Audio Professional

You're familiar with how music is supposed to sound, and you're responsible for making other people sound their best. You’re a sound engineer, audio engineer, mixing engineer, music producer, mastering engineer, or recording engineer. The Audio Professional knows what it takes to create great sound, and wants the right gear to make it happen.

Studio/Sound Engineer Headphones

Are you looking for the best studio headphones? High-end studio headphones make a tremendous difference in what you are able to hear in your mix, whether you are in the studio recording, running sound checks, sitting behind the mixing board, or mastering your recording sessions. Being able to hear the difference can make the difference in your music sounding the best it can. Here are some of our top headphones found in recording studios and live events all over the world:

Focal Clear MG Pro Headphones

Uncompromising clarity & comfort for studio sessions

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Audeze LCD-X Headphones

Big, bold sound with plenty of top-end sizzle and massive bass.

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Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones

Analytical, detailed & spacious sound with a smoother top end.

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If you're into sound recording, music production, and professional audio then your gear has to be compatible with every kind of music coming into your studio. That's why our selections and recommendations bring out the best in every genre of music available. One of our first questions to customers is "What kind of music do you like?" It's a great starting place to find your favorite pair of headphones.

The Focal Clear MG with Black Dragon cable will help bring out the wall of sound for your rock & roll.

The Sennheiser HD 800 S with Black Dragon cable will put you on the conductor podium, with an expansive and expressive sound.

The Meze Liric with Black Dragon cable will provide an intimate presention at the jazz club with your favorite musicians.

The Denon 9200 with Silver Dragon cable puts you the front row of your favorite pop concert, with a lively and dynamic sound.

The Sony MDRZ1R with Black Dragon cable is a portable rave on your head, just put on and headbang away.

The Fostex TH900 with Silver Dragon cable helps you hear every pluck, every strum, and provides a nuanced sound for every performance.

Audio Cables

Our cables bring out more of what you love in your music. If you need to hear more top-end sparkle in the mix - then our Silver Dragon Interconnects are a great option. Materials matter, and our cables can actually help to bring out those desired properties in your music, audio gear, and your mix. We make tons of custom options, tailored to the exact specifications of each of our customers, so you can get the right cable for your setup and sound. Whether you’re running front of house as a live sound engineer, a systems engineer, or in the studio, our cables make it sound like you’re in the studio or on the stage with the band.

Black Dragon AES Digital Cable

Our popular balanced digital connection providing bottom end control, overall clarity, and fantastic sound.
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Black Dragon Power Cable

Designed with studios in mind - the cable is dead quiet and rejects all EMI and RFI interference.
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Silver Dragon Interconnect

Increases soundstage, instrument separation, and tightens bass response.
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Music Players, DACs and Audio Gear

Our pro audio gear and recording technology should bring out the best in your music, which is why these recommendations shine for sound design, music creators, and audio production. Headphones that completely unveil the details, speakers that accurately portray the original sounds and acoustics, DACs that help you hear every nuance - this is the gear that helps you get the job done while being utterly amazed at the results! Live sound, video games, sports games, sound effects, podcasts - sound engineering technicians use their audio equipment to give you the best sound experience imaginable time and time again.

Focal Shape 65 Monitor Speakers

Extraordinary nearfield monitoring quality, maximizing acoustic transparency.

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Bricasti M3 DAC or M3h DAC/Amp

Amazing clarity and transparency for the studio. Low noise and superior isolation.

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Bryston 4B Cubed Amplifier

Suited for the finest and more sophisticated sound systems at home or in the studio. Complete power and control of your sound.

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