Bluesound BluOS Platform adds Pandora & Presto Music Streaming Services

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iPhone displaying Bluesound BluOS Controller app with Pandora on the screen

Pandora and Presto Music Now Available on BluOS

The hi-res music streamer company Bluesound has added two new music streaming services to their popular music platform BluOS. Pandora and Presto Music have been integrated into the BluOS platform, expanding the collection of available music streaming services. BluOS is Bluesound's proprietary platform that allows users to control their Bluesound BluOS-enabled devices and create a multi-room listening experience. BluOS users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand can enjoy Presto Music, while Pandora is available exclusively in the United States.

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A little about the BluOS Controller App

BluOS offers a plethora of music with access to hundreds of internet radio stations, dozens of streaming music services, or even your own digital music library. In fact, the BluOS operating system has been awarded the 2023 Smart Home Divison Mark of Excellence. The platform, which is available on Apple IOS devices and Android devices, has Roon integration that supports files stored on internal and external hard drives and NAS. You can access TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, SoundMachine, and many more streaming services (subscriptions purchased separately).

Pandora and Presto Music is available on BluOS's latest firmware update, version 4.2.2. Some of the features of BluOS include: Voice control via Amazon Alexa, full support for hi-res audio on all Bluesound players, 3rd party integrations, Dolby Digital support, Wi-Fi chipset technology, Bluetooth aptX HD, Dolby Atmos 3D experience, and MQA. The voice control feature allows you to play a track, skip a song, and even say what room you want to listen to music in. Through the app you can control the volume in any room, read detailed artist information, and even check what quality you are streaming.

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BluOS Minimum Requirements

iOS version 9.3

Android version 5.0

MacOS version 10.13

Windows version 7

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BluOS Resources

Click the buttons below for information on how to download the BluOS Controller App on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. And if you're interested in learning more about Bluesound devices, how to navigate BluOS, and setup your devices, check out our Bluesound device setup guide.

Pandora and Presto Music

Pandora has been a household name in the music streaming industry since the early 2000s, providing curated internet radio stations exclusively to those in the United States. Since then Pandora has expanded its offerings allowing users to listen to and create playlists of individual songs on demand. Its integration with BluOS will give music lovers access to another seamless way of enjoying their favorite tracks and discovering new music based on their tastes.

Bluesound BluOS App screenshot of Pandora streaming service
Bluesound BluOS App screenshot of Pandora streaming service
Bluesound BluOS App screenshot of Presto Music streaming service
Bluesound BluOS App screenshot of Presto Music streaming service

Since 1986, Presto Music has been the go-to source for Classical and Jazz music fans worldwide. Based in Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom, Presto Music has been one of the world's leading authorities on classical music and jazz recordings (CDs, DVDs, high-quality downloads and vinyl) as well as printed music, music books, and musical instruments. In 2023, Presto Music launched Presto Music Streaming allowing the company to bring its offerings to an even bigger audience. Listeners can access Presto's vast library of high-quality music including 200,000 albums in CD-quality and 34,000 albums in 24-bit/192kHz. This subscription-based service features a search engine designed for classical and jazz music with composer, artist, and genre profiles including recommendations and featured releases. In addition to streaming, Presto Music offers unique editorial content such as reviews and interviews with artists and composers.

"We are truly excited to bring Pandora and Presto Music to BluOS, further expanding our commitment to offering users the freedom to choose their preferred streaming services and at the highest quality,” said Andrew Haines, Product Manager at BluOS. “Pandora has been a long asked-for service addition with its unique history and strength in music discovery. While Presto Music is new, we are especially optimistic that niche music services with high-quality content are perfectly matched to the discerning audiences that BluOS and its premium audio integration partners serve.”

Bluesound BluOS App on an iPhone with Presto Music browsing on the screen
Bluesound BluOS App on an iPhone with Pandora Music browsing on the screen

Bluesound's Multi-Room Ecosystem

Since 2013, Bluesound has been making hi-res streamers, wireless speakers, and more that let you play music in any and every room throughout your home. With the manifesto “Living Hi-Fi” Bluesound has multiple product lines which include wireless stereo components, wireless speakers, and wireless home theater components like subwoofers and soundbars. The Node Hi-Res Music Streamer is one of their most popular products that can be connected to an existing stereo amplifier, AV receiver, or powered audio system. For more information on every available Bluesound product, check out our guide.

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