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Dual Power Supply Digital to Analog Converter With MQA & DSD Support

Donald DAC is a new HiFi music device featuring the latest advancements in performance audio hardware and software, all designed to deliver the highest quality listening experience in both portable and desktop settings. With matched analog output up to 32bit/384kHz, as well as full DSD 256 via Dop DSD support. The Donald DAC allows for seamless control over digital file conversion and sound level consistency. For those seeking to explore their collection MQA files, our patented processor enables rapid full quality playback for an uncompromising listening experience.

Main Features

  • Small size and attractive design
  • Cirrus Logic CS43198 DAC
  • Full format support, including PCM, DSD & MQA
  • Complete and accurate sound
  • Ability to add external power without noise
  • Powerful internal amplification
  • Desktop mounting stand
  • Quality workmanship made in Europe


Despite its small size, the Donald DAC is designed to provide a powerful audio experience while featuring an attractive and streamlined physical appearance. The body of the device is made of metal for supreme durability, with high-gloss plastic enhancing the end caps and trimmed frames. Although it can be mounted horizontally at the user’s preference, the Donald DAC is designed to stand upright, as evidenced by the inscriptions on the unit and the mounting stand that comes standard with every package. With a detailed construction manufactured to the highest standards in a European factory, Donald DAC's build quality exceeds the standards of its price range and ensures a timeless design built for years of functional use.

An increasingly popular USB-C port is used for both computer/device connection and charging, with analog audio output handled via standard RCA.

The inside of the device is filled with a printed circuit board, featuring a XMOS 200 series USB controller and a 32-bit CS43198 DAC Chip of the American company Cirrus Logic for digital to analog conversion.

Supported Formats

The Donald DAC accepts a full suite of supported digital audio formats, including PCM resolutions up to 384 kHz and 32 bits, DSD resolutions up to 11.2 megahertz (DSD256), DXD (352.8 kHz / 24-bit), and the increasingly popular MQA codec.


The most important feature of the device is its ability to provide clear and full-spectrum audio conversion. Donald DAC uses the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions in its construction, all of which come together to provide a natural and detailed listening experience.

The mid and high range frequencies beautifully complement the lowest tones, with consistent balance across all spectrums, resulting in a comprehensive sound image without the impression of any “missing” aspects of the music. The tones are displayed directly and without beautification, so whatever device you choose to use will be reflected accurately as intended by the designer.

Donald DAC shines through with excellent separation and pronounced stereo effect, while keeping all frequencies balanced during complex listening sessions.

Dual Power Supply Option

Donald DAC can be powered either directly from your device (i.e. Computer), or in combination with an external source. By combining with external power, the sound will enjoy even better definition, with more vivid & sparkling tones present throughout the range. The color and discreet overlays between the tones will become more pronounced, and the feel of the sound will become more powerful and energetic. The device features an indicator light to quickly reference which power source is being utilized, illuminating blue for computer/device power and red for the presence of external power.


Headfonics 2020 Bang for the Buck Award

Press and Reviews

Headfonia Review

by Lieven
Apr. 2020

Headfonia Review

by Michael
May 2020


Technical Features

Supported formats
PCM 384kHz/32bit
MQA Rendering
32 bit Cirrus Logic CS 43198
XMos 2XX
USB-C - DATA/Power Supply
USB-C - External Power Supply
Dimensions (LxHxW)
(114 x 80 x 59mm)



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