Best Dragon Cables for Sennheiser Headphones


Upgrade Your Sennheiser Headphones with Dragon Premium Cables

Here at Moon Audio, we have a curated collection of some of the top brands in the audiophile industry. Audiophile headphones deserve a high-quality audio cable and we know a little something about headphone cables. We handcraft dragon cables for every brand we carry and we think Sennheiser headphones are so special that we created dedicated Premium cables to pair with each of them.

For more than 75 years Sennheiser has been producing over-ear headphones, In-ear headphones, and audio gear to deliver audiophiles and music lovers impressive sound experiences and moments that give you goosebumps. As a family-owned company in its third generation, Sennheiser is a leader in 3D audio technology with a plethora of wireless Bluetooth headphones, audiophile-grade headphones, and more.

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Best Dragon Cables for Sennheiser Headphones

When you're trying to squeeze out every last morsel of performance in your favorite pair of headphones, a premium cable makes sense. With UP-OCC single-crystal silver or copper conductors with 7N purity that's 99.99998% pure, our Dragon premium audio cables offer the same quality construction as our standard dragon cables, but with some enhancements.

No two headphones are alike and everyone hears differently. Maybe you love details and want the most accurate sound reproduction of your favorite music so you gravitate toward analytical-sounding headphones. Or maybe you love bass and musicality so warmer-sounding headphones are your go-to. We took that into account and created four dragon cable lines, each with their own unique sound signatures and characteristics: The Silver Dragon, Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, and Bronze Dragon.

We exclusively design our Dragon Premium cables for only the most creme de la creme HiFi headphones and we offer Silver Dragon Premium, Black Dragon Premium, Blue Dragon Premium, and Bronze Dragon Portable headphone cables for Sennheiser headphones.

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Clear | Detailed

  • 8 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver Conductors with Kelvar reinforcement
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Warm | Musical

  • 99.99998% UP-OCC Pure Copper
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Balanced | Warm, Detailed

  • 99.99998% UP-OCC Pure Copper
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Neutral | Uncolored

  • 99.99998% UP-OCC Pure Copper

Silver Dragon Premium Cable

The Silver Dragon is our top-of-the-line flagship headphone cable. The Silver Dragon is designed to maximize the amount of detail, clarity, air, and instrument separation you get from your listening experience. We use only the purest UP-OCC silver available in our Silver Dragon Premium Cables. Silver is the best conductor and is more expensive to produce than copper, hence the Silver Dragon's status. Silver conductors are adept at pulling out "lost" middle and high-frequency sounds, so you get top-end detail and resolution and hear things that may otherwise be obscured.

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The Silver Dragon sound signature is smooth and clean, not forward or bright sounding. We recommend the Silver Dragon for people who love to hear lots of detail in their music.

Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 650 headphones are warm and detailed with a deeply extended bass. This open-back headphone is beloved for its musical, non-fatiguing sound that offers an intimate level of detail. From the velour earpads to the earcup grille pattern, the HD 650 is handcrafted to guarantee a next-level personal sound experience. With incredible musicality and deep bass, the Silver Dragon Premium will emphasize the details and add more resolution to the HD 650's sound.

Black Dragon Premium Cable

Now if you enjoy warmth and musicality, the copper conductor Black Dragon is going to appeal to you. The Black Dragon is going to enhance the body, shape, and immediacy of your music for a more immersive sound. The Black Dragon provides a fuller presentation and more bottom-end weight to the sound.

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Sennheiser HD 800 S Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 800 S open-back headphones have great imaging, precision, and detail. The HD 800 S has an analytical sound with lots of top-end resolution, making them the perfect pair of stereo headphones. It's highly detailed in the midrange, however it is fairly light on the bass. Crafted with perfection, the HD 800 S’s transducer is encased by stainless steel while the headband and headphone mounting utilize advanced materials for high sensitivity with minimal weight. We recommend our Black Dragon Premium to add more musicality to the HD 800S. But if you enjoy an analytical sound and don't want to stray from that then the Silver Dragon Premium is going to be another great option for the HD 800 S. For even better sound quality we recommend pairing the HD 800 S with a headphone amplifier to drive them to optimal performance.


Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 820 closed-back headphones have an incredibly wide soundstage with transparent and deep, almost magical stereo imaging. The HD 820 has more bass and a smoother top-end than its open-back counterpart the HD 800 S. With that being said, the Black Dragon Premium is going to add some bottom-end weight to the HD 820.


Sennheiser HD 660S2 Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 660S2 open-back headphones are clear and crisp, but not analytical-sounding. As the update to the HD 660S, the sound signature of the HD 660S2 is intimate and relaxed with a crisp bass, excellent mid-frequency response, and a pleasantly natural treble. The Black Dragon Premium is going to add bottom-end weight to the HD 660S2, balancing out the smooth top-end.

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Bronze Dragon Portable Cable

The Bronze Dragon Portable headphone cable is our option for single-entry connection headphones. With a warm presentation, the Bronze Dragon strengthens the bottom end without becoming bloated. The warmth and fullness of the Bronze Dragon round out any headphones with a flat sound signature.

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Sennheiser HD 560 S Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 560 S headphones have a wide, articulate soundstage with superb details. With a detachable single-entry headphone connector, we recommend our Bronze Dragon Portable headphone cable. It's also a single-entry cable and is going to bring warmth and musicality to the HD 560 S for a great on-the-go listening experience.


Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones are effortlessly portable with the option to listen wired or wirelessly. You'll enjoy an immersive sound with active noise cancellation (anc), great dynamics, clarity, and musicality. The Momentum 4 transforms into a headset with four noise-canceling microphones to make crystal clear voice calls and with excellent noise isolation you won’t miss a single word. With foldable earcups, an included carrying case, and a battery life of 60 hours there’s no shortage of places you can take the Momentum 4. The Bronze Dragon Portable headphone cable will complement the immersive and musical sound of the Momentum 4, filling out the midrange while balancing out the top-end clarity.

Blue Dragon Premium Cablle

Aside from our Silver and Black Dragon Premium cables, we also make a Blue Dragon Premium Cable. The Blue Dragon is the most neutral-sounding of our dragon cables delivering you a clear, neutral, and uncolored sound. It will clean the sound without warming or brightening it. Think of the Blue Dragon as a wipe for your eyeglass lenses — Removing obstructions and making it clearer without altering your prescription. If you don't really want to change the tonality or coloration of the headphone, we recommend the Blue Dragon Premium Headphone Cable.

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Upgrade Your Stock Headphone Cable Today

You know what they say — Rules are made to be broken and you can bend the rules with these dragon cable pairings to what best suits you. After all, they're your headphones! You might want to add even more warmth to a warm headphone and opt for a Black Dragon cable over our Silver Dragon recommendation. That's the great thing about this — We might make the recommendation but you don't have to stay within the lines.

Cables are the connection to your music, so having good audio cables is especially important to improve sound quality. We customize audio cables for virtually every pair of headphones on the market, so be on the lookout for our future videos as we continue down the list of the best dragon cables for each brand we carry here at Moon Audio.

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