GO Bar Kensei Headphone Amp DAC

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Up to 32-bit/384kHz, Go Bar Kensei provides high-quality sound and fits in your pocket. More details

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iFi Audio has unveiled its latest innovation in portable audio, the GO Bar Kensei Ultraportable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier and preamplifier, building upon the success of its best-selling predecessor, the GO Bar. This new iteration boasts a series of upgrades, both in aesthetics and sonic performance, sure to captivate audiophiles worldwide. Departing from the aluminum alloy chassis of the original GO Bar, the GO Bar Kensei now features a meticulously crafted Japanese Stainless Steel chassis, delivering unparalleled rigidity and durability. Setting a new standard in portable audio, the GO Bar Kensei introduces K2HD technology, a groundbreaking addition that establishes it as the world's first portable DAC Headphone Amplifier to incorporate this cutting-edge tech. This advancement ensures an exceptional level of audio quality, bringing out the finest nuances and details in your music. Complementing this technological leap, the GO Bar Kensei is equipped with an ultra-low jitter internal clock, ensuring precise timing and coherence in audio playback. Additionally, an enhanced power supply further enhances the unit's performance, providing clean and stable power to your headphones or IEMs. With its formidable power and advanced features, the iFi GO Bar Kensei emerges as the ultimate portable companion for audiophiles, promising an unparalleled listening experience wherever you go. Whether you're a discerning music lover or a professional on the go, the GO Bar Kensei sets a new high-end standard in portable hifi, delivering sonic excellence in a sleek and compact package.

"Kensei" - Exceptional Skill and Mastery in the Art of Sound

The designation of "Kensei" holds deep meaning in Japanese culture, signifying a warrior of exceptional skill and mastery in the art of swordsmanship. Drawing inspiration from this esteemed title, iFi Audio has crafted the GO Bar Kensei with a keen focus on purity, balance, and refinement. This dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of the design and craftsmanship of the GO Bar Kensei, aiming to provide an unparalleled listening experience. Much like a Kensei's blade cuts through the chaos of battle with precision, the GO Bar Kensei aims to cut through the noise of everyday life, revealing the true essence of your music. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to sonic perfection, iFi Audio invites you to immerse yourself in a world where every note, every beat, and every breath is brought to life with clarity and depth. The GO Bar Kensei embodies the spirit of its namesake, offering a transcendent audio experience that transcends the ordinary and delivers the extraordinary. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile seeking sonic purity or a casual listener looking for an escape, the GO Bar Kensei promises to elevate your music to new heights, allowing you to rediscover the essence of your favorite tracks with each listen. It's not just a headphone amplifier; it's a testament to the pursuit of perfection in audio reproduction, a modern-day Kensei in the realm of portable audio.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: we recommend pairing the Go Bar Kensei with the Black Dragon USB Cable. Our Black Dragon USB cable will bring an extraordinary amount of detail and resolution to the GO Bar Kensei. The Black Dragon USB cable is designed to transfer digital audio from your source device (like a computer, phone, tablet, or a digital audio player) to a USB-capable DAC like the Kensei. It is built to USB Audio specs.

Revitalise studio recording sound with legendary K2HD Technology: The iFi GO Bar Kensei is equipped with K2HD Technology, the latest and highest-resolution version of K2 technology. K2 technology restores music data lost during digitalization, bringing your audio closer to the analog master recording quality. It reproduces your music with richness and natural harmonics, adding an organic quality to the sound.

K2HD technology upscales a file to 192kHz/24-bit and applies hand-selected K2 parameters for waveform correction — Which processes the time-domain, not the frequency domain. Through advanced high-frequency range extension and minute signal (Bit) extension, K2HD technology restores natural harmonics and overtones beyond 22kHz, delivering listeners a sound quality that is close to the original master.

Table with Four Columns
Go Bar Kensei GOld Bar - 10th Anniversary Go Bar
Material Japanese Stainless Steel Copper Aluminium Alloy
K2HD Technology Yes No No
Clock Ultra-Low Jitter Standard Low Jitter Standard Low Jitter
Power Supply Enhanced Enhanced Standard
Presentation Engraved Wooden Box Eco-Packaging Eco-Packaging
XBass+XSpace Yes Yes Yes
Digital Filters Yes Yes Yes
iEMatch Yes Yes Yes
Turbo Mode Yes Yes Yes
Headphone Outputs 4.4mm Balanced, 3.5mm S-Bal 4.4mm Balanced, 3.5mm S-Bal 4.4mm Balanced, 3.5mm S-Bal
Power(4.4mm) 475mW @ 32n; 7.2V @ 600n 475mW @ 32n; 7.2V @ 600n 475mW @ 32n; 7.2V @ 600n
Power(3.5mm) 300mW @ 32n; 3.8V @ 600n 300mW @ 32n; 3.8V @ 600n 300mW @ 32n; 3.8V @ 600n

Tailored. Sweet Sound.

