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Poly Wireless Streaming Module for Mojo

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Turn your Mojo 2 into a fully functional music server and streamer. More details

Chord Poly Discussion at LAAS 2017 | Moon Audio

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Chord Electronics Poly is a music streaming module designed to work in conjunction with the Chord Electronics Mojo DAC/Headphone Amplifier. The Chord Poly is a compact and versatile device that adds several streaming and connectivity options to your audio setup. Note that The Chord Poly ships now with the latest firmware upgrades/updates. Here are some key features and functions of the Chord Poly:

Wireless Streaming: The Chord Poly connects wirelessly to your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This allows you to stream music wirelessly from your device to your audio system.

MicroSD Card Playback: The Poly has a microSD card slot, which means you can load your music collection onto a microSD card and play it directly through the Poly without needing to connect to a separate device.

High-Resolution Audio Support: It supports high-resolution audio formats, ensuring that you can enjoy your music in the best possible quality.

Roon Ready: Chord Poly is Roon Ready, meaning it can be integrated into a Roon music management and playback system. Roon is a popular software platform for organizing and streaming high-quality music.

DLNA and AirPlay Support: The Chord Poly can act as a DLNA renderer, allowing you to stream music from compatible networked devices. It also supports Apple AirPlay for streaming from Apple devices.

Chord Gofigure App: To configure and control the Chord Poly, Chord Electronics provides the Gofigure app, available for both iOS and Android devices. This app allows you to set up your network connections, access playback controls, and manage settings.

Battery Operation: The Poly has an internal battery, which can provide portable operation. When connected to a Chord Mojo, it essentially turns the combination into a portable high-quality music player and streamer.

Advanced Playback Options: The Chord Poly offers various playback modes and options, including gapless playback, playlist support, and more.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: The Silver Dragon USB Cable is our best-selling cable at Moon Audio and the perfect companion for the Chord Poly and Mojo or Mojo 2. The Silver Dragon USB transfers digital audio from a computer or portable device such as a Phone, Tablet, or DAP (digital audio player) to a USB-capable DAC. It can also double as a quality charging cable.

The innovative team at Chord Electronics is changing our portable listening experiences with the new Chord Poly. When connected to the Chord Mojo digital-to-analog converter (DAC) the Poly is a high-resolution wireless network music player, streamer, SD card playback device with high-resolution wireless playback controlled by your smartphone. The Chord Electronic Poly wireless streaming module is made to connect with the Chord Mojo and Chord Mojo 2. Chord is committed to mobile high-fidelity and considers smartphone mobile music the future of music streaming.

Before the existence of the Poly, sending high-resolution music files to high-end headphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs) was difficult. You don't want massive music files clogging up your limited smartphone storage space and memory? No worries - Chord Poly to the rescue!

The Chord Poly fits seamlessly with the Chord Mojo and Mojo 2 DAC and headphone amplifier. “A fully-fledged high-resolution wireless network music player, streamer and SD card playback device (music server) with wireless playback and control from smartphones,” is how Chord Electronics explains their unique and highly portable Poly.

Compatible with the Chord Mojo and Mojo 2

About the Chord Mojo 2: The Chord Mojo 2 is the most advanced DAC/headphone amplifier in the world. It plays your favorite music with class-leading detail and clarity, right up to studio-grade levels. The Mojo 2 builds upon the original Mojo by Rob Watts and makes some substantial improvements in the overall functionality of the portable DAC. The new Mojo retains a lot of what made the Mojo 1 popular: dual headphone jacks, amazing build quality, control spheres, great battery life, and a soundstage and tone that few could compete with. The Chord Electronics Mojo 2 adds additional functionality, including enhanced tone controls, a revamped menu system, high-end sound specs, and low and high gain volume control. The Mojo 2 is the perfect portable DAC amp for almost every headphone and IEM on the market.

The Chord Electronics Mojo 2 is the new king of portable DAC Amps that every audiophile should have in their system. It improves on the original in every way possible. Easily improve the sound fidelity from streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz, the Mojo 2’s tone control can make lossy and lossless audio sound much better than your consumer-grade devices. Chord’s internal noise-shaper allows the EQ to work linearly below 104 bits, and the more extensive controls allow for much more nuancing of treble, high treble, mids, and lows than before. Battery management has improved with the new desktop mode. The Mojo was already the best. Now it’s just better.

The Chord Mojo + Poly = Make Your Phone Audiophile-Approved

The Chord Poly combined with the Mojo or Mojo 2 are like peas and carrots. When paired together, the Mojo and Poly bundle create an all-in-one high-resolution audio player, streamer, and server. It's easily pairs with your phone, iPad, or Android-enabled device for complete control over your music - selecting your music, adjusting the EQ, choosing filters, sound improvements, and more.

