HA-3A Tube Headphone Amplifier

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Transformer Coupled, Balanced Driven Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier More details

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A Tube Amplifier for the Dedicated Headphone User

Discover the full-bodied, musical, and indulgent sound of the Cayin Audio HA-3A Tube Headphone Amplifier. Featuring three headphone outputs, the HA-3A is compatible with a range of headphones, from planar magnetics to high-sensitivity earphones and IEMs.

First-Class Engineering Plus Refined Styling

Decades of audio equipment manufacturing along with carefully selected performance-based components went into the development of the HA-3A tube amp. Implementing the circuit design with a high level of transparency and refinement improves overall efficiency and conductivity. The entire circuitry is hand wired by skillful craftsmen. The chassis and transformer pots are treated by Cayin's proprietary 14-round crafting process that includes scratch, spray, sanding, and baking. The high-gloss final finishing gives a refined and delicate texture and protects the amplifier for years of listening pleasure.

HA-3A Key Features

  • 4-Pin XLR, 4.4mm, and 6.35mm headphone outputs
  • ~A4 footprint, desktop-friendly design
  • Low, mid, and high-Impedance matched headphone outputs

Clean Power with Minimum Interference

The HA-3A uses an RCA 17AX4GT as a rectifier tube. While converting the incoming power source to a DC current, the 17AX4GT rectifier tube minimizes interference and provides clean power to the amplification circuit.

Carefully Selected and Hand-Matched Vacuum Tubes

Driver tubes are dual 12AU7/ECC82 (matched pair) from JJ. Output Tubes are dual 6V6S (matched pair) from JJ.

Single-Ended Vacuum Tube Circuit

The HA-3A vacuum tube amplification is designed as a two-stage single-ended circuit. The 12AU7/ECC82 driver tubes will amplify the voltage level of the incoming audio signal so that the 6V6S output tubes will perform its amplification at a very linear condition.

The single-ended circuit design displaces the beautiful tone of your vacuum tubes without any cancellation. Single-ended uses matched pairs instead of matched quad-set tubes, so you can enjoy greater flexibility when you perform tube rolling.

Transformer-Coupled, Balanced Driven

The 6V6S output drives a pair of proprietary output transformers that support single-ended and balanced headphone outputs. The secondary winding of the output transformer provides an alternative phase and composes a balanced output, enabling balanced driving from a single-ended vacuum tube amplification circuit. Both single-ended and balanced headphones are “original” outputs from the transformers.

Impedance Matched Phone Output

Cayin's engineers have optimized the HA-3A’s output to handle the headphone loading according to three headphone impedance settings:

Low: 8Ω ~ 64Ω

Medium: 65Ω ~ 250Ω

High: 251Ω ~ 600Ω

Carefully Optimized Headphone Outputs

6.35mm Single-ended

4.4mm Balanced

4-Pin XLR Balanced

The 4-pin XLR output is a full-fetched output, but the 4.4mm output is optimized for wider range of headphones, including high-sensitivity portable headphones.

Dual Inputs

Balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) inputs cover a variety of inputs. Balanced input will go through a pair of input transformers; the + and - half cycle will merge to become a single-ended signal.

In-house Designed Premium Power Transformers

Cayin always designs, winds and uses high-inductance, high-efficiency power transformers in its products. Reinforcing shielding design minimizes interference and noise.

High-Quality Volume Control

A high-performance 50KA*2 Dual Unit smooth potentiometer from ALPS offers durable, high-precision volume control with excellent ease of use.

Anti-Interference Design

Special shielding and anti-shock design effectively removes microphonics.

Three XL Aluminum Foot Pads

A set of three 39x18mm XL shock-absorbing aluminum foot pads provide firm and stable amplifier placement at any hard flat surface. Two in the rear help handle the extra weight on the back of the amplifier due to the power and output transformers.

Safety Measures

A specially designed vacuum tube shielding cage protects users from touching red-hot vacuum tubes during operation. Meanwhile, a 6-second start up delay circuit enhances circuit protection and pop noise during startup.

Cayin is a division of Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd. Founded in 1993, the company manufacturers hi-fi products at a variety of price points, including tube amplifiers, CD players, speakers, digital to analog converters (DACs), digital audio players (DAPs), and more.



Input Connector
XLR x2, RCA x2
Electro Harmonix 6V6GT x2
JJ 12AU7/ECC82 x2
RCA 25AX4GT x1
306mm x 260mm x 170mm
Net Weight
T1 AL250V
T2 AL250V
Output Tube Fuse
~220V-240V - T1 25mAE250V
Power Consumption
Working Condition
Temp: 0°C~40°C; Humidity: 20%-80%
Storage Condition
Temp: -20°C~70°C; Humidity: 20%-90%

Headphone output

Rated* Output
4-pin XLR (BAL)
600mW (L); 750mW (M); 850mW (H)
4.4-mm (BAL)
230mW (L); 350mW (M); 400mW (H)
6.35mm (SE)
400mW (L); 600mW (M); 700mW (H)
Frequency Range
18 Hz~30kHz ±3dB
0.2% (1kHz, 200mW)
S/N Ratio
100dB (A-Weighted)
Headphone Impedance
L: 8~64Ω, M: 65~250Ω; H:251~600Ω
Headphone Connector
4 pin XLR x1, 4.4mm x1, 6.35mm x1