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Chord Mojo Features

Chord Mojo and Chord Hugo

Chord Mojo portable

Small Footprint = Portable

Mojo is designed and built for smartphones. Works with your iPhone (with Camera Connection Kit + Dragon USB Cable), Android or Windows phone.

The size and design make it comfortable to carry.

Chord Mojo design

Advanced Design

Mojo's ultra-compact design is based on Chord's Hugo, but Mojo uses a new Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA board making Mojo the most advanced DAC on the planet!

Chord Mojo easy

Chord Mojo is Easy

Chord's new Mojo is easy to operate. Mojo is devoid of bewildering number of switch options common on similar DACs.

Chord Mojo Headphones


Pairs with headphones from 4Ω to 800Ω.

Chord Mojo Music Decoding

Music Decoding

Mojo delivers breath-taking realism from digital music files such as: PCM; WAV; AAC; AIFF; MP3 and FLAC. Chord's Mojo works with smartphones and music players such as Astell & Kern's AK380.

Chord Mojo fully automatic

Input selection is automatic

File frequency is shown by an indicator color option on the power switch, from 44.1kHz (red), 48kHz (orange) through a rainbow of colors to bright white for DSD.

Chord Mojo Battery

Battery Life

4 hour charge time to provide up to 10 hours use. Listen to your Mojo while it charges too!

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  7. Apple CCK + Black Dragon USB Cable for Chord Mojo

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  9. Chord Mojo DAC headphone amp

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