There's hardly a more beautiful example of building a digital music device to connect, enliven, and extend mobile music. Chord's Poly music streamer illustrates several audio gear trends that are likely to continue, including:

  • Seamless construction and compatibility between products (Mojo + Poly) and components to connect and extend existing gear
  • Use OPP (Other People’s Platforms) - Create components with smartphones in mind
  • Portability - Chord’s Mojo, Mojo 2, and Poly fit into pockets and are easily mobile
  • Networks and Hubs - Poly stores, streams and plays beautiful music without wires or smartphone storage or performance limitations
  • Mobile High Fidelity - Chord Poly Micro SD Card and massive Wifi bandwidth means sound quality won’t suffer when you’re listening on the road
  • Streaming Hi-Res - We’re moving from the wonder of portable music to the desire for better sounding mobile music and Mojo + Poly delivers a timely treat at or away from home
Chord Poly Wireless Streaming Module for Mojo

Chord Poly Wireless Musical PC In Your Pocket

The Chord Poly combines a “condensed high-level PC, data server, DLNA receiver, Wi-Fi hub, Bluetooth module and SD card reader/player functionality with highly sophisticated software” says Chord Electronics. We believe in and trust Chord Electronics.

The Kent, England based audio gear innovators have earned our trust, support, and respect with innovations such as the Hugo (and now the Hugo 2), the Chord Mojo (and now the Mojo 2) and the Mojo + Poly bundle. Chord Electronics' commitment to portable high-fidelity listening is unmatched and inspirational.

Moon Audio is the creator of award-winning Dragon Audio Cables, which help some of the best headphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs) sound better. We have countless customers and experts who confirm that we are achieving our "better sound" mission. Since Chord's Mojo, Mojo 2, and Poly enable wireless audio playback from smartphones, removing the wired link between the phone and DAC amp - you might think this would be a problem for us.

Far from it! Many of our customers lose that tiny USB cable that connects their phone or tablet to the Mojo, so one less cable to lose is a good thing! When listening to high-end headphones like the Focal Utopia, Hifiman HE1000 V2, or the Shure KSE1500s headphones, audio cables still provide the best listening experience. We know many of our customers will love the wireless connection between their smartphone and the Mojo or Mojo 2 thanks to the Poly. You'll still be using the Dragon Cable from the Mojo DAC to your headphones to get the very best direct connection for sound quality. You can be assured that the wireless connection from the phone to the Poly will remain strong and perform well for wireless high-resolution audio transfers.

Chord Poly How It Works

Poly Features:

Poly can access music by streaming over Wi-Fi, network storage devices, and collections stored on SD cards making it the perfect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hub.

Bluetooth connectivity and AirPlay functionality makes it easy to control everything from your Android or iOS device. Poly is compatible with the latest high-resolution audio file types and supports PCM files up to 768kHz resolution and DSD64 to DSD512.

The rechargeable LiPo battery gives around 9 hours playback. Both Mojo and Poly can be charged simultaneously.

Chord Poly 9 Hour Battery Life

9 Hour Battery Life

Chord Poly Bluetooth A2DP Connectivity

Bluetooth A2DP Connectivity

Chord Poly WiFi 2.4gHz Connectivity

WiFi 2.4gHz Connectivity

Chord Poly Airplay Connectivity

Airplay Connectivity

Chord Poly Micro SD Card Storage

Micro SD Card Storage (MPD)

Chord Poly Roon Ready

Roon Ready

Chord Poly DLNA Compatible

DLNA Compatible

Chord Poly Supports up to 768kHz

Supports up to 768kHz

Chord Poly DSD512 Capable

DSD512 (8x) Capable

Chord Poly DSD via DoP

DSD via DoP

Chord Mojo Poly Docked

Poly is based on a condensed high-level PC featuring:

