Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones Unboxing | Moon Audio

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HD 820 Headphones

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Analytical, detailed & spacious sound with a smoother top end. More details

Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones Unboxing | Moon Audio

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Open-back sound quality in a closed-back design

The Sennheiser HD 820 dynamic driver headphone shatters expectations of what's possible in an over-ear, closed headphone. Innovative technology gives the HD 820 a wide soundstage that is similar to an open-back headphone. The sound is breathtakingly transparent and natural, with deep, almost magical stereo imaging. The angle of the drivers allows you to locate voices and instruments with ease. The sound field expertly balances realism and escapism, taking you to the heart of your favorite recordings. You'll enjoy ample bass plus tons of detail, but with treble that's smoother than many analytical headphones. The HD 820 delivers on long-term wearing comfort too, providing a listening experience as plush as it is immersive. With its unique glass covers, the HD 820 is an aesthetical timeless classic and a natural technical beauty.


● The new audiophile standard for closed-back headphones

● 56mm Ring Radiator dynamic transducer system

● Concave Gorilla Glass reflectors deliver impressive spatial sound reproduction

● Acoustic absorber system prevents frequency masking for unheralded detail

● Ultra-ergonomic adjustable metal headband with inner damping element

● Luxuriously comfortable microfiber ear and headband padding on key contact points

● Developed in Germany and precision-built at Sennheiser’s state-of-the-art Ireland plant

● Impedance: 300 ohms

● Frequency Response: 6 - 48,000 Hz (-10 dB)

● Total harmonic distortion: 0.02 % (1 kHz 1 Vrms)

Closed-back counterpart to Sennheiser HD 800S

The HD 820 is frequently compared to the open-back Sennheiser HD 800S. Both headphones have great imaging, precision, and detail. The HD 800S has an analytical sound with lots of top-end resolution. It’s highly detailed, particularly in the midrange; you’ll get lots of nuance in vocals and instruments in this range. However, it is lighter on bass. The HD 820, meanwhile, has more bass and a smoother top end—but it’s still a detailed headphone. While both headphones have an open and airy sound, the HD 820 does take the prize as far as soundstage width. Both headphones are going to pair exceptionally well with genres like classical and jazz.

The technology behind the transparent sound

The 56mm Ring Radiator transducer in the HD 820 leverages the key benefit of a large diaphragm transducer—air displacement—without losing the rigidity that favorably impacts rest and response times. Sennheiser Ring Radiator transducers are fitted with unique glass covers. Revealing the great look of the technical component within, this visually striking feature was actually developed with the sound in mind: The concave glass reflects the sound waves from the rear of the transducer to an absorber, which results in minimal resonance. Thus, the sound waves are effectively “gone” like they would be in open headphones.

Instead of a single attachment on the outer circumference of the transducer, both outer and inner edges of the "ring" are secured to the drive unit. The voice coil vibrates the diaphragm, connected to the V-shaped groove found near the center of the ring. The headphone’s vibration-damping chassis and inert headband insert provide complete stability, resulting in astonishing speed and accuracy throughout the entire frequency spectrum.

Each transducer is manufactured, tested, and measured to an extremely tight tolerance to ensure the most dependable performance out of the box. Each HD 820 also includes the frequency response plot unique to that set’s serial number, sparing no resource to help you retrieve the most critical details from every corner of your music collection.

Superior comfort & build quality

No matter how good an audiophile headphone sounds, it's not worth it if it's not comfortable. The HD 820 was crafted with comfort in mind. The luxurious ear pads and progressive articulation points form a satisfying seal, eliminating ambient noise for added focus during extended listening sessions. Meanwhile, the robust metal headband features an inner damping element.

The HD 820 comes with a versatile set of cables, each one impedance-matched with ultra-low capacitance. The 1⁄4-inch (6.3mm) stereo connector offers the audiophile-standard plug for connection to devices such as headphone amplifiers, DACs, and A/V receivers. A balanced 4.4mm connector opens a pathway to a newer generation of balanced output devices (headphone amplifiers, digital audio players, etc.) that embrace this compact plug’s superior stability over time. An optional XLR-4 balanced cable is available, providing yet another popular connection to a wide range of audio components. Each cable is 9.8ft (3m) long to accommodate unencumbered listening from devices on your shelves, in your studio, or on your desktop.

The HD 800 features Pentaconn connectors for balanced outputs. These connectors will pair perfectly with the HDV 820 amplifier for dynamic headphones.

What's in the Box

● Headphones HD 820 (closed, dynamic headphones)

● Connection cable: 1⁄4” (6.35 mm) stereo jack plug (connected ex works), unbalanced

● 4.4 mm stereo jack plug, balanced

● USB flash drive (SD-U16L version) with instruction manual (as PDF file) and individually

diffuse-field frequency response curve

● Instruction manual

● Storage box

● Microfiber cloth

Technical Features

300 Ohms
Frequency response (Headphones)
12 - 43800 Hz (-3 dB)
6 - 48000 Hz (-10 dB)
Sound pressure level (SPL)
103 dB at 1 kHz, 1V
Ear coupling
Circumaural (around the ear)
Jack plug
6.3 mm / Pentaconn / (XLR4)
Cable length
360 g without cable
Transducer principle (headphones)
dynamic, closed