Cardas Clear Light Headphone Cable

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Longer lengths available via Special Order. Contact us for more information.

Cardas is proud to introduce the Clear Light Headphone Cable. Clear light is Cardas' least expensive Matched Propagation technology cable.

This cable offers much of the performance advances of a Clear Headphone cable in a more price sensitive package.

The New Clear Light Headphone Cable from Cardas delivers smooth highs, tightens bass, and a wide soundstage.

Much like Clear, Clear Light Headphone is the latest design in matched propagation conductors from George Cardas. Its jacket is an intricate fabric weave that is both silky to the touch but also helps to prevent it from catching on clothing. Important because after all, it is one of the few Cardas products that you wear.

Clear Light Headphone is priced in between the Cardas Cross Headphone cable and the Cardas Clear Headphone cable.

Like Cardas' other headphone products, Clear Light Headphone is available in terminations for Sennheiser 800, 650, and 600, all Audeze, all HiFi Man, and AKG headphones.

All Cards Light Headphone cables are available in balanced, 1/4" phone plug, and 1/8" mini.