Dragon MMCX IEM Cables: Everything You Need to Know | Moon Audio

Silver Dragon IEM Cable for Sennheiser (MMCX)

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The flagship cable sounds smooth & clean and will greatly enhance detail & clarity. More details

Dragon MMCX IEM Cables: Everything You Need to Know | Moon Audio

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Sennheiser IEMs are popular in both the Audiophile and pro audio world, so you'll be happy to hear that we now have the option to upgrade your favorite Sennheiser IEM with our popular Dragon Cables! We've included a new MMCX design to make sure you're getting the best quality connection and sound quality from your audio source.

Moon Audio has developed a new design to bring more stable and snug-fitting MMCX connections to your favorite IEMs - with a plethora of connection options, you can now get high-quality cables without spending exorbitant prices. The Silver Dragon MMCX IEM Cable for Sennheiser is compatible with all Sennheiser IEM models and provides a tighter bass response, clarity and additional detail in the mids and highs, and increases soundstage.

After several years of customer requests to bring back this original cable connection from all over the world, we are thrilled it is finally here and we are able to offer this to Sennheiser IEM lovers everywhere. The Silver Dragon IEM cable for Sennheiser is the same cable as our award-winning IEM series of Dragon cables. The MMCX connector will be available in both the Silver Dragon IEM and the Bronze Dragon IEM cables.

Moon Audio has developed a newly designed IEM connection system to match our latest generation 2 and 4 pin connections but with the MMCX connection. It is now angled for better comfort. It is a stronger more reliable design. New for this series is a formable tubing utilized instead of the older generation memory wire. Thus, making it more comfortable for Eye Glass wearing.

The Silver Dragon IEM Cable for Sennheiser to custom fits the following in-ear monitors: the IE200, IE300, IE600, and the IE900 earphones. It also fits many other IEMs that utilize the MMCX. A variety of connection options are available for your downstream connection such as the premolded for extra durability, Moon Audio branded connectors such as the 3.5mmm TRS, 2.5mm TRRS and 4.4mm TRRRS as well as so many other connection options.

We custom-build these in-house to your connection specifications. The cable can be used in either a single-ended or balanced design. The wire is soldered to a connector using high-quality Cardas silver solder.

*2013 Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Winner* *Positive Feedback Writer's Choice Winner* This custom IEM headphone cable will open up your Custom In Ear Monitors and let them breathe easier. It provides a more musical presentation and sound stage depth. You will hear more clarity, instrumentation, and musicality during your music listening sessions. No flimsy or stiff cables are made here at Moon Audio. Throw out that cheap stock cable and bring your Shure Custom IEMs here to Moon Audio.

Receive a FREE MMCX removal tool with the purchase of any MMCX Dragon Audio IEM Cable. Q: What is an MMCX removal tool?

An MMCX connector removal tool is a small tool designed specifically for removing MMCX connectors from in-ear monitors (IEMs). MMCX connectors are a type of coaxial connector commonly used in IEMs to attach the earpieces to the cables. These connectors provide a secure connection while allowing for easy detachment for cable replacement or customization.

The removal tool is a small, usually metal, device with two prongs that fit into the small openings on the sides of the MMCX connector. When the tool is inserted into these openings and gently twisted, it releases the connector from the IEM housing. This makes it much easier to detach the cable from the earpiece without risking damage to the connector or the IEM itself.

Overall, the MMCX connector removal tool is a handy accessory for IEM enthusiasts and audio professionals who frequently switch cables or perform maintenance on their IEMs. It allows for quick and safe removal of the connectors, ensuring that the IEMs and cables remain in optimal condition with minimal wear and tear on the connector.

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Quality You Can Trust

Most stock headphone cables are made of poor, ultra-thin conductors that work as a bottleneck for sound. Poor geometries, no shielding, rubber jackets, and a whole host of other issues in OEM cables can limit the performance of the headphone driver in terms of clarity and definition.

Dragon Cables are handcrafted from quality materials in Moon Audio's headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. All of our cables are created with ultra-pure, single-crystal silver and copper strands and engineered to provide the cleanest, most musical presentation. Our wire is void of impurities and crystalline boundaries, leaving nothing between you and your music.

Silver Dragon Sound Signature

The Silver Dragon is the original cable. Silver strands clarify instrument separation, increase soundstage, and find previously lost high and mid-frequency sounds. Transients appear more cohesive and the bass tighter for a more controlled sound. The detail and clarity of the Silver Dragon make it a perfect match for classical music and other genres with many nuanced instruments.

For more information on finding your signature sound, visit our Sound Signature Guide.

