HifiMan Ananda Planar Headphones

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Ananda headphones are the culmination of years of HiFiman headphone development. Lightweight, ultra-fine planar drivers at their heart sing with unmatched agility and power sensitivity.

Efficient Planar Performance

Ananda's high sensitivity enables it to be used with virtually any smartphone or portable audio device. The result is low distortion and amazing sound quality.

HifiMan Ananda Diaphragm

Ultra Thin Diaphragm

for lightning-fast response, uncanny detail, and ultra-low distortion

HifiMan Ananda Diaphragm

Window Shade Grill Design

greatly reduces sonic reflections for clearer sound

HifiMan Ananda Window Ear Cups

Asymmetrical Ear Cups

follows the natural shade of the human ear

HifiMan Ananda Headband

Hybrid Headband Design

Ananda has a carefully designed, weight dispersing strap allowing the headband to afford outstanding levels of long-term comfort. The sleek and sumptuous matte black finish combines with a metal construction for maximum durability.

Making Connections

Ananda comes with updated 3.5mm headphone connectors, offering users the most robust headphone connector from HifiMan with enhanced longevity.

HifiMan Ananda headphones with SuperMini media player

Unparalleled Portable Audio Performance

ANANDA is the perfect companion for the SuperMini, a sonic match made in heaven allowing you to experience sonic bliss wherever you may be.


VGP Summer 2019 Lifestyle Award
VGP 2020 Gold Metal Award

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Frequency Response
8Hz - 55kHz
103 dB
25 Ω
14.07 Oz (399g)




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