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Your headphones play a big, if not the biggest role in your music listening experience. You want a pair of headphones that will compliment your favorite music and the right pair of headphones will enhance all your favorite qualities in a song. As someone with a curiosity for gadgets and an innovative mindset, you want a headphone that sports the latest and greatest next-level technology. Maybe that’s a wireless headphone with multiple connectivity points and the functionality for hands-free listening or a pair of noise-canceling headphones so you can enjoy your favorite podcasts uninterrupted.

Audio Technica ATH-WB2022 Wireless Wooden Headphones

Luxury headphones pushing the boundaries of Wireless Headphone Technology.

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Audeze Maxwell Wireless Gaming Headphones

Neutral sound with a fun flair; realistic and ultra-immersive gamer experience.

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Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Closed Portable Headphones

Supremely comfortable with a smooth, neutral-warm sound.

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We have headphones tuned specifically for the genres you listen to the most — be it Rock 'n' Roll and Blues, Classical, Jazz, Pop, or EDM. These genres really impact the way you feel, enjoy, and listen to your music and we would love to help guide you to your best listening experience. Select the headphones/genre combination that fits your music taste and start your journey toward better sound today!

The Audeze LCD-XC headphones with our Black Dragon Premium cable provide a fast, accurate, and dynamic presentation of all the best Rock 'n' Roll hits.

Enjoy every detail and nuance of Classical with the Denon AH-D7200 headphones and our Black Dragon Premium cable.

Relax and unwind to the intimate and realistic sound the Sennheiser HD 800S headphones with our Black Dragon Universal headphone cable bring to Jazz.

The HiFiMan Edition XS headphones with our Black Dragon Premium cable provide the right amount of energy and warmth to spice up any funky pop melody.

The Focal Clear MG headphones with our Silver Dragon Premium cable provide the breathtaking clarity and crispness you need to enjoy the acoustic arrangements of the best Americana and songs.

The Focal Celestee headphones with our Silver Dragon Premium reveal the emotion behind every pluck, guitar strum, and acoustic melody.

Audio Cables

Our Dragon Cables aim to bring out more of what you love in your music and audio gear. From an IEM cable to upgrade your portable gaming experience, to a USB cable to hook up your desktop DAC to your new computer — The right cable can be a game changer. We handcraft custom options daily here in our Cary, NC headquarters so you can get the right cable for your exact needs.

Black Dragon IEM Cable V2

The detail and resolution of the Silver Dragon meets the body and warmth of the Bronze Dragon.

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Silver Dragon USB Cable

Best digital audio transmission for more detail and resolution from your computer to a USB DAC

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Black Dragon Portable Headphone Cable

Warm, smooth, musical, immersive "I'm there" sound on the go.

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Music Players, DACs and Audio Gear

Whether you're ready to splurge and build your dream home audio system or ditch your iPhone and upgrade your portable audio game, the right piece of gear will complement and enhance your listening sessions. There is no shortage of the best innovative gear that will enhance your music listening experience with headphones. High-end DACS, amplifiers, and audio gear are what we enjoy and listen to daily, so we recommend these four audio devices to start your journey toward better sound.

ifi xDSD Gryphon Headphone Amp DAC

Powerful and pocket-sized DAC/amp with a clear, balanced sound.

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Sony zx707 Walkman DAP Music Player

Stream in style and enjoy warm, rich, and clearer sound on the go.

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Matrix Audio Element M2 Hi-Res Music Streamer

Compact full-featured stand-alone source brings your two-channel system into the world of hi-res streaming.

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