Everything You Need to Know About Roon


Roon Magazine is your inclusive information guide with FAQs, reviews, our Roon connection genie, and everything you need to know about the new Roon Nucleus and Roon software. Discover the most fun, control and sound quality from your music and audio gear by landing on the Moon.

Your Music's Heart and Soul

How we listen, organize, and engage with music is changing. Roon Labs created Roon Advanced Audio Technology (RAAT) for audiophiles and music lovers.

Roon remembers when listening to music was fun. Their RAAT software and newly introduced Roon Nucleus server manage, control, interact with and add to your enjoyment of high-resolution music streaming by playing music to high-fidelity audio gear in cool new ways. 

Roon Software

Roon Software is the brain of your new music streaming network. Connect existing music sources, add your Tidal subscription, include a Storage drive and use Roon to control how your music sounds in a room, on a speaker, a pair of headphones or for a particular high-resolution music file. 

Nucleus Music Servers

Remember when listening to music was FUN and it sounded GREAT? The Roon Nucleus is the best way to run Roon's powerful music and audio management software. The new Nucleus is a network music server capable of getting the most from your high-fidelity audio. 

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