabilizing the device in case of an abrupt power outage.

The ACS10 features a large 4" color IPS LCD display. This provides an album art view when ripping CDs and displays all system data on functions in use.


The ACS10 features three USB Hub Ports, one of which is doubly isolated. Additionally, there is one USB 2.0 port on the front panel and one USB 3.0 port on the rear panel.


Q: Will ACS10 play CDs?
A: No. It was designed for bit-perfect ripping. We recommend to rip and playback file.

Q: Will the ACS10 retrieve album cover art and other meta-tag data from the internet when ripping?
A: Yes. The process is automatic.

Q: What meta-tag database does the ACS10 use?
A: It uses freeDB and MusicBrains. Google image search is employed as well.

Q: I have an N10-8TB and I am running low on storage space. Can I use ACS10 to expand the storage capacity?
A: Yes. The N10’s 8TB storage capacity and ACS10 can be combined. For example, an N10-8TB can be combined with the 16TB ACS10 creating 24TB total content capacity.

Q: I have two Aurender servers. What is the best way to use the ACS10? For example, I have an N100H-4TB and A10-4TB. If I connect an ACS10-16TB onto my network, can my content database be 4TB + 4TB + 16TB?
A: No. If you have more than one Aurender already, it’s best to copy all your content from both existing Aurenders onto the ACS10, making it a central storage library. You can use the SmartCollect program which is provided with ACS10 to find and merge all the content from multiple Aurenders opting out of file duplication. You will be able to view the combined content of the N100H-4TB and A10-4TB on the ACS10-16TB using the Aurender Conductor App. However, you will not be able to view the A10’s local content when Conductor App is connected to the N100H and vice-versa, you will not be able to view the N100H’s local content when the Conductor App is connected to the A10


Audiophile Style Review
Audiophile Style

by The Computer Audiophile
Feb. 2019

Manuals and Guides
(Size: 1.8 MB)
2018 Aurender Brochure
(Size: 632.4 KB)
Aurender ACS10 Music Server with CD Ripper
(Size: 585.5 KB)
Quickstart Guide for Aurender Audiophile line servers and media players, including W20, N10, A10, N100H, N100C, X100L, ACS10, and A100
(Size: 346.5 KB)
Aurender ACS10 Music Server with CD Ripper


Supports all major codecs
Full-Linear & UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) System
4.0″ IPS LCD
Digital Audio Output
USB Audio Class 2.0 – DoP (upto 256)
NativeDSD (upto 512)
PCM : up to 768KHz/32-bit
USB 2.0(x2)
CD-ROM Drive – Ripping Only CD-ROM
1Gbps LAN Hub Port 3ea(One doubly Isolator Port)
Machined Aluminum
16.9" x 3.8" x14" (430mm x 96mm x 355mm)
27 lbs (12.1kg)

Available Options

ACS10-8TB $5,600 4TB x 2 240GB 8GB
ACS10-16TB $6,000 8TB x 2 240GB 16GB
ACS10-24TB $7,500 12TB x 2 480GB 24GB

All Models Available in Silver or Black

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How to rip CDs with the Aurender ACS10

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