Wattgate 330i Power Connector

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Audio Grade Power Connector

The Wattgate 330 has been designed for fast, simple installation and worry-free performance. The construction of the 330 is built to last and features an elegant polycarbonate rear housing available in either black or clear with a durable nylon-tough front housing. The 330 has been designed to be adaptable to a wide range of power cables the removable insert can accommodate cable diameters from 0.300" (7.62 mm) to 0.655" (16.63 mm).

Installation has been further simplified due to color coded, tightly-spaced, funnel shaped holes to guide the conductors into the unique Perma-Lock terminals. The Perma-Lock terminals work in the following way: As the terminal screw tightens down on the contact tang, it compresses the wire underneath the tang, causing the screw to exert an upwards lift of the collar overleaf. This lifting action "locks up" the threads screws. Stress relieving of the terminals is virtually eliminated. Heat cycling and vibration cannot loosen the screw.

The real secret behind the 330 lies with the contact elements themselves. Super thick contact tangs are used along with a three-layer plating process: Oxygen free copper plating, electroless nickel, and finally 24k gold plating dramatically improves conductivity and prevents corrosion. 15 amp @ 120VAC.


  • Audio Grade
  • Perma-lock terminals
  • Glass filled high temperature nylon front housing
  • Polycarbonate rear housing
  • Stainless hardware
  • Wattgate Three Layer Plating Process*
  • 15A/125VAC