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Drew Baird, Moon Audio President

Drew Baird, P.E. - Moon Audio President

Headphones for Video Games

By Drew Baird, P.E. - Moon Audio President

President and Founder of Moon Audio gives you the best headphones for High End video gaming.

Headphones for Video Games interview with founder Drew Baird

Marty Smith

Hi, we are here at speaking with founder Drew Baird about headphones for video games.

Do you find when you are gaming that sound plays an important role?

Drew Baird

Huge role. You have two sensories going on when you are gaming: vision and the sound in your head. The headphones are a very important part of the experience.

Marty Smith

Drew tell us what you like to use when you are playing video games.

Drew Baird

There are two scenarios when I'm playing games. There is a multi-player and a single player. I tend to prefer single player games (such as Tomb Raider, Hitman or Max Payne) because I like to use better headphones. My preference is to use a more expensive headphone and a Logitech video cam (C920) for when I want to interact with my friends.

When I want to go big, when I want to be immersed in the battlefield with lots of bass, I use the Audeze LCD-XC. The drawback to that headphone is it is pretty heavy and big and after time it can become fatiguing. When I want a lighter headphone I use the Shure SRH1540 and I'm looking forward to the new Sennheiser 630DB with base tuning. I played around with it in Munich. It is a really nice headphone.

When I'm on the road I will either use the JH Audio Roxannes. If you want the custom version they come from JH Audio. If you want the universal IEM it comes from Astell & Kern. Or another option is Shure SE846. Both of these headphones have good bottom end weight which is a good choice for gaming and a good choice if you are on the go and don't want to carry a lot of gear.

Marty Smith

You also mentioned you like the Sennheiser Momentum headphones.

Drew Baird

Yes for people who play 12 hours a day the Sennheiser Momentum is a feather light headphone. I would recommend the over ear because they have better bass response than the on ear headphones. On ears tend to have too much leakage.

You don't even need the wireless pair. You can go with the regular M2s. It is a really great headphone for not a lot of money.

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