Behind the Scenes

The Dark Side of Moon Audio

Moon Audio does ONE thing

We make audio cables in our Cary, North Carolina headquarters. Many sound engineers and musicians you love use our cables because they hear the music they created. Our Silver, Black and Blue Dragon audio cables shorten the distance from their guitars, voices, instruments, and mixing boards to your ears.

Quality matters.

We collaborate on and sell some of the best headphones and earphones in the world as a means to our greater end - shortening the distance between the music and bands you love and your ears. Electronics companies and headphone manufacturers work hard to create a signature sound. The audio cable is a necessary evil for most manufacturers.

We Love Audio Cables.

Audio cables are our obsession, passion and life. We handcraft every Dragon audio cable in North Carolina with a simple mission - help your headphones & earphones sound AMAZING. We are proud of the craftspeople who make our cables.

The story their craft creates explains more about our company than we can write. We hope you enjoy peeking behind the curtain as Dragons are born.

Behind the Scenes

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