HIFIMAN Arya Organic Headphones Review & Comparison | Moon Audio

Arya Organic Headphones

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A warmer & more musical take on the best-selling Arya line. Organic and Full Bodied sound descr… More details

HIFIMAN Arya Organic Headphones Review & Comparison | Moon Audio

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Step into a world full of musicality with the Arya Organic Planar Magnetic Headphones. As the latest addition to the Arya headphones family, the Arya Organic retains the build quality and technology of the HiFiMan Arya Stealth Magnets headphones with some apparent upgrades to the design and sound.

The Arya Organic has a smooth sound with a warm and musical delivery. It has the key characteristics of a planar headphone: Punchy, textured bass, and an airy soundstage. The Arya Organic has the detail of the Arya Stealth Magnet version, but with a sub-bass response that's quick and impactful. Pair the Arya Organic with a headphone amplifier, DAC, or DAP to drive them to peak performance and enjoy exceptional sound quality. With an intimate soundstage and a neutral-warm sound signature, you can enjoy your favorite genres with clarity. Artists' vocals and instruments feel up close and personal like you're sitting at your own private performance of your favorite song. The Arya Organic has good treble extension that’s textured but not overly bright or fatiguing. The midrange is balanced and delivers an impressive level of detail.

If you enjoy a high-quality sound that’s smooth and expansive then the Arya Organic is an excellent choice for an audiophile-grade pair of headphones.

Dragon Cable Recommendation for Optimal Sound Quality

Traditional HiFiMan Craftsmanship

The Arya Organic retains the signature look of many HiFiMan headphones: Large ovoid-shaped ear cups, window-shade grill design, and perforated headband strap. This open-back headphone preserves the look of the Arya Stealth but takes it up a notch with a deep mahogany-colored wood veneer around the ear cups.

With swivel ear cups and plush, comfortable ear pads you can enjoy hours of listening pleasure without ear fatigue. The Arya Organic weighs 15.5 oz with a clamping force that's practically nonexistent. For the price point, the overall build quality and ergonomic design of the Arya Organic are in line with high-end models in the HiFiMan headphones lineup.

HiFiMan Arya Organic Headphone

Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm

A breakthrough core technology developed by HIFIMAN and the first of its kind in headphone application. The diaphragm used in the Arya Organic is remarkably thin and its ultra-lightweight design allows for faster response times and reduced distortion. This gives the Arya Organic a heightened level of transparency and detail retrieval. Working with this advanced material is extremely challenging to the successful incorporation of this film as the Arya Organic's planar driver is the cornerstone of its remarkable sound.

Acoustically Invisible Stealth Magnets Design

Featured in the Arya Stealth and the SUSVARA headphones, the unique shape of the stealth magnets design enables sound waves to pass through the magnet without generating interference, thus maintaining sonic purity. HIFIMAN's advanced agent design is acoustically transparent, dramatically reducing wave diffraction turbulence that degrades the integrity of the sound wave. The reduced distortion yields pure sonic output that is accurate and full range.

Patented "Window Shade" System

Created to meet the need for driver protection and an optimized open-back design.


The metal structure is created via CNC milling and hand polishing. To meet the critical standard set out by HIFIMAN, the surface finishing is handled and refined by meticulous craftsmen.


The Arya Organic keeps things simple with a single Crystalline Copper cable. Featuring a 6.35mm plug and a jet black woven exterior finish it's the perfect complement to the sound and sight of the Arya Organic.

Asymmetrical Earcups

Follows the natural shape of the human ear.

The Headband

Ergonomic design for most people, with greater reliability and durability.

Sturdy 3.5mm User-replaceable Connector Design

Allows easy cable swapping, giving both maximum durability and enhanced customizability.


Frequency Response