  • 9 Hour Battery Life
  • Bluetooth A2DP Connectivity
  • WiFi 2.4gHz Connectivity
  • Airplay Connectivity
  • Micro SD Card Storage (MPD)
  • Roon Ready
  • DNLA Compatible
  • Supports up to 768kHz
  • DSD512 (8x) Capable
  • DSD via DoP
  1. Please read the manual carefully.
  2. Please re-read the manual.
  3. Poly needs to be fully charged before you use it.
  4. Poly charges best when connected to a charger which outputs 2 Amps or more. Many common chargers, ie. standard 5V USB mobile phone chargers and USB outputs on typical PCs only output 1 Amp. But iPad 10 and 12watt and some Android Tablet chargers are 2 Amps. Poly will charge fine with 1 Amp devices but it will take twice as long to charge. If charging Poly the first time on a 1 Amp device please allow Poly to charge for 10 hours.
  5. Poly is only compatible with 2.4ghz networks. (Mesh networks should detect this)
  6. You need to know the name and password for your network.
  7. When in setup you will be asked for the SSID this is the name of your WiFi network.
  8. You must type into all three fields in the setup menu. “Name” “SSID” “Password” If you do not it will not connect to a network. It may look like the name field is already filled in but it's not.
  9. You cannot connect to Bluetooth while Poly is in Access Point Mode. This means you need to connect Poly to a WiFi network before configuring it for Bluetooth.
  10. Micro SD cards should be formatted in ExFAT (FAT32 may work but not recommended)
  11. The GoFigure setup app is not available yet. It is waiting for Apple approval and this should happen by the end of November.
  12. Apps:
    • For iOS UPnP/DLNA control and playback we recommend using 8Player (the paid version)
    • For Android UPnP/DLNA control and playback we recommend using BubbleUPnP (paid version)
    • For Computer control and playback use Roon. Note: Poly is not a Roon Core.
    • MPD playback and control for iOS and Android. Soundirok.
    • Another option for Android only is M.A.L.P
  13. To use the Micro SD card feature you must use either 8Player or BubbleUPnP
  14. Hotspot feature is not available yet.
  15. Mobile Hotspot feature on your Mobile device may require contacting wireless provider for activation.
  16. In addition to solid network infrastructure, Customers need a fair bit of networking experience to use this product, it requires patience and is not plug and play.


Does the Poly work with the Mojo 2?

Yes the original Poly still works with the Mojo 2!

What Size MicroSD does the Poly Support?

The Poly supports up to a 1TB MicroSD card.

Is the Poly Compatible with Roon?

Yes, the Poly is Roon ready making it very easy to set up and use in a Roon system.

What Poly Firmware is needed to work with the Mojo 2?

The Poly needs to be firmware 3.0 to work well with the Mojo 2.

Does the Poly ship with firmware 3.0?

At this time, every Poly we sell is updated with the latest firmware before it ships out.

How to Update my Poly’s firmware?

Once you connect your Poly to your Smartphone via the GoFigure App you will be able to access all sorts of features on the Poly itself. Add a local network to the Poly and then you will be able to check for and install updates all through the GoFigure App.

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  • 1-Year Warranty

Product Details

Poly is high-resolution audio-compatible, with support for the latest studio-quality files; PCM data up to 768kHz resolution and DSD64 to DSD256 (Quad-DSD). Supported file types include ACC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG VORBIS, ALAC, WMA and MP3.

Poly offers over-the-air updates, keeping the unit up-to-date with the latest firmware. Future updates will include Native Spotify and Tidal integration and a forthcoming Poly app, GoFigure, will assist with initial network set-up and device configuration settings.

Like Mojo, Poly proudly uses British design and technology and is also made in Britain. It’s precision CNC-machined from solid aluminum billet with black anodization and laser-ablated logos. A high-quality Mojo/Poly protective leather case is available separately.

  • Precision-machined aluminum casing with black anodization, opaque black wireless signal window, and silicone feet
  • Optional protective leather case available
  • Battery: Rechargeable LiPo (Lithium Polymer) 2200mAh; play time: 9+ hours
  • Four-hour charging with 2-amp Micro USB input.
  • Both Mojo and Poly can be simultaneously charged via Poly’s fast-charging Micro USB circuit
  • Connectivity types: Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (for optimum stability)
  • Storage: Micro SD unlimited maximum capacity, playback using MPD/DLNA apps plus SD playback over Bluetooth if Wi-Fi is absent
  • Playback support: DNLA, AirPlay, Bluetooth 4.1 and ROON ready
  • Files supported: all major file types including ACC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG VORBIS, ALAC, WMA and MP3
  • PCM sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 358.8kHz, 384kHz,717.6kHz and 768kHz
  • DSD via DoP sample rates: DSD64 – DSD256 (Quad-DSD); DSD from SD card
  • Devices supported iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, Windows and Mac OS X computers and DAPs (Astell & Kern etc)
  • Dimensions: 50mm (L) x 62mm (W) x 22mm (H)
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Hotspot mode: Poly can create its own hotspot where networks/devices/countries don’t support tethering
  • Integrated Access Point: allows configuration of connected networks (up to 32)
  • Bit-perfect audio
  • DLNA server and renderer (SD card); SMB Server (SD card); MPD player (SD Card)