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JH Audio Magazine is your all-inclusive information guide with instructionals, comparisons, connections, and everything you need to know about in-ear monitors.

Stewards of Sound

Ever wonder what your favorite musician is wearing in their ears as they play the music you love on stage? Chances are the molded In-Ear-Monitors (IEMs) you see are from JH Audio with a pair of Moon Audio Silver Dragon or Black Dragon audio cables.

JH Audio is the pioneer behind accurate, detailed and beautiful In Ear Monitors. JH Audio combines 25 years experience in live audio mixing with 15 years of design to create arguably the best IEMs even for the most demanding ears... like yours.

When you purchase JH Audio and Dragon Audio Cables, your ears join those of some of the biggest bands in the world, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Lady Gaga, and many more.

Custom v. Universal

Custom and Universal in-ear monitors

Univeral IEMs are more affordable, but Custom IEMs offer incredible sound isolation. Which one is for you? This article will help you weight the pros and cons of both types of in-ear monitors.

IEM Comparison

Custom and Universal in-ear monitors

JH Audio offers two primary lines of IEMs: the Pro Series and the Performance Series. Compare the latest models and sepcifications in our IEM comparison.

Ordering Custom IEMs

Custom IEMs with JH Audio

Custom IEMs are molded perfectly to your ear, which means you have to have an impression made. The first step is to find a qualified audiologist in your area. Our step-by-step guide will help you along the way, from setting the impression to knowing when to expect your new IEMs in the mail.