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Silver Dragon Premium Cable for HE1000 Headphones V3


Moon Audio

Moon Audio

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NEW The Silver Dragon Premium Cable for HE-1000 headphones V3 is a Premium version of our award winning Silver Dragon.

Made specifically for the HE-1000 Planar Magnetic headphones, it is our Top of the Line headphone cable. It can improve the listening enjoyment of most high end headphones and it has lots of detail, great energy, a fantastic soundstage with lots of air.

This cable is also excellent for Audeze headphones which are also planar magnetic. You can see the Premium Audeze version here.

The Silver Dragon Headphone Cable Version 3 (V3) is our Top of the Line Headphone Cable.  It is a silver conductor based cable and it uses 4 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors. 


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This Premium cable is excellent for the HiFiMan HE-1000 headphones and includes premium Furutech Rhodium Connectors to enhance the look, feel and listening pleasure of all your hifi music sessions. Higher grade Silver Solder is used and all connectors are treated.

The difference between the Standard Silver Dragon and the Premium Silver Dragon are the connectors used on each end and a harder to work with higher silver yield solder. The wire is identical. When you are trying to squeeze out every last percentage point of performance, the Premium version makes sense. The Furutech Top Line connectors are quite simply the best made. And every point of signal saturation will make a difference. Is there a night and day difference between the sound quality of the standard and premium? No. Is the Premium the best of the best? Yes. These cables are meant for the cream of the crop headphones where every little thing makes a difference in terms of bring you closer to audio nirvana.

"The...Silver Dragon cables…brought me closer to the music…to what I hear in live performances...The air and separation of the musicians and instruments were more noticeable. Vocals became crisper and the transparency increased...I forgot about the cables and just enjoyed the music," Frank Iacone, Positive Feedback, Issue 73, May/June 2014

Moon Audio has improved the conductor properties on the Silver Dragon Headphone Cable V3 over the previous Version 2 as these conductors are free from impurities and have virtually no crystal boundaries. The conductors have almost no distortion compared to ordinary silver conductors. The previous version used 4 x 99.998% Ultra Pure Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors. Therefore, we have stepped up the purity to the purist available by today's technology. The Silver Dragon Headphone Cable Version 3 (V3) uses 4 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors. 

Each conductor is made up of a special varying sized stranded geometry. The silver stranding's are mixed with Kevlar standing's to reinforce the conductor making it stronger overall and less prone to failure due to the harsh constant flexing that headphone cable experience.

Each conductor is encapsulated in a Teflon casing. The conductors are then surrounded by cotton and a thin layer of Aluminum Foil.

It is then protected by a 100% coverage silver plated copper secondary shield and placed in a polyethylene jacket for further protection. To improve it's flexibility, we are no longer using a Techflex jacketing as we did with our previous versions.

For the Silver Dragon V3 Premium version, we are using the Furutech FT-610 connector. Furutech’s beautifully finished, beautiful sounding CF-H800 connectors are the result of meticulous engineering and careful audition of various suitable materials. The FT-610 features an α (Alpha) phosphor bronze conductor and Nylon+Fiberglass 15% insulation for minimal impedance and a nonmagnetic stainless and carbon fiber finished main body and nonmagnetic stainless end ring for superior damping. The Pins are Nonmagnetic Rhodium-plated α (Alpha) Phosphor bronze conductors.

The wire is soldered to the connector with high quality silver solder. The default 1/4" Plug is the new Furutech CF-763. Furutech’s beautifully finished, beautiful sounding CF-763 connectors are the result of meticulous engineering and careful audition of various suitable materials. The CF-763 features an Nonmagnetic Rhodium-plated α (Alpha) phosphor bronze conductor and Fluoropolymer insulation for minimal impedance and a nonmagnetic stainless and carbon fiber finished housing for superior damping.

For XLR connections there are 2 choices. The FP-601M(R) XLR which uses a Beryllium copper and phosphor bronze α (Alpha) Conductor: the body is a Copper alloy with PVDF Fluoropolymer insulation. The second choice is the top of the line CF-601M(R)XLR which utilizes an α (Alpha) Beryllium copper and phosphor bronze Rhodium-plated Conductor with Carbon fiber and nonmagnetic stainless steel housing. The Body is PVDF Fluoropolymer insulation with a Specially designed cable strain relief.


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the BIG pictureReview by eclairdelune
My first reaction to listening to favorite tracks with HE 1000's and these Silver Dragons was bewilderment - where exactly was all this extra music coming from? Had some wires got crossed somewhere? Was everything plugged in properly? Then gradually it dawned on me that what had previously been buried deep within the sonic envelope was now being revealed in glorious, pristine clarity.

The difference between the Silver Dragons and the stock cable is NOT subtle. An analogy that comes to mind is walking outdoors and lifting the beanie off the ears- suddenly a whole world of distant sounds comes in - birdsong, leaf rustle, snails munching(!). In short, the Silver Dragons deliver in spades. What is most likeable about them is how they show the HiFiMan HE 1000 to be the remarkable design it really is. Recorded music no longer seems constrained in any way.

Whilst my system could be considered an ultimate reference (the headphone amp is a Goldmund Telos), it does provide an opportunity for a prolonged, exacting test. Consequently I am glad to say that not only was my (considerable) investment not wasted, it repays me handsomely each time I delve into my music collection.
(Posted on 3/1/2017)
Solves A Critical HE-1000 ProblemReview by reeltime
What this cable does is clear up a nagging issue with the HE-1000 sound signature.

The HE-1000 has an issue in the upper-mid frequency range that causes snare drums to lack impact when using the stock cable. Songs where a snare figures prominently are under-represented in the mix because the leading edge of the snare's wave for some reason wasn't sharp.

This cable corrected that issue and rights the snare in the mix. I'm not a cable-head but this is one situation where a cable made a major improvement. (Posted on 3/6/2016)
Excellent product.Review by Tom
I'm on my second set of Silver Dragons.

Very happy with their performance on both pair of cans (Hifiman HE560 & HE1000) !!!!!! (Posted on 2/9/2016)
Indispensable for the HE-1000Review by KT
The improvement over the stock HE-1000 cable was striking upon first comparison. A major step towards realism. Allows the strengths of the HE-1000's to shine through. Everything sounds immediately more wholesome, dynamic and expressive.

Lets the natural treble colour, space and air of instruments shine through. Such cabling is indispensable to hear what the HE-1000 can truly do, as well as other fine components upstream. (Posted on 8/24/2015)
Essential upgrade for the HE-1000Review by HE-1000 User
Stunning improvements upon upgrading from stock HE-1000 cables to the Silver Dragon.

Vocals & instruments are more real and palpable. Music making comes alive with more subtlety, expression & colour.

The presentation has a great deal more clarity, depth , and dimensionality. Silver Dragons reveal the great heights to which the HE-1000 can scale. (Posted on 8/3/2015)
Superlative upgradeReview by Dragon's Fire
This is my second purchase of a Silver Dragon cable, the first being for the Audeze LCD-3. In both cases the build quality is second to none, with noticeable improvements in sound quality.

The Silver Dragon's positive impact is greatest in the HE-1000's case, due to the relative inflexibility of the stock 1/4" cable. Keep up the great work :-) (Posted on 7/28/2015)

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