CORINA Reference Electrostatic Headphone

MPN: CR001-1

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Rich, natural midrange with powerful bass & non-fatiguing highs. More details

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A New Take on Electrostatic Headphones

Several years after the release of the VOCE, Dan Clark continues to redefine electrostatic headphones with the Corina. The Corina not only lacks the excessive high-end emphasis that can make electrostats sound cold, it incorporates Dan Clark's groundbreaking Advanced Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS). The result is smoother mids and highs and an incredibly lifelike sound. You get the resolution of an electrostatic headphone without any high-end glare or listening fatigue.

 Fun & Natural Sound

With AMTS, the Corina's frequency response is smoother throughout the midrange and high frequencies. In fact, the Corina has the most natural midrange that Dan Clark has ever heard in an electrostatic headphone. From powerful bass to the incredibly rich and well-balanced mids and highs, the Corina delivers an incredibly smooth and lifelike experience.

By reducing the emphasis on higher frequencies typical of many electrostatic headphones, VOCE delivered a new take on the electrostatic headphone could sound. Now, with a wider and deeper soundstage, a stronger bottom end, and a smoother, richer midrange, the Corina delivers a fun yet lifelike tone, with sumptuous vocals, and bass that really kicks. Unlike many electrostatics, Corina is even fun with high-energy and bassy music like electronica and rock.

COINA Electrostatic Headphones by Dan Clark Audio, hanging from a stand on a shelf next to a plant.

Comfort with an Eye-Catching, Industrial Design

With is monochromatic gray design and intriguing carbon fiber grille pattern, the Corina looks both cool and sophisticated. The Corina uses Dan Clark's new self-tensioning headband design from its flagship Stealth and Expanse headphones. This offers an incredibly comfortable and hassle-free fit. The head strap is identical to the one on the Dan Clark Expanse, with the name of the headphone stitched in blue on the top. Paired with updated ear pads and using Dan Clark's signature titanium alloy (NiToNol) "memory metal" headband design, the Corina is both comfortable and durable.

Ear Pad Matching

Dan Clark has developed new ear pads with enhanced ergonomics. The synthetic suede surface of the pads helps to eliminate sweat and “hot spots” against the ears and face.There’s more to ear pads than just their comfort, though. Ear pads can dramatically affect the sound of headphones.

While drivers can be precision matched, ear pads--which involve welding or stitching fabrics and use of foams--have always limited the actual tolerances of the headphone. All Corina new and replacement ear pads are delivered as matched pairs to further tighten the tolerances between the left and right channels and reduce unit-to-unit variances.

COINA Electrostatic Headphones by Dan Clark Audio, hanging from a stand on a shelf next to a plant, top looking down perspective.
COINA Electrostatic Headphones by Dan Clark Audio, hanging from a stand on a shelf next to a plant, with an amplifier on the shelf below.

New Driver Fabrication Process  

To ensure the highest consistency between units, the Corina’s 88mm driver is made with a new tensioning system. This increases diaphragm tension and uniformity of tension for more consistent, better matched drivers. These drivers are then carefully matched to ensure excellent soundstage and imaging.

Made in San Diego with "California Innovation"

Dan Clark Audio, formerly known as MrSpeakers, was founded by Dan Clark in 2012. Headquartered in San Diego, the company is well-known for its open- and closed-back planar magnetic headphones, including the AEON2, ETHER, Expanse, and Stealth. In  2018, the company released its first electrostatic headphone, the VOCE. The VOCE has won numerous "Product of the Year" and "Best Headphone" awards from publications such as  Positive Feedback, The Absolute Sound, Headfonics, and HeadphoneGuru.


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