Best Headphones for Electronic Music

Best High-End Headphone Setups are Moon Audio's specialty for Audiophiles, Music Lovers, Audio Engineers and the like...

One of Drew's favorites these days includes the Audeze LCD-X headphones and the NEW Black Dragon V2 Premium Headphone Cable for Audeze.  They are a PHENOMENAL combination if you LOVE listening to Electronic, House or Techno music.

3 main reasons they pair well together...

1. Together the pair has STRONG authoritative bass and does not sound bloated at all.

2. Wonderful spatial presentation.

3. A very musical sound signature.

* This does not mean these headphones are not good for other genres of music, they are EXCELLENT headphones for a WIDE variety of musical genres.  However, if you are into Electronic, these two are a special combination together!

What's your favorite headphone setup for Electronic music?

Moon Audio loves to hear from fellow Audiophiles, Fans, and Music Lovers… please drop a comment below…

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