Dragon Cable Design


When it comes to high end audio, less in the signal path is more. This is why Moon Audio founder, Drew Baird, created Dragon Audio Cables.

Our Dragon Audio Cables are handcrafted using ultra pure single crystal silver and copper to provide the cleanest and most musical presentation.

Dragon Audio Cable detail

Dragon Cable Types

Silver Dragon

Silver Dragon Audio cables are made with the highest grade silver wire (99.99998% silver) to clarify instrument separation, increase soundstage and find previously lost high and mid frequency sounds (music).

Customers share feelings of being "in" the music, hearing beloved tracks anew and astonishment at the clarity and beauty our Silver Dragon cables reveal.

Silver Dragon Sound Signature

The Silver Dragon is the original cable. Silver strands clarify instrument separation, increase soundstage, and find previously lost high and mid-frequency sounds. Transients appear more cohesive and the bass tighter for a more controlled sound. The detail and clarity of the Silver Dragon make it a perfect match for classical music and other genres with many nuanced instruments.

Silver Dragon Sound Signature

Black Dragon

Black Dragon Audio cables are made with the highest grade copper wire (99.99998% copper) to enhance music's body, shape, warmth and immediacy. Black Dragon's copper cables provide warmth, body and soul.

Customers marvel at how Black Dragon cables can solve headphones sound signature and musical challenges.

Black Dragon Sound Signature

The Black Dragon is warm and smooth with a musical presentation. Copper strands enhance the body, shape, and immediacy of the music. The detail and expansiveness of the Black Dragon make it a flexible fit where a broad range of musical genres are played. It can also improve bass frequencies on bass-light headphones.

The smooth, musical quality makes it a perfect fit for headphones that tend to sound a bit edgy or bright. Despite its warmth, the Black Dragon does not have a laid back, lush sound. It is much closer to neutral, making it a very natural sounding cable.

Black Dragon Sound Signature

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon Audio cables perform a bit like Silver and Black Dragon audio cables, but at a value price to help those new to cable upgrades realized and hear sound benefits before further commitment on a budget.

Some Blue Dragon customers never "level up" to Silver or Black Dragons while many become "hooked" on how much better the music they love sounds.

Blue Dragon Sound Signature

The Blue Dragon is our value fullsize headphone cable. Using copper strands, it combines the neutrality of the Black Dragon with the clarity of the Silver Dragon at a lower price point. The Blue Dragon is a good fit for improving dynamics without adding coloration. Its calm and neutral sound make it a great place to start with premium cables.

Blue Dragon Sound Signature

Bronze Dragon

Bronze Dragon cables were designed to combat the thin sound of older 4-pin IEMs. They add warmth and immediacy, making the lows fuller and more well-rounded.

Bronze Dragon Sound Signature

With a warm presentation, Bronze Dragon strengthens the bottom end without becoming bloated. Bass guitar and cello are full and immersive, creating a musical that's not too lush. The warmth and fullness of the Bronze Dragon create the muscle needed to round out a flat signature.

Bronze Dragon Sound Signature

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