Silver Dragon Toslink Digital Cable

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This is our Silver Dragon Toslink Cable. This digital toslink cable has the bandwidth to deliver up to 24bit/192k resolution as well as DSD signals.

2 versions are available:

  • Standard Toslink
  • Mini Toslink (for Apple computers)

The Silver Dragon Digital Toslink Cable includes: Gold Plated metal ends, metal ferrule protects fiber (it's not plastic like all the others) and its Fiber covered with 2 outer jackets (this is to prevent kinking).

The finest plastic fiber available and it is a utilizing 1300 core optical fiber.

It has a Metal Backshell with Highly polished ends and its extremely flexible with a bend radius of 17mm or greater.

Connection loss <.05dB and applications include:

Dolby Digital (Dolby 5.1, 6.1, AC3,Prologic, etc.); DTS surround sound receivers; DVD players; CD players; Minidisk players and recorders;

MP3 and DAT recorders; Professional Audio Cards for computer digital audio workstations outboard; AD/DA converters; Satellite dish receivers;

Compatible with S/PDIF, ADAT, DAW, Dolby Digital, DTS devices using the Toslink interface.

1.) To disconnect the Silver Dragon Toslink cable, dislodge the connector tip from the port by holding the connector where the heat shrink tubing is and slightly pull the connector out (1mm or 2mm) out; do the same with the other end and pull the cable out. Do not pull on the cable to disconnect both connections at once. This can damage the cable.

2.) Toslink ports with swing doors like the Mojo for example, should follow the following practice. This might be a practical design but this door can cause scratches to Toslink fiber tip. We have concluded from a customer who complained of issues with the cable that there was an excessive amount of scratches on the Toslink fiber tip. In order to open the Toslink port door, do not use the fiber tip, as it will instantly scratch it. This negates the point of the polished tip on 0.3 micron film. To alleviate this problem, I propose to open the Toslink port door by holding the Toslink connector tip under a, let's say, 45 deg angle. This way, the fiber tip edge metal ferrule will be in contact with the swing door first, preventing the fiber tip from scratching.

3) Properly store the cable when not in use and put on the protective tips that are included with the cable.

4) If above is not followed it will result in issues with the cable. These above issues are wear and tear and will not be covered under warranty.

The Silver Dragon Toslink has the bandwidth to deliver up to 24bit/192k resolution and DSD signals.