Silver Dragon Sound Signature

Cable Design

The Silver Dragon IEM Cable takes a no-holds-barred approach to quality. It features eight conductors of 99.99998% UP-OCC stranded silver in each cable. It is the purest wire that can currently be produced and void of all impurities. It includes all the sonic strengths of our original Silver Dragon IEM cable with an enhanced level of resolution and detail. It is not an overly forward or bright-sounding cable. It is extremely smooth and clean with an accurate reflection of the music, making it a non-fatiguing option for mastering and reference sound. The bass is tight, well-controlled bass with more layers of resolution than any other cable we have produced.

What is UP-OCC?

UP-OCC stands for Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC). This is not a material but a way of extruding silver and copper to prevent any impurities and fractures in the crystalline structure of the wire. The wire is drawn very slowly to cast as an almost perfect single crystal small diameter conductor. The resulting purity and the size of the cast wire makes a tremendous difference and there is less damage to the near-perfect cast state. We find this UP-OCC process produces a very clean and close to neutral sound in our copper- based and silver-based cables.

Pick Your Dragon

Each Dragon headphone cable has its own personality. Our cables are designed to improve headphone and IEM performance by fine-tuning the sound signature of your audio gear to better suit your personal preferences. We often make recommendations for matching cables to create a more balanced, neutral sound.

Generally, stock audio cables are manufactured with subpar materials, metals with impurities, poor geometries, and an overabundance of layers to make them look and feel like a fire hose. Inconsistency and lack of quality control in stock cables can lead to poor sound quality and a veiled sound vs what the musician intended for you to hear and feel from the music. Dragon cables are handcrafted with the highest standards and made to order according to your specific needs. At Moon Audio, we create a custom cable for you using the highest quality UP-OCC silver or copper conductors that can be manufactured. UP-OCC metals are void of impurities and are optimized for signal transfer and sound quality. We have one of the largest collections of audio and headphone connection options available online and we create limitless audio cable options depending on your specific gear and needs.

Why Dragon Cables?

You’ve heard the saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, right? Well, the same applies to your brand-new audiophile-grade headphone or other audio components. The weakest link, in this case, is your stock cable or the cheap interconnects the manufacturer threw in the box just to get you up and running. Why is the cable always an afterthought, when it’s just as important as the rest of your system? At Moon Audio, we use the best raw materials in our cables to unveil your music. We believe the materials matter and your audio cables should have the same care and craftsmanship that manufacturers put into their audio components and headphones. Audio cables are ultimately the connection to your music. The fact remains that cabling is often considered the last priority to that of the main product and a means to cut down the overall production costs. It’s as simple as that.

Bronze Dragon

Musical | Inviting

  • 8 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Copper conductors with Kevlar reinforcement
Black Dragon

Warm | Flexible

  • 8 x 15-18% ratio Silver Plated Pure Copper Conductors
Silver Dragon

Clear | Detailed

  • 8 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver conductors with Kevlar reinforcement

Redesign of the MMCX connection IEM sockets

The cable MMCX connection has been redesigned by Moon Audio to offer a rock tight connection. The Shure, Meze, Astell & Kern, and Campfire Audio IEMs just to name a few manufacturers are using this connection method. Please contact us as to whether your new IEM will have this MMCX connection. This connection upgrade has improved the durability of the connections & for long-term use & enjoyment. The pins and base are gold plated to provide better tolerances and protection from wear.

3 Standard Premolded Cable Options

  • 2.5mm balanced 4 pole gold straight mini plug for use with the balanced output of the Astell and Kern players, RAL players & ALO amps. The entire body is molded to prevent the face of the connector to short to chassis ground. This will eliminate issues of ground shorts.
  • 3.5mm straight 3 pole stereo single ended connection for use with most common portable devices
  • 3.5mm right angle 3 pole stereo single ended connection for use with most common portable devices

Both of the 3.5mm connectors have extended necks to vanquish most portable devices that have a deep connector socket hole.

Available Amplifier Connections

Silver Dragon IEM V2 connectors
Bronze Dragon IEM Cable left and right channel markings
  • R: Right Channel
  • L: Left Channel
  • Cable should always curve up from connector

With the curve of the cable pointing upward, slide the connector with an "R" marking straight into the right IEM until flush with the shell. Repeat with the "L" marking and the left IEM.

Find a full list of compatible IEMs in the Specification section. Compatible Sennheiser IEMs:

  • Sennheiser IE200 IEM
  • Sennheiser IE300 IEM
  • Sennheiser IE600 IEM
  • Sennheiser IE900 IEM

Compatable MMCX IEMs

ShureSE846, SE535, SE425, SE315, SE215, Aonic 5, Aonic 4
SennheiserIE900, IE600, IE300, IE200
MezeRai Penta, Advar, Solo
Astell & KernPathfinder, ZERO1
Campfire AudioAndromeda, Solaris, Trifecta, Orbit, Solstice, Equinox, Ara, Holocene, Supermoon
WestoneW80, W60, W10 and more