Indulge in your music just the way you prefer with four custom digital filters and two analog processing modes, each meticulously designed to elevate your listening experience across a variety of music genres.

  • Bit-Perfect: Delivers natural tones, ideal for all genres.
  • GTO: Enhances sound details and density, particularly suited for Vocal tracks.
  • Minimum Phase: Produces a warmer sound, blending characteristics of Bit-Perfect and Standard, perfect for Soul and Jazz.
  • Standard: Offers a tighter sound with controlled highs, perfect for Pop music and Movie OST.

Advanced chip. Accurate clock.

The GO Bar Kensei's DAC section boasts a robust 16-core XMOS microcontroller, finely tuned by iFi Audio's in-house experts to process incoming audio data from the USB input with unparalleled precision. This optimized firmware seamlessly integrates with the 32-bit Cirrus Logic DAC chipset, delivering exceptional sound quality. A specialized digital filter has been implemented to reduce pre-echoes and ringing artifacts, while their GMT (Global Master Timing) precision clock system guarantees ultra-low jitter for pristine audio reproduction. Furthermore, the GO Bar Kensei supports high-resolution audio formats beyond typical streaming capabilities, ensuring you experience every nuance of your music.

  • PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz
  • ​Native DSD playback up to DSD256
  • ​2x DXD​
  • Full MQA decoding

Compact and Powerful.

The GO Bar Kensei is meticulously crafted from Japanese stainless steel, ensuring optimal rigidity and durability. Its compact dimensions, measuring just 65 x 22 x 13.2 mm, make it comparable in size to a USB flash drive, seamlessly blending into your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you're using it with your mobile device, tablet, or MacBook Pro, the GO Bar Kensei is designed to be the ideal travel companion for headphone enthusiasts. Featuring USB-C connectivity, this device offers plug-and-play convenience, allowing for effortless setup and use. Additionally, with a maximum output power of up to 477mW, the GO Bar Kensei delivers approximately 10 times more power than an iPhone 15*, ensuring a robust and dynamic audio experience.

It incorporates two power tuning technologies: iEMatch for high-sensitivity IEMs, and Turbo mode for power-hungry headphones. This allows it to easily drive a wide range of premium earphones and headphones.

*Compared to iPhone’s USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter.

Cut the Crosstalk.

Connect to the GO bar Kensei via 3.5mm S-Balanced or 4.4mm Balanced headphone outputs. iFi’s exclusive 3.5mm S-Balanced* technology cuts crosstalk and noise by 50% with regular single-ended headphones.

XSpace & XBass+: Designed for headphones, XSpace delivers a spacious sound field as if one was listening to speakers. XBass+ is designed to add back the loss bass response for a more accurate bass reproduction of the original music.

Four Digital Filters Tailored for your Listening Enjoyment: Four digital filters tailor sonic characteristics according to the song. LED shows which filter is selected

  • Bit-Perfect (Blue): No digital filtering for natural tones. Delivers crisp, robust sound, sharp natural tones, and a fuller midrange.
  • GTO (White): Recovers inner resolution and music body. Enhances sound details and density.
  • Minimum Phase (Yellow): More life-like sound, between BP and STD. Offers slow-roll off with minimal pre and post ringing, slight reverberation and a warmer sound.
  • Standard (Red): Taut dynamics with controlled highs.

Two optimized output stages: Turbo Mode (6dB gain boost for power-hungry headphones), iEMatch for sensitive IEMs (cuts back background noise and hiss)

Two Balanced Outputs: 4.4mm balanced output with symmetrical twin-channel output stage, 3.5mm balanced output with iFi S-Balanced technology that cuts crosstalk by 50%


  • Hi-res Audio: 32-bit/384kHz PCM, native DSD and full MQA decoding
  • Featuring JVC's 'K2 HD Technology,' it enhances audio by extending bits, expanding bandwidth, and correcting waveforms, ultimately enhancing audio quality approaching master recordings
  • Four digital filters, XBass+ and XSpace analogue processing modes – tailor sound to suit your music and headphone type
  • Delivers up to 475mW of continuous power
  • With enhanced power and clock circuitry, it surpasses the original GO bar in audio quality
  • iEMatch and Turbo mode – perfect output matching for sensitive or power-hungry headphones
  • 4.4mm balanced output with symmetrical twin-mono output stage
  • Precision-made stainless-steel enclosure for enhanced EMI shielding
  • wooden presentation box

What's in the Box :

  • GO bar Kensei
  • Lightning to USB-C Cable
  • USB-C OTG Cable
  • USB-C to USB-A Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction Card
  • Leather Travel Case