HE-R10P Planar Closed-Back Headphones


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Warm & smooth with punchy bass; option for wireless use. More details

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The HiFiMan HE-R10P is the planar magnetic variant of the HiFiMan HE-R10 series. The closed-back headphone is a welcome addition to the HiFiMan family, who has produced many successful open-back headphones. Driver-wise the HE-R10P uses a nanometer-thickness diaphragm and a double-sided stealth magnet design seen in several HiFiMan headphones. The HE-R10P sports one of HiFiMan's technological innovations, the BlueMini Bluetooth Adapter, so you can enjoy HiFi listening untethered.

The HiFiMan HE-R10P has a warm-leaning, smooth, and mid-centric sound signature. The bass is incredibly punchy for a planar magnetic headphone, and the closed wooden ear cups help lower frequencies stay tight and immediate. The midrange is musically rich and the vocals are natural and refreshing. You can expect impressive clarity, with a wide soundstage, and a slight emphasis on the upper treble range.

With its 30 ohm impedance and 100dB, the HE-R10P is easy to drive, but like with all planar magnetic headphones, it can benefit from a really good amplifier to improve its performance. The HiFiMa HE-R10P is the perfect headphone for those wanting longer listening sessions but don't want to sacrifice driver size or overall punch in fidelity.

True Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm

  • Sub-micro thickness coating
  • Nano-thickness diaphragm

Dragon Cable Recommendation for Optimal Sound Quality

Bluetooth Connection via BlueMini

Through the development of HiFiMan's BlueMini Bluetooth Adapter, transmitting audio wirelessly is a reality with the HE-R10P. The BlueMini Bluetooth Adapter connects to the underside of the left ear cup, giving you the option to transmit audio via Bluetooth or USB-C. There is a single pairing button on the BlueMini, a USB-C port, and a status LED. You can enjoy up to 10 hours of hands-free listening, depending on the codec, with a variety of HD Bluetooth protocols including LDAC, FLAC, aptX HD, aptX, AAC, and SBC.

HE-R10 CNC wooden cups

High-End Design for a High-End Headphone

Aesthetically, the HiFiMan HE-R10P bears a lot of similarities to its sibling, the HE-R10D. Large wooden ear cups, made through CNC carving, bring sufficient volume and "breathing room" to the powerful planar magnetic driver.

The HE-R10P's large headband evenly distributes weight and lifts pressure off the ear cups. HiFiMan's tranquility ear pads feature high-quality leather on the outside, which uses a ring-shaped inner surface to absorb sound and prevent sound leakage through the sides of the ear pad. The closed-back headphone is both lightweight and strong and designed to convey detail and musicality that is on an entirely new level of premium HiFi headphones.

Range of Connector Options

HiFiMan includes three different headphone cables with the HE-R10P. The cables feature a newly designed, single-crystal, copper silver-plated structure. The combination of a high number of strands and the ratio of various ingredients ensure a low signal loss. You'll find a balanced XLR to 3.5mm cable, an unbalanced 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, and an unbalanced quarter-inch to 3.5mm cable. The headphones themselves are single entry on the left ear cup.

  • 3.5mm/ 1.5m
  • XLR balanced/ 3m
  • ¼" (6.35mm)/ 3m

Input Options

Wired:Traditional wired balanced 3.5mm input with 3.5mm to 6.35mm connector
Blue Mini(OPTIONAL): Bluetooth
USB:USB DAC via USB-C cable

What's In The Box?

  • HiFiMan HE-R10P Headphone
  • BlueMini Bluetooth Adapter
  • 3.5mm Unbalanced Cable (1.5m)
  • XLR Balanced Cable (3m)
  • 1/4" Unbalanced Cable (3m)
  • Manual (Hardback)
Wooden Cups Breakdown

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Technical Features

Open vs. Closed:
Frequency Response:
Stock Cable:
3.5mm/ 1.5m
XLR balanced/ 3m
¼" (6.35mm)/ 3m

Bluemini (Optional) Features

Frequency Response:
AMP Output in fact: 230mw
AMP Output in theory:
<0.1% @1W/1KHz
Battery Life:
7-10 Hours
Bluetooth Codecs:
LDAC, aptx-HD, aptx, AAC, SBC
Bluetoon/USB Type-C