The Best of the Best of the Best Headphones

Are you looking for the best headphones? The perfect fit, the perfect seal, the perfect sound? Do you want to hear your music as you've never heard it before? These flagship headphones take your music to new sonic heights, letting you experience your favorite tunes with a brand-new set of emotions. If you want some of the best of the best and hear your music like never before, then you can't go wrong with these recommendations. No matter what audio system you’re listening to, these headphones will make your vinyl records or digital audio unbelievably dynamic and immersive.

Meze Audio Elite Headphones

Warm and musical sound with a forward & immersive quality.

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Focal Utopia 2022 Headphones

One-of-a-kind combination of detail, warmth & musicality.

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Audeze LCD-5 Headphones

Neutral, mid-forward sound; vocals have breathtaking clarity.

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You already know the importance that music plays in your life. It's just as much a lifeline as the air you breathe. You want the best of the best, and audiophile-grade gear brings out the very best qualities in your favorite music. No matter what genre of music you like to listen to, you'll hear the clearest details, amazing transparency, tonal balance, and things you've never heard before in lesser-quality products. Don't settle for anything less than the best.

The Focal Utopia with Black Dragon cable provides a huge sound and impactful performances for all your rock music.

The Meze Empyrean with Silver Dragon cable gives you end-game sound for all your favorite classical recordings.

The HIFIMAN R10P with Black Dragon cable is about as good as it gets for the most dynamic and intimate jazz music.

The Focal Stellia with Black Dragon cable provides incredible energy for every pop song or live recording out there.

The Sony MDR-Z1R with Black Dragon cable makes you feel every beat, every impact, and puts you "inside the action" of your music.

The Audeze LCD-5 with Silver Dragon cable is an incredible expressive combo, making your favorite music come alive.

Audio Cables

Bluetooth has a time and a place. But you’re an enthusiast. You want the best in audio formats, inputs, outputs, DACs, converters, and of course overall fidelity. Well, you can’t beat the tried and true cable. It’s one of the most important things that directly affects the fidelity of your audio from source to output. Our Dragon Cables bring out the best in your music. Do you already have flagship-level headphones or gear? Take them to the next level with custom cable geometries that are designed to deliver desired properties in your music. It's easy to make your best headphones even better - our Silver Dragon cables bring out more details and increase soundstage. Our Black Dragon cables provide more low-end resolution and a smoother presentation. We can create any cable to your exact specifications - so let us help you fall in love with your music all over again.

Silver Dragon Headphone Cable - Universal

Our flagship cable. The ultimate in clarity, resolution, and soundstage. 99.99998% pure silver.

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Bronze Dragon Interconnect

Our top-of-the-line copper interconnect. Balanced and musical with great bass control.

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Silver Dragon Network Cable

When Audio and Video data transmission cannot be compromised.

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Music Players, DACs and Audio Gear

Audiophile-grade gear is the ultimate experience in premium, high-end sound preproduction. You'll get unmatched fidelity to hear every detail, every dynamic, expression, and emotion in your music, making you feel as though you're actually there. Put yourself in the front row of your own concert, and get goosebumps like you were listening to it for the first time - every time. Whether in your listening room or home theater, the audio files and waveforms making their way to your ears, are an experience you’ve invested in. You expect top-level performance, analog or digital doesn’t matter because it all sounds good if it’s hi-fi.

Warwick Acoustics Aperio Headphone System

A completely unmatched hi-fi system - exquisitely detailed with a neutral and transparent sound.

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dCS LINA Full System

A dedicated Network DAC, Headphone Amp, and Master Clock, Lina is the first dCS system purpose-built for headphone listening.

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Chord Electronics DAVE DAC Preamp Amplifier

Chord's flagship DAC, a true reference-level product, and loaded with the latest-generation FPGA technology.

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