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Find HiFiMan open back over ear headphones.

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Find HiFiMan Amps, Dacs & Docking Stations.

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Find all your HiFiMan earpads & accessories.

HiFiMan makes one of the most anticipated headphones of 2015.

HiFiMan is a leading HiFi personal audio company founded in New York and manufactured in China. HiFiMan makes some of the best headphones and amps for mobile and portable use or home entertainment.

Amazing Performance at Great Value

HiFiMan is one of our favorite headphone brands but is often overlooked in the audiophile community. Proven to be a very innovative and forward thinking company, HiFiMan has broken the mold with new technology that has taken Planar headphones to the next level.

One of the biggest reasons HiFiMan is on our top favorite headphones list is because of their performance value. Over the years HiFiMan has continued to improve upon their planar magnetic technology and has created top of the line headphones at very reasonable prices.

Benefits of Planar Technology

  • Responsiveness

    Since the diaphragm is very light and the force created by the magnetic field is strong, planar magnetic diaphragms move faster and with greater accuracy.

  • Wide Frequency & Low Distortion

    The rapid acceleration of the lightweight diaphragm from the magnetic force results in a wider frequency response and lower distortion.

  • Durability

    Unlike dynamic drivers, planar magnetic transducers have fewer moving parts which means the performance and lifetime of the headphones is extended. Also, heat dissipates because the circuit pattern is spread flat across the diaphragm surface. This allows the current to pass through more efficiently.

  • Easy on Amplifiers

    Planar magnetic headphones employ a serpentine pattern to improve the impedance characteristics making them almost purely resistive. Having a resistive load to amplifiers makes these headphone easy to drive though sometimes needing a bit of voltage to do so.

HiFiMan HE-1000 Announced at CES 2015

Image HiFiMan HE1000 headphones

Since being announced at CES 2015, the HiFiMan HE-1000 has been the most talked about, ask about, and drooled about headphone in audiophile circles. The open back design allows for breathable and spacious sound that seemingly fills the space around you.

HiFiMan has upped the ante with their latest planar magnetic headphone that uses nanometer grade material. What's the big deal about that? A Nanometer-thick diaphragm is extremely high in tenacity and low in mass which guarantees perfect dynamic response. It is so thin it's invisible to the naked eye.

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